Chaplains Gone Wild

The last two days has seen a couple of interesting emails arrive in my email account for this blog. They concern a couple of military chaplains who have completely sold out to either rampant commercialism or a possible attempt to run for office. One of these chaplains, however has had problems with this for a long time. The other has succumbed to greed. I will cover the greedy chaplain now. The other chaplain will be in a separate post.

According to Justin Griffith at Rock Beyond Belief, Chaplain MAJ Doug Hedrick runs an organisation called Centurion’s Watch. This organisation runs some sort of Christian marriage seminars for the military. He of course charges for this. Here is an excerpt from the linked support page (quite a bit pushy with the requests for donations), while it lasts:

Please Help By Giving What You Can We are asking you to please sponsor or help sponsor one or more couples by making a tax deductible donation. The cost is $200 per couple and includes room, meals, materials for the seminar and breakout sessions, and entertainment such as ballroom dancing. Many couples cannot afford the full rate, but have expressed that they are able to pay $59-$69. We would love to have you become a monthly partner. There are several monthly support levels to choose from:

  • $16.36 (Founders Club- sponsors 1 couple per year)
  • $50 (Regiment Club- sponsors 3 couples per year)
  • $100 (Century Club- sponsors 6 couples per year)
  • $200 (Legion Club- sponsors 12 couples per year)

Or, please select one of our three other monthly levels ($300, $400, or $500 to allow military couples the opportunity to attend this life changing seminar, and also help Centurion’s Watch grow and offer more services to military couples and families.

What make this into a serious affair rather than a small case of probable conflict of interest for Chaplain Hedrick, is the involvement of Maj. Gen. Umbarger. Maj Gen Umbarger pushes Centurion’s Watch while in uniform. Dustin’s post lists all of the DoD regulations he is violating by doing this.

Maj. Gen. Umbarger is the Adjutant General of Indiana. He leads all of the state’s Army and Air National Guard and Guard Reserve units. Commanders have to be careful not to give the appearance of selective treatment. I’m surprised that this wasn’t vetted and then squashed.

With all of the pressure to participate in Centurion’s Watch seminars being pushed by Maj. Gen. Umbarger, what are lower ranking officers and enlisted members of the Guard supposed to do? This sure gives the impression that promotions are being tied to participation. What of the money that Chaplain Maj. Hedrick is making on these seminars? Is the general getting a cut as well?

Here is the promotional video Maj Gen Umbarger makes for Centurion’s Watch.

Why is pressuring your subordinates with buying Tupperware and other products not allowed, but pressuring them to buy Christian marriage seminars is? Sure the web page says that this is a “donation”, but who really believes that?

My next story has evolved over the past year. It involves an Army chaplain who was “retired” a couple of years ago. He has been involved in anti-Semitism, white supremacy, Christian supremacy, conspiracy theories, being removed from the chaplain endorsing agency he co-founded, getting involved with politics, and dragging his family’s personal problems through an email list. Quite a busy life since he was officially “retired” from active duty. Stay tuned.


Swing Low, Sweet Couple (The Real McCoy Part 3)

Here is more information on the yahoo member lesdeuxparfois, who I have posted about before. Lesdeuxparfois seems to be online account for Army Chaplain LTC William McCoy and his wife. This account has been listed over many, many adult sites. I am covering this story a piece at a time with screen shots of his online accounts. Due to an extremely busy and erratic personal life recently, I am posting the third part of this story rather late.

This story seems to be pushing a few people’s buttons. I have been contacted by email inappropriately by a senior Army officer seeking information. Here’s the kicker, the senior officer was not seeking information about Chaplain McCoy’s alleged behavior, or to have his email forwarded to the person who discovered Chaplain McCoy’s online hobbies. No, he was seeking information that would identify my reader who found Chaplain McCoy online in various sex sites publicly exposing himself. A friend of the dear chaplain perhaps? I of course declined to give any information out about my reader.

I have previously discussed Chaplain McCoy’s statements about unbelievers in an Army unit being the source of unit non productiveness and misfortune. Well, if you are going to throw stones at nonbelievers in the military, then you shouldn’t live in a glass house. A bit cliche but true. Hence the continuation of this story.

Lesdeuxparfois seems to have a fondness for online camera action. Lets check out his groups. Here are more screenshots. I wonder if someone has video of his online sexcapades?

Wow, they really get around. If you google “lesdeuxparfois” you get all sorts of hits on sex sites for a couple ages 57 and 50 years old.

Be all you can be. Huuuyaaahhhh. HehHehHeh.

The Real McCoy?

Recently, a reader of this blog forwarded me quite an interesting email. I’ve spent sometime thinking whether or not I should post this story while I was researching and writing it. It seems that a particular Army chaplain and his wife may have a secret personal life. Apparently, someone found some very, very, sexy photos of US Army Chaplain Lt Col William McCoy online and recognized him as being a chaplain for the 21st TSC in Germany. Chaplain McCoy is an Evangelical Lutheran Chaplain.

LtCol William McCoy (from his Amazon blog)

The base newsletter does not mention Chaplain McCoy after May of 2009. Perhaps he is staying out of the limelight after the little dust up with Gen. Petreaus in September of 2008. This is covered here by Chris Rodda in the Huffington Post here and here. Most of his book is fluffy feel good Christianity, until the end of the book, where he starts hard selling Jesus. The book was advertised to be helpful for all military members, not just Christians. It was endorsed for this purpose by Gen Petraeus.

Someone has a yahoo login and is a member of some interesting yahoo groups.

A screenshot of yahoo account lesdeuxparfois.

The photo appears to be Chaplain Lt Col William McCoy. This person goes by the name lesdeuxparfois on various sex and swinger sites. Check it out yourself using ydetector. His avatar images change every so often. Evangelical Lutheran Chaplain by day, and swinger by night? Personally, I don’t care who sleeps with who. But Chaplain McCoy has stated that those who don’t believe in a God bring misfortune upon their unit mates. He publicly stated the following in his book, Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel :

“Belief in God is a foundational factor. Once you do away with God as a given truth, all other things are immediately affected by that. For instance, once God does not exist you suddenly have no reference to greatness outside of yourself, and no ‘revelation’ outside of yourself. The greatest thing in life suddenly becomes something or someone else, like yourself perhaps. …”

Wow, what arrogance saying that those who don’t believe in a god are somehow not as morally developed as himself. And this is supposed to be in a book for all military members? What about the 21% of military members that don’t have a religious affiliation? Yeah, lets throw them under the bus in order to make the 79% fell better about themselves and give them scapegoats when problems occur. Well, Chaplain McCoy, perhaps you shouldn’t live in a glass house when you throw stones like the following:

“Only my goodness can help me contribute to the betterment of my unit or team. When I realize that sin is an agent, I can more quickly identify my own tendency to corrupt a group and bring havoc to what needs cohesion and team confidence. My sin can also make my agenda more important than my unit’s agenda and thus lead to unit failure.”

Isn’t cavorting around with others wives and partners considered a sin in Christianity? I just had to use the word, cavorting. Isn’t he violating his oaths as a Lutheran Chaplain and military officer (UCMJ anyone?) by stepping out on his wife? Even if she doesn’t care? And didn’t Jesus really dislike hypocrites and liars in the Bible? According to the Chaplain’s logic, his unit must really be quite a failure with this much sinning going on.

At Adult Friend Finder (watch out for malware).

Here is a quote about sinning from the Table of Contents, Chapter 7.

Fight the Real Fight. Sin is irrelevant in today’s world, but it still makes its impression on each of us.

The age old problem of sin is undertaken in a way to enable the reader to understand it without defining sin for each person. Ultimately, there is no list of sins any greater than another list. We all have issues specific issues with regard to our sin both personally and judicially before God. We should realize that sin is normal and is the reason we are entitled to God’s grace so freely. Without sin, we’d be perfect. It is part of our makeup and we must understand it to live better.

So we have to sin in order to get to heaven and to have a better life? Very interesting, a rationalization of why he needs to sin. Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of sin myself. If swinging is okay for him and his wife, it’s okay with me. But don’t get up on your high horse and tell me you are a better person because you have faith in an unproven supernatural deity. You aren’t any better than anyone else.

lesdeuxparfois explains his interests and hobbies at (Click to enlarge images).

I really like his explanation of his interests, a real lounge lizard.

What types of sexual activities turn you on?
Giving Oral Sex, Threesomes, Mutual Masturbation, Voyeurism

Have you ever had cybersex?
I’ve done it so many times that I’ve forgotten how to type with two hands.

A more detailed profile.

Letting it all hang out. Thankfully dear reader, I’ve blurred it out.

The person who sent me the information alleges that Chaplain McCoy has made unwanted advances towards young trusting women in the past. If those who have been hurt by this man are willing to come forward with evidence, then I will certainly have more to write. But for now all I can say is that Chaplain McCoy is a complete hypocrite if he is indeed lesdeuxparfois. I invite the readers of this blog to checkout lesdeuxparfois yourself.

Chaplain McCoy is endorsed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), South Carolina Synod.


The lesdeuxparfois account has now been removed. Looks I struck a nerve. That was quick. Some people have asked if this account was for real. The account info said that the account was started in 2007 and was last accessed a few days before this post was published. I have many more screenshots of the account that I will be posting in the next few days.

For those who are questioning if this is the same person, look at the images of his face. It appears to be the same person. Notice a similar watch in both the clothed images from his Amazon blog and the nude headless photo. The profile information lists similar hobbies and interests. But the most interesting information that a couple of days after I posted this, lesdeuxparfois removed his account. If someone were trying to spoof an account to harm his reputation, why take it down so soon?

Another update:
Some of Chaplain McCoy’s personal websites are being taken down. I have posted more information here.

Another update:
It seems that Chaplain McCoy has been “retired” as of the end of the year (2011). 

Reference Information:

Personal website – (removed)

Radaris personal website

Book Bio on Amazon (removed) or here (removed)

base newsletter

picture in uniform


Fake Fundy Chaplains

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is currently investigating an outfit called Marshall Minutes Military Ministries. The Milwaukee MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) is being targeted by Marshal in order to “harvest young vulnerable recruits”. According to Chris Rhodda:

Marshall Minutes is run by Michael G. Marshall of the Armed Forces Baptist Missions (AFBM), an organization on “A Worldwide Quest for the Souls of Men and Women in Uniform and their families.” AFBM’s primary means of evangelizing the military is “church planting,” establishing churches near military bases and then opening “Military Service Centers” to help these churches “reach young, single military men and women with the Gospel of Christ.” Marshall Minutes’ particular “field white for the harvest” is the Milwaukee Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), where new recruits are tested and processed before being sent to basic training, and the ministry plans to “plant” a church near the Great Lakes Naval Base in late 2008 or early 2009.

Yikes. Sounds like a cult to me. “Harvest” sounds soooo creepy.

But it’s not the misleading names of these organizations that makes them significant enough for me to be writing this piece about them. Unofficial organizations with official sounding names are a dime a dozen. Many have logos that incorporate images such as the Great Seal of the United States, and some use “.us” rather than “.com” or “.org” URLs for their websites to further the impression that they are government entities. What’s different about the USOSC, and formerly the USSC, is that their members wear military uniforms and rank. This is not only deceptive. IT’S ILLEGAL!

More Christians, lying for Jesus. When are they going to learn that the ends don’t justify the means? Clicking on the link for Marshall Ministries reveals that the website has been emptied of content. Looks like the cockroaches are scattering when the light shines on them.

Title 10 of the U.S. Code strictly prohibits any person who isn’t a member of the armed forces from wearing “the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform, of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps” or “a uniform any part of which is similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.”

According to Title 18 of the U.S. Code, (Crimes and Criminal Procedures): “Whoever, in any place within the jurisdiction of the United States or in the Canal Zone, without authority, wears the uniform or a distinctive part thereof or anything similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of any of the armed forces of the United States, Public Health Service or any auxiliary of such, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

And even scarier, members of this ministry are putting on military uniforms and giving themselves superior officer rank that they did not even earn. This is not only illegal, IT’S A FEDERAL CRIME.

What part of this do they not understand? It looks like another case of right-wing religious kooks pretending they have qualifications they did not earn. Just like fake college degrees in the Homeland Security Dept. It’s bad enough that some of the non-denominational or Pentecostal chaplains have very little or no college education. Now we have wannabe chaplains who don’t even want to get accreditation and sponsorship of a religious organization with little or no educational requirements.

Who the hell is even checking up on these people? What is wrong with the current military leadership these days? So anyone calling themselves Christian can do anything they want to young recruits these days? Is this the start of right-wing Christians just putting on military officer uniforms and waltzing in and taking command? WTF?

Michael Marshall, listed in Maj. Alan Shaw’s endorsement letter as a Lieutenant Colonel in the USSC, doesn’t provide his highest real military rank in his biography, but he was an enlisted man in the Navy from 1972 to 1976. By wearing the USSC uniform, which was essentially the U.S. Army uniform, and the rank insignia of a Lieutenant Colonel, Marshall was doing nothing short of impersonating an Army officer. Even the MEPS Inspector General didn’t recognize the illegality of these Army chaplain look-alikes. According to Maj. Shaw’s letter of endorsement, the IG actually commended them in a report.

I worked very hard for my rank as an officer in the US Air Force. I graduated with a degree in Applied math and passed Officer Training School. I made all of my promotions and held the rank of Captain when I left the service. I worked my ass off and earned a regular commission as a First Lieutenant instead of having to wait until the rank of Major. I’m extremely pissed that these assholes think that all they have to do is simply put on the uniform, walk in and get treated like an officer.

Thus, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is now officially demanding that those responsible within the penumbra of the Department of Defense, and there are many, including Inspectors General, for the aiding, abetting, and endorsing of USOSC proselytizers, feloniously impersonating active duty U.S. military officers and senior NCOs must be subjected immediately to trial by courts martial. Additionally, MRFF is now likewise demanding that all United States Attorneys whose jurisdictions cover localities where USOSC personnel are illegally wearing their proselytizing-enabling, intentionally confusing military ‘uniforms’ in blatant violation of Title 10 of the U.S. Code immediately refer these violations to the FBI for aggressive and swift investigation.”

Way to go Mikey, get these assholes. Everyone, please read and forward links to this very informative article or these articles. These pricks need to be held accountable. If anyone has any photographs or video of these guys in uniform, please email the photos to me or send a link to video or photographs.

This is not much better than the Nazi Chaplains from last year.

Poe’s Law for J W Horne?

As I perused J W Horne’s third blog (now removed), I’m thinking that the entire blog is probably an implementation of Poe’s Law. But I’ll go ahead and take the bait. Poe’s Law states:

Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.

Horne has created 3 differing blogs over the last couple of weeks. Each blog consists of only one post containing one paragraph only. The first blog was entitled “Kieffe & Sons Ford” and consisted of the one long rambling paragraph, in which he apparently was trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to respond to my posts over here.

When people responded to his posts, pointing out his hypocrisy, he removed the first blog as well as all of the comments responding to his posts. He also created a new, renamed blog. It looks like Kieffe & Sons Ford seemed pretty unhappy with Horne’s “defense” of the radio ad, ergo, the new name. In the comments to the Blogs o’ One Post, he gave out his buisness address and personal phone number for anyone on the Internet to see.

Now, that people have apparently been calling him and giving him a piece of their minds, he seems rather surprised people would call him. I don’t advocate people calling and harassing anyone. He has every right to express his opinion no matter how hypocritical and bigoted. The lack of common sense in posting a phone number on the Internet is really mind boggling. He has now taken down that blog and created a new one. Again, with one post, though this time he finally uses paragraphs. Here are a few excerpts with my comments:

Because some of you respondents have crossed the line, I will issue this word of warning. Any attempt to be destructive, abusive or intimidating will not be tolerated. I have already reported some of you to the proper authorities. They have informed me that two have been identified and are now on a watch list. If you think you can hide behind the proxy servers and remain invisible and completely anonymous, you are mistaken.

Ooohhh, scary. What “watch list”? Blogger has checked on a couple of IP addresses for him? Well, I for one, have only visited his site, but have left no comments as there is really nothing to reply to. As for what Blogger can do, they could be easily defeated by using FireFox with TOR onion anonymous routing, and a throwaway email account from DodgeIt.

Now all the details:
I wanted to get the attention of the 86 percent of Americans who say they believe in God. That includes Jewish Americans, Muslim Americans and Christians. I wanted to gauge their response. The ones who chose to be a part of the 14 percent spoke first. Calls were loud, vulgar and profane. After a few days, the believers started to contact the client. The positive calls and emails were far greater in number than the loud obnoxious ones. The majority woke up and responded. Included among them were the TV stations, the radio stations, other automobile dealers and people from all walks of life. I wrote the ad and produced it to get the attention of the believers. It is as simple as that.

J W Horne, you stated in the ad that 86% of Americans were Christians, who believe in God, and those are the people who are allowed to state their opinions in your perfect, Christian America. All others need to “sit down and shut up”. Well, you are incorrect in your figures. It’s closer to 73% identify as Christian, and about 10% identify as atheist or agnostic, with the remaining identifying as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, New Age, etc.

As far as pissed off callers, I simply placed your words for all to hear. You refer to a minority as if we are second class citizens and placed your phone number on your blog, and now act surprised that you received a lot of calls? Poor, oppressed baby.

It worked and the atheists helped. Thanks.

Oh and you’re welcome, though your customers may have an increase in their fundy customers, it may not be so easy to get new customers outside of your Christian buisness directory.

PS. My relationship with the dealership is as strong as ever. Be sure to be listening for more ads

Go ahead, it will be fun to do this all over again. But I think that your customers may eventually get a bit gun shy from the excitement.

Even though I posted a reply here to Horne, I suspect his blog may possibly be a Poe. Could someone in professional media really be this bad at conveying information?


It appears that JW’s latest blog has been taken down as well. It seems that he does not stand behind his words. Now just who is afraid to let their words stand on their own?

The Hypocrisy Continues, Notpology Moved, Ad Continues

It looks like the Kieffe & Sons Ford radio ad is continuing according to several people that I’ve heard from.

The local Bakersfield station quotes Rick Kieffe:

Rick Kieffe, owner of Kieffe and Sons Ford, said he doesn’t regret running the ad, which aired on radio stations in eastern Kern County and the Antelope Valley, but he does apologize for offending anyone.

So he wants to keep running an ad that drives away potential customers by insulting and calling them second class citizens. Real good buisness sense there, buddy. First, Placing an apology on your website which has been removed as of today, then continuing to play the ad, really shows that you like to talk out of both sides of your ass. Typical used car salesman.

But I guess he’s “technically” not lying. He just like to piss off potential customers. As for caring not to offend people, why air an ad that says he does not care who he offends? Just so much hypocrisy and weaseling out. Well I know one car dealership I will never shop at. Since I’ll never get a straight story about the ad, why think that I could ever get the truth about a car?

It looks like the notpology has been moved to their contacts page instead of being removed altogether.

This statement is provided in response to reaction prompted by a radio commercial that Kieffe & Sons Ford recently ran referring to issues of God in our schools and on our money.

“For 15 years, Kieffe and Sons Ford has run ad campaigns that focus on current events. We have chosen to do this rather than presenting typical car sales ads. We do this through an agency that develops the material and sends us a package of commercials to review. From this, we select commercials that we distribute to area radio stations. Frequently we emphasize humor and patriotic themes, as we are located adjacent to two military bases. Public response over these 15 years has been hugely positive, often eliciting calls and visits from appreciative individuals. Regrettably, the commercial that has prompted the current objection to religious sentiment (“Under God”, “In God We Trust”) was not closely reviewed by our dealership before it went live. The commercial has been replaced. We apologize to all who were offended. It is Kieffe and Sons’ intention to support America and the freedoms that make this country great.”

Rick Kieffe, President

It looks like Rick Kieffe is completely missing the point of the ruckus over the ad. The reason most people, including myself, were pissed is the “sit down and shutup” for nonbelievers in the ad. I think he is deliberately being obtuse.

Oh The Poor Persecuted Christian Pervert

A staff member at the Parkway Christian School was caught on videotape trying to make arrangements for getting some nookie. Mr. Lavern Jordan, the “Spiritual Backbone”, of Parkway Christian School was caught trying to negotiate sex from the mother of a potential student. At least this time the nookie, was female and over 18, and not a student. Heh Heh Heh. From the article from Channel 13 in Houston:

“I was meeting with him so y’all to expose him to the world and to those parents sending their kids up there,” the mother told us.

Because days earlier, she says Jordan had offered to waive his school’s enrollment fee in exchange for sex. It all happened in a graphic conversation that unfortunately for Mr. Jordan was recorded for us all to hear.

Jordan: “Excuse me and I don’t mean to be so blunt but I am talking about f—— you.”

Mother: “You talking about what?”

Jordan: “F—— you.”

Jordan: “For the $300 I would expect maybe we could get together several times, you think?”

Mother: “Several times, whatcha mean several times?”

Jordan: “Well I don’t know, you might like whatcha getting.”

Looks like the school has special arrangements for those who can’t pay in cash.

Oh and look at this statement from Parkway:

Channel 13 chose to run a piece slandering our school’s name and reputation. They filmed our school doors, sign,and phone number, but did not have the professional courtesy to interview me, although I called the station manager and informed him of a falsehood. I requested a callback interview numerous times, in which I did not recieve in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, Mr. Wayne Dolcefino and his camera crew were in the school parking lot on 4/17/08 and interviewed students and parents without even talking to me. A new story was aired 4/17/08 at 10 p.m. and we still had not recieved a call or interview. Today is 4/18/08 and they finally want an interview after they have already damaged the schools’ name and integrity. The stories that were run were entirely one-sided. A true report is getting both sides of the story. We have now been advised by our legal council not to grant any local media interviews.

Furthermore, we would like to add that the woman in question did not handle the situation properly. Had she called to inform me of this incident, the matter would have been handled promptly and properly.I can not do anything about a situation that I am not aware of. As soon as I was informed, Mr. Jordan was no longer a part of Parkway Christian School,Inc., nor is he the founder. I started PCSI 13 years ago, to help the lives and futures of teenagers that got lost in the system of public schooling. Mr. Jordan was never and is not a founder of PCSI.

Channel 13 and the woman in question owe Parkway Christian School, Inc. a public apology for the unjust manner in which the incident was handled. My family, students, and school should not have to suffer the blame for something that we did not know was happening.
Respectfully yours,
Barbara A. Jordan
Founder, PCSI

What a set of brass balls. One of their employees propositions a potential customer and it’s her fault? Wow, I guess Christian shit doesn’t stink. Oh, and it looks like the whole school is a scam.

So that day, more than 100 Parkway Christian students walked across the stage to “Pomp and Circumstance,” accepted their diploma and shook hands with Jordan, many of them having never set foot in a Parkway Christian classroom.

The school seems to only have three employees from their website. Another Texas education scam where kids can pay for a diploma. And according to some Christians, they are supposed to be more morally developed than us lowly unbelievers. If this is “superior moral development”, then I want no part of it.

Weinstein on FFRF Podcast

The latest podcast over at FFRF features Mikey Weinstein from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation discussing the latest problems the evangelicals are causing in the nation’s military. Some of these stories are absolutely horrifying. He tells of soldiers who are nonbelievers being sent out on the most hazardous of duties, while the Christians sit back in their tents all smug and self-righteous. I guess this shows that selfishness and the fear of death is the motivation for these Christians.

Others who are deemed to be “not Christian enough” for their fundamentalist commanding officers are treated like shit. An example concerns a new army recruit (a Christian) who simply wanted “Christian” on his dog tags. The person at the the in processing center wanted him to put “Four-Square Pentecostal” on his dog tags. The new recruit refused and his dog tag ended up with “None”. When he arrived at his unit in Iraq, his commanding officer saw the “None” on his dog tags and made him spend two weeks in the latrine picking up pubic hairs with a pair of tweezers. I wonder how bad it is for open nonbelievers in that particular unit. What a nightmare.

Another story concerned a unit where the commander stated openly that if there was one member who did not join his fundy church, then all members in the unit would not receive”God’s Blessing”. What a terrible thing to say. That any misfortune that befell the unit would be caused by anyone not going along with the commander. I guess this commander thinks that the god he believes in cannot tell if someone is faking belief. Obviously, the commander is someone stupid enough to fall for Pascal’s Wager and expects others to be just as stupid.

What a group of self-righteous, moralizing, judgmental hypocrites these “born-again” commanders are. How can they possibly expect people to want to voluntarily join their religion? Do they think that their god wouldn’t notice that some members have been coerced into joining? Of course there is no god to notice, they are simply using religion as a means of forcing compliance with their actions.

I know that if someone treated me like shit, I would definitely not have anything to do with them. Or perhaps go undercover and find out what they are up to and leak out information; after all, payback is a bitch.

Interestingly enough, Mikey Weinstein also stated that he and others over at his organization also think that Blackwater employees may have been in the area where Pat Tillman was shot. And Blackwater is known to have employed people who have been linked to right-wing death squads in Central America in the 80s and 90s. I share this opinion and have stated this in a previous post.

Pervert Alert: His Own Private Idaho

Sen. Larry “Woody” Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in a public restroom for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer. According to MSNBC, Sen. Craig was arrested in June, pled guilty, and paid a fine for lewd behavior in a public restroom. What is it about conservative Republicans and public restrooms? I guess the dirtier and kinkier and more public the sex is, the better they like it.

Over at DailyKos, the thread has a lot of hilarious comments. Family values, my ass. What about his wife and children?

Oh, and over at Idaho Values Alliance, check out the bonus bytes section:

One of the tragic characteristics of the homosexual lifestyle is its emphasis on anonymous sex and multiple sexual partners. It is a little-acknowledged secret that many active homosexuals will have more than 1,000 sex partners over the course of a lifetime (the average among heterosexuals is seven – still six more than we were designed for). This sordid fact of homosexual life surfaced yesterday in an AP article yesterday that reports on the number of arrests police have made for indecent exposure and public sex acts in the restrooms at Atlanta’s airport, the busiest in the world. The increased restroom patrols, begun to apprehend luggage thieves, instead uncovered a rash of sex crimes. Airport restrooms have become so popular that men looking for anonymous sexual trysts with other men have advertised their airport availability on Craigslist. One such ad was from a man saying he was stuck at the airport for three hours and was looking for “discreet, quick action.” (AP: Arrests Up in Atlanta Airport Restrooms)

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. What irony.