Anti-Semitism and the Military Bible Association

There have been several articles and posts online lately about antisemitism in the US military. Most of these incidents have involved the chaplain corps. Last month Justin Griffith posted about finding one of  the antisemitic Manga Passion comics placed on his bunk while deployed. He didn’t think much about it at the time. He posted about it online and someone at MRFF found out about it. Later it came out that the comics were being distributed across various bases.

Here are is an image from Bruce Wilson over at Talk2Action which shows Jesus as a sweet white man, his fellow Jews as evil looking, and Judas rather effeminate looking. He also compared Nazi propaganda against the Jews with the Manga comics and the similarities are obvious. Here is an image of the comic where all of this exists in one frame of the story. Look at the top right side of the image, Jesus in the middle, an effeminate red-haired Judas, and in the lower left hand side of the drawing, look at the drawing of the rabbi representing the Jews drawn in the comic. In addition to the rather biased appearance of the characters, they draw Jews as in league with the devil just like they think us atheists are.

Manga Comic

Additionally, there have been incidents of Marines posting Nazi SS flags openly.

Has this always been going on? I was in the US Air Force in the 1980s and early 1990s and never saw anything like this. This simply would not have been tolerated at all. Well it seems that certain military chaplain accrediting agencies may have aggravated this problem. In 2009, I wrote this about the Chaplancy of Full Gospel Churches and their website at the time.

The CFGC is the endorser for approximately two hundred chaplains. This endorser openly denigrates other by Vid-Saver”>Christians, Jews, Muslims, and the non-religious. The CFGC also advocates crazy conspiracy theories and the armed overthrow of the United States government. There is even a current chaplain, Army Major James F. Linzey, who is a member of something called the Prophecy Club. This website seems to be some sort of by Vid-Saver”>money making site, consisting mainly of ads for videos and their magazine.

COL Jim Ammerman, a retired Army chaplain who ran the CFGC died. But later checking on the CFGC’s website finds all mention of the various conspiracy videos gone and no mention of MAJ Linzey. Interesting, only COL Ammerman who died in 2009 is listed as the founder, or was, as I just checked again and it seems that he is not listed any more on the website. I wonder why.

Shortly after MAJ Linze’s retirement from the Army, he founded a non-profit called the Military Bible Association. A rather benign name. Somehow my email address ended up being included in his mailing list, The Leader’s Bible mailing list. I think after the articles I wrote in 2009, he challenged me to a debate or something, but I did not have time for it and ignored the request. So in June of 2010, somehow I ended up on his mailing list. The email traffic on this list was very low, I thought of requesting to be removed, as I was tired of seeing the God glurge in my email. Luckily, I put off asking to be removed from the mailing list, as you will soon see.

I normally do not post emails that I receive from individuals, but this is different, as the Leader’s Bible mailing list is a very large email list with hundreds of entries in it.  Sometime in late 2010, emails sent on the mailing list started to change. I started seeing requests for members to attend rabid  anti-Islamic speakers. Then on July 15, 2011 I received the following email:

Click to Enlarge.

Here is the text for easier reading:

The Protocols of Zion is a book written in the late 1800s. I have heard about it for several years. You can probably find a copy of it somehow. Recently, however, I stumbled across a rather strange PDF file which contains The Protocols of Zion. I have attached the PDF file which contains it. I have reviewed The Protocols of Zion in this PDF file and believe it is a document which every American and Christian and human being must read. If you thumb through this PDF file you will find The Protocols of Zion.
In short, I believe you will be thankful that you have read it; but you might be extremely anxious about what you might find in it. I highly recommend reading it.
When you read it, it might be helpful to keep in mind that some theologians differentiate between “Jews” of today and “Jews” in the Bible, though I have no comment on that, except to say that in the Bible “Jew” is considered by many to be an abbreviation for “Judean”–an inhabitant of Judea.
You may forward this file to everyone you know.

 HOLY SHIT! Attached to this letter was a copy of a bizarre hate manual (warning hate site link), Subverted Nation’s Basic training for Revolutionaries by Adam Austin, a strange combination of an Army training motivational manual with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion embedded within it, along with massive amounts of hate quotes. I did some checking of the origin of this manual and found it located here, at a website called (warning neoNazi antisemitic hate site Subverted Nation.  Author Adam Austin claims that vanity press Lulu declined to publish his little screed. That’s probably the only true statement on his little hate site.

You can see in the email that Linzey subscribes to the theory that white northern Europeans are the “true Jews”. This is what the Christian Identity movement advocates. Highlighted in red, he seems to think that you have to be an American Christian to be human (probably white as well according to what he has written and said publicly before). Previously I had speculated if he was linked with Christian Identity, and it seems that I was right. I passed this email on to the MRFF as something interesting for them to see. But as of that time, there was no direct link to the military in the email, other than a suspicion that active duty military chaplains were on his mailing list. I wanted him to make a mistake and actually send out emails individually to the list, instead of to the whole list. This way each email would have embedded within it the contents of the Leader’s Bible mailing list. 

In August 2012, I received an email from the Military Bible Association mailing list to sign an affidavit stating that his mother was sound of mind and Jim Linzey was  the best person to handle her affairs. WTF? He was asking people to say to a legal court to say that they personally knew that he was the right person to handle his mother’s affairs whether they knew her or not. His siblings replied to all the mailing list to say that Jim Linzey was trying to manipulate their mother into giving up all of her assets to Jim. Jim Linzey replied back to his sister and in doing so, replied back with all of the emails on the mailing list sent to everyone who happened to be on the email list. So now I had a copy of the list.

What a treasure trove that was. The email list contained a few hundred active duty chaplains and chaplain staff, paramilitary church organizations, and dominionist Assemblies of God and nondenominational churches. Active duty military personnel are receiving racist and hate material in their official in-boxes (.mil addresses). So this is apparently one source of antisemitic literature entering the military, there should be an investigation about active duty military personnel using their official email to receive and send hate material. Something needs to be done and fast, perhaps naming and shaming. But not everyone on the list may appreciate receiving the hate mail.

Mikey Weinstein over at MRFF wonders if the antisemitism is coming from the chaplain corps or the senior officers. He wrote this in a letter to Defense Secretary Panetta:

It is quite clear, for a plethora of incontrovertible reasons, that these comic books are blatantly anti-Semitic. For instance, one of the main themes of these horrible books is the wretched, age old libel that Jews are directly responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and, further still, that Jews have conspiratorially consorted with the devil in that crucifixion “plot” and other nefarious anti-Christian endeavors. Our MRFF clients do not know whether it is DoD chaplains or our clients’ chains of command who are behind the distribution of these bigoted materials. What MRFF does know is that these “Manga Messiah” comic books have been distributed liberally across all the service branches and on military bases and naval vessels all over the world including the combat zones of Afghanistan, Iraq, and at many other U.S. armed forces bases in the Area of Responsibility (AOR).

 I think we have found only part of the problem, chaplains and retired chaplains. The problem may also be both the chaplain corps and an officer corps that looks the other way as long as it is not themselves that are being denigrated. I don’t know what will happen if this problem is allowed to fester. I I have a feeling that the situation will continue to get worse and very ugly in the future.

 I’ve passed the email list to a friend who is very keen to check out the names for links to hate groups. This story is to be continued …


I’ve been unable to verify that Maj Linzey was running the CFGC after Ammermann’s death, so I have update the post.


Crazy Witch Hunters Will be at Harvard Conference

On April Fools Day, appropriately enough, The Social Transformation Conference will be held at Harvard University. The people speaking at this event are Christian Dominionists who are hiding behind a facade of benign language to get this conference hosted at Harvard University. They use the following language to appear tolerant of diversity and open to varying views:

Social transformation can be defined as the process of large scale change for an environment where a shift occurs in the consciousness, in attitudes and values of a community or society (whether local, state, national or global). Scientific discoveries can cause social transformation as can religious movements (such as the great awakening of New England) or governmental policy (such as the end of apartheid in South Africa). Faith-Based Social Transformation is the process of positively changing an environment for the better using faith-based principles. This includes efforts to positively influence a nation’s culture by working to improve the values-based systems and ethical mindsets in its key strategic fronts, spheres or “mountains” — business, government, education, media, arts & entertainment, religion and family.

Notice the last statement. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. This is the nice version of what these people are pushing. Instead of the usual spiritual warrior phrases of seizing the “spheres or mountains” and having dominion over society (every knee SHALL bow), they want you to think that they are merely striving for improvement.

Bruce Wilson at Talk2Action has a hilarious video on YouTube showing some of these “faith based” speakers in their native habitat of speaking in tongues, anointing with oil, casting out demons, and faith healing.

This would be hilarious except for the very real damage these attitudes and beliefs are having in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The BBC and Channel 4 in Britain showed a horrifying documentary of children being accused of being witches and either being abandoned or murdered. The lucky ones ended up in the Stepping Stones safe compound. These same pastors at this conference mentor the same pastors in Africa who are encouraging and participating in these child killings.

Here is a review of the documentary Saving Africa’s Witch Children. Parts of the documentary are still on YouTube.

Bits of the film were almost unbearable to watch: four- and five-year-old children, terrified out of their wits during church excommunications; young children horribly scarred by the beatings and torture that are used to extract “confessions” of their Satanic allegiance; the utterly empty eyes of a five-year-old girl called Mary who had been abandoned after her mother died and she was blamed for causing the death by a local preacher. The only saving grace was the presence of Gary Foxcroft and his Nigerian colleagues, who run a local charity, Stepping Stones, to look after the traumatised victims of these poisonous superstitions. Those confronted with their cruelty are not ashamed but adamant that they have done the right thing. “I want to kill that small girl,” declared a grinning man, when Gary attempted to reunite one foundling with her mother. As her neighbour waved his machete, chuckling, the little girl’s features smeared into utter terror. She knew he meant it.

Here is another review.

Located in southeastern Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State claims to have more churches per square mile than any other place on the planet.

But a dark side exists to the pious surface: A virulent strain of Christian Pentecostalism, blended with native beliefs, inspires hysteria when bad fortune or illness befalls the area, with preachers and families branding children witches.

The United Nations Children’s Fund estimates that tens of thousands of innocent children have been targeted throughout Africa, including 15,000 in Akwa Ibom State alone.

Directed by Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk and narrated by Sophie Okonedo (“Hotel Rwanda”), Saving Africa’s Witch Children exposes the grimly appalling treatment of children deemed witches, and chronicles the work of two men who have devoted their lives to helping those ostracized by their communities.


To the superstitious in Africa, no event has a natural, causal or scientific reason. Any tragedy – disease, miscarriage, unemployment or death in the family – is considered the work of witches.

And defenseless children, sometimes as young as three months, can be scapegoated and subjected to horrifying punishments. The lucky are merely ostracized by their families and left to fend for their own, while others are tortured through a myriad of methods, from being set afire to having nails driven into their skulls, or simply murdered.

and finally

Says Foxcroft, “It is an absolute scandal. Any Christian would be absolutely outraged that they are taking the teachings of Christ to exploit and abuse innocent children.” The documentary includes footage of children from Foxcroft’s shelter being threatened by angry locals. He adds, “It’s really difficult not to lose your temper when you’re just in the face of pure bloody hatred, and then they say, ‘Oh, I’m a Christian.’ ”

Gavan and van der Valk expose the work of “Bishop” Sunday Ulup-Aya, who charges families up to a year’s salary – in Nigeria, many survive on just a dollar a day – to “exorcise” children suspected of witchcraft, feeding them a toxin he calls a “poison destroyer,” which consists of alcohol, African mercury and his own blood. If families cannot pay his fee, he holds their children captive.

Saving Africa’s Witch Children also reveals the disturbing activities of one of Nigeria’s wealthiest evangelical priestesses, Helen Ukpabio of Liberty Church, who has created books and films decrying witchcraft.

Here is the update to the original documentary.

This is the horror that these assholes wish to bring to the US.

There is an editorial in the Harvard student paper, The Harvard Crimson, expressing concern that these people are presenting a conference where no opposing views are allowed.

Worshiping at the Golden Calf?

Where’s Moses when you need him? And his 10 commandments? This little adoration of the Golden Calf is led by a woman named Cindy Jacobs. Cindy Jacobs, according to CBN, is a co-founder of something called General’s International (links to the Joels Army movement?).

This event happened on October 29 last month. I saw this posted on Pharyngula, but the name sounded familiar. I went over on Talk2Action and there were several stories about her, her friends, and their antics.

Cindy Jacobs is a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement within the larger Charismatic Christian community. NAR churches are extremely cult-like and controlling of their members.

These churches preach a warped version of the Prosperity Gospel. Unlike the general Charismatic or Pentecostal churches, NAR churches preach that Christians need to grab power in this world and control everything in order to bring about the return of Christ. According to Bruce Wilson:

As the top leader of the New Apostolic Reformation, which extensive evidence suggests is Sarah Palin’s chosen religious and political movement, C. Peter Wagner proclaimed, on June 21, 2006, that “God has declared through His prophets that the wealth of the wicked will be released to the Kingdom of God,” and Wagner declared, threateningly, “the enemies’ camp will be plundered.”

How very Old Testament. Are they going to spare the female virgin non-believers in order to make sex slaves of them? I think death would be preferable than being a sex slave to a toupee clad televangelist. Ewwwwww!

Cindy Jacobs wants to pray for wordly goods and power at the Golden Bull on Wall Street. Has she even read her Bible? According to CBN, Cindy thinks that she can control God and change the stock market in her favor.

For these and other reasons Cindy is calling for a Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies on Wednesday, October 29, 2008. They are calling for prayer for the stock markets, banks, and financial institutions of the world on the date the stock market crashed in 1929. They are meeting at the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank, and its 12 principal branches around the US that day.

“We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the ‘Lion’s Market,’ or God’s control over the economic systems,” she said. “While we do not have the full revelation of all this will entail, we do know that without intercession, economies will crumble.”

Looks like Christian spell casting to me. And these are the same people that are worried about witches casting spells. Looks like a case of projection to me. And what happens when her or her follower’s prayers aren’t answered? Will they grow tired of waiting? Will they “release” us non-believers to God (kill us) and take our property?

Joel’s Army: A Power Hungry Theology

Until I read this article by Casey Sanchez for The Southern Poverty Law Center, I did not really understand what was meant by the term “Joel’s Army”. A user over at Talk2Action and DailyKos by the name of dogemperor has been sounding the alarm over this movement for several years. She was brought up in an Assemblies of God Church which subscribed to this theologyand walked away from it a few years ago.

Dogemporer also has an excellent overview of Joel’s Army theology. This movement is also called “The New Apostolic Reformation” (NAR). There are a lot of links in the article, I recommend it highly. You can get lost in all of the links and craziness of these people. The only problem I have had with reading all of this material, is that dogemperor relies on AoG terminology which sometimes confuses me. Dogemperor says that the AoG churches officially deny they are supporting Joel’s Army activities, but a lot of AoG churches have been steeplejacked by Joel’s Army supporters.

But until I read the article by Sanchez, I was confused by the fact that most of the Pentecostal people I knew were the “lets not worry and just wait for the Rapture” sort of people. But it seems that within the AoG churches and assorted non-denominational churches, there are people who are not content for God to choose the time for the Rapture; they think it is up to them. I can see how a movement like this can start up. The rise of Prosperity Gospel and the idea that God can give them what they want here on earth can turn into the nightmare of Joel’s Army, if what one wants is political power.

Tattooed across his sternum are military dog tags that read “Joel’s Army.” They’re evidence of Bentley’s generalship in a rapidly growing apocalyptic movement that’s gone largely unnoticed by watchdogs of the theocratic right. According to Bentley and a handful of other “hyper-charismatic” preachers advancing the same agenda, Joel’s Army is prophesied to become an Armageddon-ready military force of young people with a divine mandate to physically impose Christian “dominion” on non-believers.

Joel’s Army followers, many of them teenagers and young adults who believe they’re members of the final generation to come of age before the end of the world, are breaking away in droves from mainline Pentecostal churches. Numbering in the tens of thousands, they base their beliefs on an esoteric reading of the second chapter of the Old Testament Book of Joel, in which an avenging swarm of locusts attacks Israel. In their view, the locusts are a metaphor for Joel’s Army.

It looks like the younger people in some of these churches want their Armageddon now and they want to bring it about themselves.

Those sounding the alarm about Joel’s Army are not secular foes of the Christian Right, few of whom are even aware of the movement or how widespread it’s become in the past decade. Instead, Joel’s Army critics are mostly conservative Christians, either neo-Pentecostals who left the movement in disgust or evangelical Christians who fear that Joel’s Army preachers are stealing their flocks, even sending spies to infiltrate their own congregations and sway their young people to heresy. And they say the movement is becoming frightening.

“The pitch and intensity of the military rhetoric of this branch of the global Dominionist movement has substantially increased since the beginning of 2008,” writes The Discernment Research Group, a Christian watchdog group that tracks what they call heresies or cults within Christianity. “One can only wonder how long before this transforms into real warfare with actual warriors.”

This is really scary if conservative Christians themselves are frightened by this movement and recognize it as a political movement obsessed with gaining political power.

Joel’s Army believers are hard-core Christian dominionists, meaning they believe that America, along with the rest of the world, should be governed by conservative Christians and a conservative Christian interpretation of biblical law. There is no room in their doctrine for democracy or pluralism.

Dominionism’s original branch is Christian Reconstructionism, a grim, Calvinist call to theocracy that, as Reconstructionist writer Gary North describes, wants to “get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political and religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God.”

Notorious for endorsing the public execution by stoning of homosexuals and adulterers, the Christian Reconstructionist movement is far better known in secular America than Joel’s Army. That’s largely because Reconstructionists have made several serious forays into mainstream politics and received a fair amount of negative publicity as a result. Joel’s Army followers eschew the political system, believing the path to world domination lies in taking over churches, not election to public office.

Another key difference between the two branches of dominionism, which maintain a testy, arms-length relationship with one another, is Christian Reconstructionism’s buttoned-down image and heavy emphasis on Bible study, which contrasts sharply with Joel’s Army anti-intellectual distrust of biblical scholars and its unruly style.

That’s really great, the irrationality and anti intellectualism of the Joel’s Army seems to make them into a howling mob. Actually, read the following description of one of the services:

The audience members behave as if they are at a psychedelic counterculture festival. One couple jumps up and down twirling red and silver metallic flags. Dyed-haired teenagers pulled in by the revival’s presence on Facebook and MySpace wander around looking dazed. Women lay facedown on the floor, convulsing and howling. Fathers wail in tongues as their confused children look on. Strangers lay hands on those who fail to produce tongues or gyrate wildly enough, pressuring them to “let it out.”

Holy shit indeed.

Michael Barkun, a leading scholar of radical religion, notes that in 1958, Branham began teaching “Serpent Seed” doctrine, the belief that Satan had sex with Eve, resulting in Cain and his descendants. “Through Cain came all the smart, educated people down to the antediluvian flood — the intellectuals, bible colleges,” Branham wrote in the kind of anti-mainstream religion, anti-intellectual spirit that pervades the Joel’s Army movement to this day. “They know all their creeds but know nothing about God.”

It seems that their reach is far indeed and quite subtle. In fact, a large non-denominational church near where I live has an interesting selection of sermons on-line. In two sermons entitled, Picture of a Typical Unbeliever, July 27 and August 3 2008, the preacher is linking the biblical Cain and his descendants with non-Christians and atheists as the main theme of the sermons. I don’t know if he realizes that the “Serpent Seed” theology is also promulgated by racist Christian Identity churches, except their descendants of Cain are non-white instead of non-Christian. Different groups but the same demonizing.

Here is another article about the Joel’s Army people over at Talk2Action. There is also a link to one of the preachers that advocate this theology. He talks about taking over the government.

Sarah Palin’s churches are being portrayed by many religion writers as typical of traditional Assemblies of God congregations. This includes claims that she may share the endtimes belief that the godly will be snatched from the earth in the Rapture and therefore avoid the reign of the Antichrist in the Tribulation and the Apocalypse. This conclusion completely ignores the fact that Palin’s churches are deeply involved in the activities and beliefs of a nondenominational movement that is sweeping the globe. The followers of this movement are not waiting around for the Rapture!

Here is a quick overview of the theology:

While Pentecostal churches have always celebrated a restoration of the church, this has been tempered with Rapture theology. As churches embrace this Apostolic revolution they are moving away from the traditions of Assemblies of God and other denominations and are adopting a view of the end time that includes the triumph and perfection of the church as opposed to escaping in the Rapture from an evil world descending into the apocalypse. They see the imminent end times as a time of great glory for the restored true Apostolic church greater than the one of New Testament times, and a time when the foot soldiers of this church will be imparted with supernatural powers. This outpouring of powers will allow them to crush evil with a “rod of iron” and deliver a purified church to Jesus when he returns. Their schedule is even more pressing than many in other Dominionist groups because their hybrid mixture of end time beliefs maintains the urgency of an imminent return of Jesus. The writer whose title I borrowed for this article states, “This growing army of delivered, discipled and deployed Christians are now prepared to become active participants in the cosmic battle for every area of God’s terra-firma.”

It almost sounds like a kooky mixture of Mormonism and Scientology. Just substitute demons with thetans and you have the basics of Scientology. And a group called Morningstar Ministries produces a lot of their training materials. Hmmm. Interesting name, Morningstar. Isn’t Morningstar another name of the Roman god Lucius Fero, aka Lucifer. Perhaps this should be pointed out to the more superstitious Christians. After all, don’t they believe the Antichrist will come as a false prophet?

I’ll end this article with a quote from the comments to this article.

Note that most “pew sitters” have LITTLE CLUE what they are involved with. (I sure didn’t!!!!) However, since Palin grew up in this movement, had hands laid on her by some big figures, etc., I would guess that she knows full well that her “destiny” is to “reach” the world so that her (soon to be immortalized?) children can literally “rule” it, as Laffoon would say. While Palin hasn’t been discipled by him specifically, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that she HAS been discipled under the wings of the larger NAR movement.


Dogemporer has an update over at DailyKos and Talk2Action about Sarah Palin’s dominionist links and promises more. Scary.

And the ultimate goal, in Joel’s Army circles?

To quote Pinky and the Brain, “Try to take over the world”.

And we discuss this in much more detail in tomorrow’s post…as the implications are disturbing indeed.

It looks like Sarah Palin’s churches don’t especially like either Catholics or Jews.

And some music by Bad Religion to set the mood.

Selling Theocracy with a Smile

Sam Harris has a new editorial in this week’s edition of Newsweek. He says almost exactly what I’ve been thinking about the nomination of Sarah Palin as the Republican VP.

If anyone could make Christian theocracy smell like apple pie, Sarah Palin could.

Exactly, and this is why the media won’t dig further into her background. Here is a VP who has a political past about as unamerican as can be. She has flirted with secessionism, book banning and trying to silence subordinates in her administrations. She comes across as an everyday hockey mom. Gosh darn it, she couldn’t be all that bad now could she?

On the surface, she seems all very wholesome and good, and perhaps she means well. Perhaps she is one of the Christians who are good people, but who let themselves be used by manipulative religious leaders. On the other hand, looking at how she has climbed the political ladder, perhaps it’s the other way around. Perhaps she is the one manipulating the religious leaders of her congregations for political gain.

I grew up in the deep South and I’m very familiar with this type of woman. They treat their friends very well, but never get on their bad side. They will do anything it takes to get what they desire, and heaven help those who get in their way. The sugar on the outside conceals a very ruthless core. I can’t know her mind, and can only speculate on her motives by her actions.


TheZoo has a very good summary of Sarah Palin’s scary church connections. It’s a long read with a lot of video documentation. I recommend this to anyone who is curious about Palin’s background.

By the time you finish this entire post, you will be horrified and terrified that Sarah Palin could ever possibly ascend to the role of Vice President of the U.S. (and very possibly President of the U.S.).

‘Nuff said.

Sarah Palin’s Witch Finder General?

If Sarah Palin is elected as VP, I wonder if she would appoint Rev. Muthee as her Witch Finder General.


Here is the actual video of of Rev. Muthee’s blessing on Sarah Palin (about 5 minutes into the video). He actually blesses her to keep her safe from “the scary witches”. The people in this church seem completely unable to determine what is real and what is make believe. The video resided on the Wasilla Assembly of God Church’s website until John McCain picked Palin as his running mate. Then it disappeared until now.

Oh, and here’s an eyewitness report to the Rev. Muthee’s latest appearance at the Wasilla AoG. Max Blumenthal writes for The Nation and promises more videos. Oh, goody. This is great. I suppose it was natural for the reality-challenged VP nominee to propose banning books like Harry Potter. They seem to be unable to grasp the concept of “fiction”.

But they hardly needed encouragement. On the first night of services, Muthee implored his audience to wage “spiritual warfare” against “the enemy.” As I filmed, a nervous church staffer approached from behind and told me to put my camera away. I acceded to his demand, but as Muthee urged the church to crush “the python spirit” of the unbeliever enemies by stomping on their necks, I pulled out a smaller camera and filmed from a more discreet position. Now, church members were in deep prayer, speaking in tongues and raising their hands. Muthee exclaimed, “We come against the spirit of witchcraft! We come against the python spirits!” Then, a local pastor took the mic from Muthee and added, “We stomp on the heads of the enemy!”

Some scary shit here. And people were worried about Rev. Wright? Rev. Muthee makes Rev. Wright look like Mr. Rogers.

By Armageddon’s Early Light

JewsOnFirst has a very scary update on John Hagee and his latest preaching. The page has a video about John Hagee’s end-times preaching, as well as other links to videos that JewsOnFirst have made earlier. It appears that Hagee is preaching the same crap that Hal Lindsey did in the 70’s and 80’s. They preach that the US will fight Iran and Russia and this will start the Apocalypse. This is the same crap that drove me away from Christianity when I was a teen. When these guys preach this shit, you can see them practically drool at the thought of billions of deaths. Just do a search on “Hal Lindsey Iran Russia” and check out the craziness.

Chip Berlet at Talk2Action has a good summary of the beliefs of these types of churches and their history and how the evangelistic born-agains became involved in politics.

Now we have a VP candidate, Sarah Palin, who attends churches where these ideas are taught, and is on video saying these types of things. Especially scary, is the eagerness she shows for going to war with Russia. Check out the video below.

Dogemporer over at Talk2Action has some very interesting links showing how these churches are regarding the nomination of Sarah Palin as VP. They regard her as a new Deborah to lead the US into the final war of Armageddon.

I also reported the other day on how J. Lee Grady–a Joel’s Army promoter who is editor of the site “Fire In My Bones” and who has hailed fellow Joel’s Army promoter Todd Bentley as a modern-day prophet–literally compared Sarah Palin to the Biblical prophetess Deborah.

This is a prime example of how many of the promoters of “Joel’s Army” theology tend to drop code-words and overt “scripture twisting” as dog-whistles to their parishoners–and the “Deborah dogwhistle” is a particularly nasty one indeed, as we’ll get into.

For those unaware, Megiddo is of course the traditional site upon which the Final Battle will be fought–Armageddon. At least some groups do directly equate the two.

Check out this link. Looks like the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are salivating at the prospect of the “End of Days”.


King David prophesied in Ps. 68:11-12, “The Lord gives the word (command); the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host; Kings of armies flee, they flee; and she who remains at home will divide the spoil!” The book of Judges declares Deborah as the 5th and last judge of Israel who resided under a tree, where she spent her days and nights alone with God, and received the strategic war plan to defeat Israel’s enemies while being outnumbered. As a wife, judge, prophetess and strong military leader, Deborah saved her nation from bondage and tyranny, and sang of being a mother in Israel and dividing the spoil of her conquered enemy, Sisera (Judges 5). Her commander of the troops, Barak, and the scribe of Issachar (who knew and read the times of Israel) refused to engage in war without her. Why? Because of the anointings that rested upon her. The DEBORAH ANOINTING will be released upon women’s ministries and housewives, birthing new ministries releasing higher seats of power, authority and the prophetic. High-ranking commanders of God’s Army will not engage in battle without them. The vast majority of front liners and trench diggers are women, and the scars of battle are evident. However, this anointing will birth a new song in the hearts of many women who proclaim the Word of the Lord.

Some creepy shit documented here. Someone by the id of Ixion wants John McCain to die.

May the LORD cause McCain/Palin to win the White House in 2008, and then smite the godless McCain in favor of Palin. Amen.

It looks like some right-wing preachers are praying that the McCain/Palin ticket win, but that John McCain should die so that Palin would be president. What craziness. This desperately needs to be covered by the news, but it seems so crazy. The American public is very unaware of how politically connected these churches are. The Republican party has leashed themselves to this tiger, and are now powerless to stop it.

To me at least, it seems that Palin is aware of all of this going on. Look at the Freudian slip she makes in the video below.

Palin/McCain administration? What universe is Sarah Palin living in? If I were John McCain, I would hire a food taster and never be alone with this woman. And if I were John McCain, I would start wearing a bulletproof vest after winning the election. These reality-challenged people comprise 15% of the American public, there would be no shortage of volunteers ready to “do their duty for Christ.”

This woman should never be allowed in a position of command over any nuclear forces. I dearly hope the McCain/Palin ticket looses the election, otherwise we’ll have our Christian Taliban strapping on their nuclear suicide vests in a desperate attempt to bring about Armageddon.