Catching up on a Few Shows

I’ve taken a couple of weeks of from blogging to catch up on episodes of Numb3rs via streaming video and DVD. You can watch year 5 here at CBS via streaming video. I have a BS in Applied Math and a MS in Aerospace Engineering, and I just love the use of math in the show. I try not to let my rather pedantic nature get in the way of enjoying the show. I also love mysteries as well. I try not to mind that the characters assume way too much information in order to use some of the math they try on the show.


Great Mobius Transforms Video

A great little video illustrating transformations on a plane. Later in the video a third dimension is introduced to show that projecting the line from a light source on the sphere through the plane projected on the sphere and intersecting another plane produces Mobius tranforms. Here is a description of the video which won as a honorable mention in this year’s Science visualization contest.