Cool X-Wing Rocket

Very cool 1/2 scale X-Wing rocket. Here’s the video of the launch/CATO.


Another Conservative Kinkster

From Crooks and Liars. Bob Allen, McCain’s Florida Campaign Co-Chair, was arrested by an off duty police officer for trying to pay the officer to get a blow job from Allen for $20. You know, I think he did this backwards. Isn’t someone supposed to pay to get a blow job?

Looks like he’s going down. Heh Heh Heh.

The Bigger the Better

I guess girls really like them bigger. Remember, a girl’s gotta have her standards. We spent the weekend out at LDRS 26 (Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships) out at the Jean Dry Lake in Nevada. The event is hosted by ROC and Tripoli. It was really at lot of fun, although hours in the heat above 105 degrees is really tiring. And the dust and dust tornadoes. But lots of great launches and a great time.

We spent Sunday just recovering at home. And I savored the rocket parts I bought that I needed in order to complete the rocket project I’m currently working on. “Working on” is rather an exaggeration since I’ve been way too busy the last 6 months or so to do anything but minor sanding on my rocket.