Ted and The Dildo


In 2008, Ted Cruz tried to ban the sale of sex toys in Texas. This was his rationale:

“There is no substantive-due-process right to stimulate one’s genitals for non-medical purposes unrelated to procreation or outside of an interpersonal relationship.” – Ted Cruz

How the hell could you enforce this kind of law? Force everyone to be chemically castrated and have to apply for permission from the government to in order to have sexual feelings? What a nutcase.


For God and Country

James Parco LtCol, USAF Ret, has written a position paper, God and Country: Religious Fundamentalism in the U.S. Military, for the Center for Inquiry. This paper is an excellent summary of problems caused by overzealous Christian fundamentalist adherents in the US military. Here is the rather depressing summary at the end of the paper:

 The inappropriate behavior of fundamentalist Christian military leaders will not likely change on its own. Ample rules and regulations remain in place to appropriately separate the religious beliefs of military leaders from their official duties and responsibilities. Most lacking, however, is the social and political will to enforce the existing rules and hold military commanders accountable for breaches of conduct.

The cases outlined in this paper raise the fundamental question captured by the classic Latin dictum, quis custodiet ipsos custodes – who will guard the guards themselves? Based on the evidence presented herein, the status quo remains resilient. Military institutions have shown significant reticence to discipline any of their own who use the power of their official positions to run rampant through the senior ranks of the military simply because it is allowed to do so. After all, every system is perfectly designed to yield the behaviors observed.

The answer to this dictum is that the American people, both elected officials and ordinary citizens, are tasked with guarding the guards. As the previous pages make clear, there is a serious problem with religious endorsement in the U.S. Armed Forces which needs to be immediately addressed and changed. It is up to those with social and political power to demand this action. If this problem persists, members of the military will continue to face hostility and indoctrination, and the U.S. government will continue to experience public relations problems in future military missions. If it is addressed, the U.S. military could become a neutral and safe space for members of all religious backgrounds, and none at all, and the image of the America, as seen through its military forces abroad, could change from one of Christianity to one of a diverse people united for liberty and justice for all.

 Until some group with the political power to challenge the entrenched Christian fundamentalists in the military takes action, there will be not change. This problem will persist until either mainline Christians in the US Military get tired of being treated like non-Christians or the non-Christians become more numerous in the military. And this report also does not cover other troubling developments like the links between the more extreme Christian fundamentalists and religious and racial supremacists in and outside of the military.

Anti-Semitism and the Military Bible Association

There have been several articles and posts online lately about antisemitism in the US military. Most of these incidents have involved the chaplain corps. Last month Justin Griffith posted about finding one of  the antisemitic Manga Passion comics placed on his bunk while deployed. He didn’t think much about it at the time. He posted about it online and someone at MRFF found out about it. Later it came out that the comics were being distributed across various bases.

Here are is an image from Bruce Wilson over at Talk2Action which shows Jesus as a sweet white man, his fellow Jews as evil looking, and Judas rather effeminate looking. He also compared Nazi propaganda against the Jews with the Manga comics and the similarities are obvious. Here is an image of the comic where all of this exists in one frame of the story. Look at the top right side of the image, Jesus in the middle, an effeminate red-haired Judas, and in the lower left hand side of the drawing, look at the drawing of the rabbi representing the Jews drawn in the comic. In addition to the rather biased appearance of the characters, they draw Jews as in league with the devil just like they think us atheists are.

Manga Comic

Additionally, there have been incidents of Marines posting Nazi SS flags openly.

Has this always been going on? I was in the US Air Force in the 1980s and early 1990s and never saw anything like this. This simply would not have been tolerated at all. Well it seems that certain military chaplain accrediting agencies may have aggravated this problem. In 2009, I wrote this about the Chaplancy of Full Gospel Churches and their website at the time.

The CFGC is the endorser for approximately two hundred chaplains. This endorser openly denigrates other by Vid-Saver”>Christians, Jews, Muslims, and the non-religious. The CFGC also advocates crazy conspiracy theories and the armed overthrow of the United States government. There is even a current chaplain, Army Major James F. Linzey, who is a member of something called the Prophecy Club. This website seems to be some sort of by Vid-Saver”>money making site, consisting mainly of ads for videos and their magazine.

COL Jim Ammerman, a retired Army chaplain who ran the CFGC died. But later checking on the CFGC’s website finds all mention of the various conspiracy videos gone and no mention of MAJ Linzey. Interesting, only COL Ammerman who died in 2009 is listed as the founder, or was, as I just checked again and it seems that he is not listed any more on the website. I wonder why.

Shortly after MAJ Linze’s retirement from the Army, he founded a non-profit called the Military Bible Association. A rather benign name. Somehow my email address ended up being included in his mailing list, The Leader’s Bible mailing list. I think after the articles I wrote in 2009, he challenged me to a debate or something, but I did not have time for it and ignored the request. So in June of 2010, somehow I ended up on his mailing list. The email traffic on this list was very low, I thought of requesting to be removed, as I was tired of seeing the God glurge in my email. Luckily, I put off asking to be removed from the mailing list, as you will soon see.

I normally do not post emails that I receive from individuals, but this is different, as the Leader’s Bible mailing list is a very large email list with hundreds of entries in it.  Sometime in late 2010, emails sent on the mailing list started to change. I started seeing requests for members to attend rabid  anti-Islamic speakers. Then on July 15, 2011 I received the following email:

Click to Enlarge.

Here is the text for easier reading:

The Protocols of Zion is a book written in the late 1800s. I have heard about it for several years. You can probably find a copy of it somehow. Recently, however, I stumbled across a rather strange PDF file which contains The Protocols of Zion. I have attached the PDF file which contains it. I have reviewed The Protocols of Zion in this PDF file and believe it is a document which every American and Christian and human being must read. If you thumb through this PDF file you will find The Protocols of Zion.
In short, I believe you will be thankful that you have read it; but you might be extremely anxious about what you might find in it. I highly recommend reading it.
When you read it, it might be helpful to keep in mind that some theologians differentiate between “Jews” of today and “Jews” in the Bible, though I have no comment on that, except to say that in the Bible “Jew” is considered by many to be an abbreviation for “Judean”–an inhabitant of Judea.
You may forward this file to everyone you know.

 HOLY SHIT! Attached to this letter was a copy of a bizarre hate manual (warning hate site link), Subverted Nation’s Basic training for Revolutionaries by Adam Austin, a strange combination of an Army training motivational manual with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion embedded within it, along with massive amounts of hate quotes. I did some checking of the origin of this manual and found it located here, at a website called (warning neoNazi antisemitic hate site Subverted Nation.  Author Adam Austin claims that vanity press Lulu declined to publish his little screed. That’s probably the only true statement on his little hate site.

You can see in the email that Linzey subscribes to the theory that white northern Europeans are the “true Jews”. This is what the Christian Identity movement advocates. Highlighted in red, he seems to think that you have to be an American Christian to be human (probably white as well according to what he has written and said publicly before). Previously I had speculated if he was linked with Christian Identity, and it seems that I was right. I passed this email on to the MRFF as something interesting for them to see. But as of that time, there was no direct link to the military in the email, other than a suspicion that active duty military chaplains were on his mailing list. I wanted him to make a mistake and actually send out emails individually to the list, instead of to the whole list. This way each email would have embedded within it the contents of the Leader’s Bible mailing list. 

In August 2012, I received an email from the Military Bible Association mailing list to sign an affidavit stating that his mother was sound of mind and Jim Linzey was  the best person to handle her affairs. WTF? He was asking people to say to a legal court to say that they personally knew that he was the right person to handle his mother’s affairs whether they knew her or not. His siblings replied to all the mailing list to say that Jim Linzey was trying to manipulate their mother into giving up all of her assets to Jim. Jim Linzey replied back to his sister and in doing so, replied back with all of the emails on the mailing list sent to everyone who happened to be on the email list. So now I had a copy of the list.

What a treasure trove that was. The email list contained a few hundred active duty chaplains and chaplain staff, paramilitary church organizations, and dominionist Assemblies of God and nondenominational churches. Active duty military personnel are receiving racist and hate material in their official in-boxes (.mil addresses). So this is apparently one source of antisemitic literature entering the military, there should be an investigation about active duty military personnel using their official email to receive and send hate material. Something needs to be done and fast, perhaps naming and shaming. But not everyone on the list may appreciate receiving the hate mail.

Mikey Weinstein over at MRFF wonders if the antisemitism is coming from the chaplain corps or the senior officers. He wrote this in a letter to Defense Secretary Panetta:

It is quite clear, for a plethora of incontrovertible reasons, that these comic books are blatantly anti-Semitic. For instance, one of the main themes of these horrible books is the wretched, age old libel that Jews are directly responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and, further still, that Jews have conspiratorially consorted with the devil in that crucifixion “plot” and other nefarious anti-Christian endeavors. Our MRFF clients do not know whether it is DoD chaplains or our clients’ chains of command who are behind the distribution of these bigoted materials. What MRFF does know is that these “Manga Messiah” comic books have been distributed liberally across all the service branches and on military bases and naval vessels all over the world including the combat zones of Afghanistan, Iraq, and at many other U.S. armed forces bases in the Area of Responsibility (AOR).

 I think we have found only part of the problem, chaplains and retired chaplains. The problem may also be both the chaplain corps and an officer corps that looks the other way as long as it is not themselves that are being denigrated. I don’t know what will happen if this problem is allowed to fester. I I have a feeling that the situation will continue to get worse and very ugly in the future.

 I’ve passed the email list to a friend who is very keen to check out the names for links to hate groups. This story is to be continued …


I’ve been unable to verify that Maj Linzey was running the CFGC after Ammermann’s death, so I have update the post.

Who Would Jesus Shoot? Part 3

This is my last installment in this series. My last post continued the story about the Jesus rifle scopes in use by the US Army and the US Marines. Since then, there have been many stories about this incident in the press. But despite the coverage of the Bible verses on the rifle scopes, almost nothing has been done by the US military to fix the problem.

According to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, they have received many complaints from soldiers and marines about the scopes remaining unchanged. The few modification kits made by the maker of the scopes were applied to scopes that are not being used in the field. The military commanding officers seem to be completely missing the point of the soldier’s complaints. The soldiers were complaining that having a “Jesus” scope needlessly put their lives in even more danger.

Chris Rodda from the blog, Talk2Action, has posted one of the letters MRFF has received from a soldier describing how the Bible verses on the scope are causing some friction with the local Afghan population. Here is the letter:

I am a United States soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am a practicing Baptist and my wife is too. My cobat [sic] unit is currently engaged in major combat operations in the southern provinces of Afghanistan. I am of junior enlisted rank and my fellow soldiers (most of them to my knowledge being Christians, too) and I are at the bottom of the chain of command. Many, many native Afghan civilians and especially the Afghan military members here are well aware of the “Jesus rifles” controversy which was covered aall over the place by the news services back in the middle of January of this year. It makes them very, very mad at America and our military. They constantly ask us if we are still using these “Jesus rifles”. They ask us to see for themselves what is written on our gunsights. Wherever we go these same questions come up almost immediately. Not all the native Afghans ask them but enough of them do that my fellow soldiers in my company and even my battalion have asked our military chain of command about what we’re supposed to say to them when asked. This has been a mess. We’ve been told to “shut the fuck up” and to “tell them that it’s none of their damn business ’cause we’re there to save them from Islam (yes, ISLAM!)”. We’ve even been told to explain Christianity to them and use it as “an opening to enlighten them.” Yes, those exact words! We all heard that there were supposed to be “100 kits” which the company that put the bible references on our gunsights were going to be sending to the military right away to “fix” the “problem”. When my fellow soldiers and I have asked our chain of command about this fact, we’ve been told that “that was just to shut up the traitors in the media and the bleeding heart groups”. Our chain of command really hates the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and blames it for all of this mess in the first place. If any of them knew that any of us were talking to the Military Religious Foundation about this problem here, it would be over for us and our families immediately. It’s not just embarrassing to have these “Jesus rifles” with us but it’s also a serious security threat to all of us. When we walk into an Afghan village trying to determine whether it’s “friend or foe” regarding the Taliban etc. and they ask us right off the bat if we are using the “Jesus rifles” it is a VERY BAD way to start out considering our combat mission. We want the bible stuff off of our gunsights. We feel it makes us targets. We want them off now! When are we EVER going to see one of those “100 fix kits” which were supposed to be sent out? None of us here feel we can even raise the subject again with our chain of command because we risk being identified as a “problem child” and when you’re fighting a war like this one here that can get you in alot of trouble; it can get you killed.

So it’s business as usual for the Pentagon, just ignore the problem and let more soldiers die needlessly. For more information about this situation, MRFF’s February newsletter and March Archives cover this situation as well as the large cross left at the Air Force Academy’s Pagan area.

Welcome to "Christian" Lancaster, CA

Click on the above images to see a readable size.

I was on my way to work this morning and saw the above story in paper in the newspaper rack at the drive-thru window. Needless to say, I was intrigued by the title and bought a paper. I read the story and I’m sure my mouth fell open several times as Lancaster, CA mayor Rex Parris was revealed to be a complete nut job. Later, in the morning I shared the story with my cube-mate who lives in Lancaster. She was horrified as she read the story and said “I voted for the man, but didn’t realize he was such a nutcase.” Another coworker, who is pretty religious, said her pastor attended the meeting and was shocked by the mayor’s statements.

I’ll post the complete story from the Antelope Valley Press, along with my comments from each section. I don’t usually post a complete story, but in this case I’m commenting on all sections of the story. Here is the story on their website.

Parris Touts City as a “Christian” Community
Mayor’s address focuses on crime, culture, green energy
By Gerry Price
Valley Press City Editor/Assignments

LANCASTER – Mayor R. Parris sees his city as strongly Christian, and he’s proud of that.

“We’re growing a Christian community, and don’t let anybody shy away from that,” he told an audience of 160 people, mainly pastors and their spouses, during his State of the City address Tuesday at the John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center.

He said he wants the community’s electorate to validate a Christian stance in the April municipal election, in which a ballot measure endorses prayers at city meetings, specifically with permission to invoke a specific deity, including Jesus.

How can this possible be anything but divisive? The mayor wants a “Christian city”. What does this even mean? Does he want a higher percentage of Christians living in the city? Or does he want a town run by Christians for Christians? And if this is supposed to be a city run meeting, why is the audience mainly Christian pastors and their wives? What about switching the word “Christian” to “White”, then the bigotry is instantly obvious.

While Parris, who is running a second term as mayor in April, sail he didn’t care which candidates the voters favored. “I do want them voting for that prayer amendment,” referring to a measure asking voters whether or not the City Council should seek religious guidance before its meetings.

The council put the measure on the ballot after the American Civil Liberties Union sent the city a letter of warning that said allowing “sectarian” prayers, such as those that mention Jesus Christ, at governmental meetings is divisive and unconstitutional.

“I need them standing up and saying we’re a Christian community, and we’re proud of that”, he said, speaking of his multimedia Powerpoint presentation flashed a big-screen picture with a large Christian cross and and the phrase “Growing a Christian Community.”

Currently the ACLU is suing the city of Lancaster for the use of sectarian prayers before city council meetings. But even worse in addition to the sectarian prayers, Mayor Parris has also limited the denomination as well. Only a couple of pastors are allowed give the prayer.
[Correction – Currently the ACLU has not sued the city of Lancaster yet. They are waiting to see if the ballot measure allowing sectarian prayers passes.]

If the measure passes, hundreds of residents should petition petition the city to allow them to pray in the name of various deities. That would be hilarious. How can they possibly turn someone down without making it obvious the city prefers only Christian prayers? Personally I prefer the goddess Bastet, since I love cats.

Asked afterward whether his talk of being a “Christian community” tends to leave out or anger residents who are not Christians, the mayor said he doesn’t mean to exclude anyone.

Noting that he had a meeting scheduled that evening with members of a local gay and lesbian organization, Parris said “My vision of it is not a vision of exclusion. It’s a vision of attraction. I understand for so long it had an exclusionary feet to it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. We should remove the exclusionary aspect to it.”

The mayor says he wants a Christian community and says he can’t see how that is divisive. What a crock of shit. How can stating a Christian community is better than a community that is not exclusively Christian not be insulting and divisive? It’s like when Christians advertise they would like to talk to the “lost”. How can this be anything but insulting?

Parris maintained in post speech remarks that a Christian city had a better sense of community that an “atheistic city”, and said that the progress Lancaster has made over the past several years came about because of the sensor of cooperation between the various elements in the city.

What the hell is an “atheistic” city? Some place in North Korea or China? Or the former Soviet Union? Certainly no place here in the United States that I know of. Or perhaps he is talking about some city that is not expressively Christian? It’s like when some Christians refer to anything non-Christian as “atheistic”. Or perhaps he is confusing a neutral stance of not mixing government and religion as “atheistic”?

As a prime example, he referred to the recently announced 31% drop in the Lancaster crime rate in the last two years, commenting, “That 31% is the difference between a city that is dangerous to live in vs. a city that is safe to live in.”

Despite the best efforts of the Sheriff’s Department, that drop wouldn’t have occurred without the cooperation of all the city’s departments and its citizenry, Parris said.

“It was all of us coming together,” he said.

What’s with all of the statistics? References please, Mayor. I’ve spent time in places where the crime rate was low, a lone woman could walk around freely at midnight and never be disturbed. But these are places I would never live in. For in those places, there is little to no freedom to speak and write as one pleases.

Parris praised the jump from 118 active Neighborhood Watch groups in 2008 to 192 in 2009, and an even greater hike in involvement in Business Watch.

Other city-led actions took a large step to reduce what he called “hyper vigilance” of youth, which led them to become vulnerable to gang involvement.

Specifically, by allowing graffiti, truancy, roving pit bulls, and gangs to proliferate, we were putting our children in harm’s way, Parris said.

To that end, the city:

  • Cleaned up graffiti in 18,114 locations in 2009.
  • Removed 1,034 pit bulls from city streets during that same time frame.

Paris also touted the planned Voyager Sky Sentinel project, which will allow a Sheriff’s Department official to keep an eye on crime from above the city from some 8,000 feet above the ground.

He noted that, during one demonstration of the aircraft, the brainchild of aviation pioneer Dick Rutan, he was able to see every detail of an accident or crime in real time.

He discounted any idea of the plane infringing on the privacy of law abiding individuals, noting, “This device will not do anything a current (Sheriff’s Department) helicopter can’t do.

At the same time, by using the aircraft “we’ll be able to utilize services like we’ve never done before.”

I honestly believe we’re on the way to becoming the safest city in America,” Parris said, despite the many reasons that shouldn’t happen, including the city’s proximity to a state prison and the high number of parolees in the community.

I’m almost beyond words at this. All I can think of is the quote by Benjamin Franklin, “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.” The mayor has strayed far, far from the American vision of our founders.

The mayor also praised the introduction of Community Impact Homes in the community.

The first two, one near Piute Middle School and the other in the Trend tract, are run by personnel from Grace Chapel and Central Christian Church.

Parris said, “We’re not putting churches (running neighborhood houses) in every impoverished neighborhood. I’d like to put them up in every neighborhood.

The mayor also said he would like to have health workers operate out of the community houses.

I would like to see how these houses are financed. Are the churches renting them? Can only Christian groups rent them? Here is a video of the dedication of the Trend Community House.

The video starts off with the mayor, Rex Parris telling of his vision of overworked parents being helped (or preyed upon) by a house in every neighborhood run by an evangelical Christian church. If the Evangelical Churches are renting these houses, can’t other groups rent as well. The Satanist Community House would be one happening place, with large pentagrams in the windows, and heavy metal blasting the neighborhood. Or a Rastafarian house, with mighty clouds of pot smoke drifting over the neighborhood. HehHehHeh. Perhaps the AV Freethinkers can get a house as well.

Then the mayor hands the podium over to a Pastor Dave Prather from the Central Christian Church, with the remark “Now he is responsible for an entire neighborhood.” WTF? If I lived in that neighborhood, I would be insulted at the patronizing tone. No one is responsible for me but myself.

Pay attention at 4:15 in the video where Concepcion Harris says “We’re here to transform the neighborhood for Christ. That’s what we’re here to do.” And the mayor wants one of these in every neighborhood? Holy Church-State entanglement, Batman. Talk about preying upon those too poor to afford decent daycare.

Also notice the cross symbol. Apparently, this is the new city symbol for Lancaster CA. Lancaster’s previous symbol was a California Poppy, representing the California Poppy Reserve west of the town. I’ve noticed the new symbol the last year or two. I liked the poppy better. It was much nicer and more representative of the city. Interesting note, the video is no longer hosted at the city’s website. I found it on Youtube and downloaded a copy for myself.

He also said that on Sundays, church buses should be stopping at homes in all the neighborhoods to take children to church.

You mean these buses? The mayor is probably a member of Lancaster Baptist Church. I’ve done some searching, but he never comes out and says which church he is a member of. But the Lancaster Baptist Church always seems to be involved in city business. (I’ve heard this from some friends.) I also have a vision of surveillance drones busily flying over the city on Sunday morning, searching for those children not going to Sunday school.

Another area the mayor praised was the city’s support for the arts, especially in the development of Lancaster Boulevard as a mecca for artists and patrons of the arts, and as a place for fine dining.

Noting the opening of the Brooklyn Deli and Giannini Bistro and the upcoming opening of BeX, the mayor bragged, “Pretty soon, when you go out to eat, you’ll be going to Lancaster Boulevard. They’ll have better restaurants than the (Antelope Valley) Mall, and more fun, too.”

Upon revealing a slide titles “Alternative Energy Capital of the World,” Parris said a Monday meeting between a foreign company and a “major home builder” will lead to the construction of 10 of the most energy efficient homes in the world within the next year.

Touting the “best sun in the world” and the Valley’s nearly constant winds as wonderful sources of green energy, Parris said a planned trip to China will allow him to meet with representatives of a major company that builds batteries designed to store green energy.

The mayor also said the city hopes to be announcing that 6,000 to 10,000 new jobs will be coming in the near future.

Other statistics cited by Parris were a 36% drop in fatal collisions from 2008 to 2009, the elimination of 5,421 illegal dump sites during 2009, and the repair of 24,129 pot holes in that time frame.

Managing Editor Charles F. Bostwick contributed to this report.

The above sounds like the city has neglected large problems for a long time, then suddenly realized how bad things were. The mayor sure seems to like bragging about himself a lot. How exactly did the city reduce the number of fatal collisions?

This photo was taken the day before at a city council meeting where city council woman Sherry Marquez had to defend statements she made about Muslims on her Facebook page.

Do a search for Mayor Rex Parris on Google and check out the craziness. He seems to have the jobs of mayor and theocratic dictator confused.

Story continues here.

Martial Pastors

Earlier I posted about a creepy government program involving martial law, terrorism, and the use of clergy to manipulate a worried populace. I wondered what would happen to those of us who do not go to a church and do not regard the clergy as any sort of an authority. Now I see that someone else has also speculated about such matters. Over at OpedNews.com, Joe Park has more details that frankly scare the shit out of me.

A KSLA-TV news report from Louisiana has confirmed the story that Clergy Response Teams are being trained by the federal government to “quell dissent” and pacify citizens to obey the government in the event of a declaration of martial law.

The report confirms the existence of a nationwide Homeland Security program which is training pastors and other religious representatives to teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for a declaration of martial law.

This is really a very serious matter.

A whistleblower who attended one of the training sessions reports that the feds were recruiting religious leaders to help implement government Homeland Security directives in anticipation of a terrorist attack or a nationally declared emergency.

The first directive was for pastors to preach to their congregations Romans 13, the often taken out of context bible passage that was used by Hitler to hoodwink Christians into supporting him, in order to teach them to “obey the government” when martial law is declared.
It was stressed that the pastors needed to preach subservience to the authorities ahead of time in preparation for the round-ups and to make it clear to the congregation that “this is for their own good.”

I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of days. I really am having trouble wrapping this around my brain. What the hell is wrong with these people? Have they never taken a civics course during high school? There is so much that is patently and unconstitutionally wrong with this sort of activity. This is subversion and treason at the very least. Why do moderate Christians not challenge these people? Unbelievers like myself are ignored for the most part when we point out these statements.

Don’t these pastors realize that they are subverting the laws of the land and perhaps aiding and abetting treason? And what will they do with those of us that they round up? Put us in cattle cars on the way to a death camp? Have these idiots never studied recent history?

Pastors were told that they would be backed up by law enforcement in controlling uncooperative individuals and that they would even lead SWAT teams in attempting to quell resistance.

Could they really handle the 24 million American citizens who do not belong to any religion? And what would be the cost of dissent? Our lives?

So there you have it – Homeland Security is working with local police departments and religious leaders to prepare for a declaration of martial law and in particular to develop techniques they will employ during the crisis to “quell dissent.”

Well certain groups, like Christian Embassy, who are associated with dominionist leaning churches, such as the Assemblies of God, have close ties with the military. And these groups probably also have close links with law enforcement agencies as well. And mercenary contractors such as Blackwater are also owned, ran, and staffed by fundamentalist Christians.

So that possibly pits these groups, as well as sympathetic fundamentalist citizens, against those of us who don’t subscribe to these religious viewpoints. And in addition, we have preachers such as Joseph Fuiten, an AOG pastor who lately has stated that those who don’t think as himself should not be considered citizens. It seems that the more these guys reveal their agenda, the more frightening their plans appear.

I will continue this in further posts, once I’ve researched more of the the links.

Nazi Chaplains: Just Say Nay?

In a previous post I discussed the army chaplain, Capt. Nay. I was flabbergasted at his lack of judgment. In fact I was so taken aback, I needed to take some time to put a really proper response to his outrageous actions of setting up an alleged neo-Nazi display at an officer’s club of all places.

In the military, one does not have completely free speech. It is easy to see why. The military follows a strict chain of command, it is not an armed mob. As it has been said, “The military is here to preserve democracy, not practice it“. One voluntarily gives up a portion of one’s constitutional rights upon joining the military. Capt Nay is not free to spout his racist, antisemitic garbage. Especially on a military base in an officer’s club. By doing so, he undermines command authority. Subordinates who see these actions taken by a superior officer would lose their trust in the authority of such an officer. In particular, those subordinates that are the subjects of his bigotry would loose any respect for such an officer. As an officer, he should know this. And as a chaplain, he should know that his job is to minister to all military members, not just the ones he approves of.

As a former Air Force officer, I’m dismayed by the actions of this chaplain and his superiors. One would think that the first action they would take would be to conduct an investigation and then remove him from his capacity as a chaplain if the investigation warrants it. Apparently from the article from truthout, the Army investigated him and found that the allegations against Nay were true. Chaplains are officers first and ministers second. Like all military members, they take an oath to uphold the constitution. Chaplains are also charged with providing for the spiritual needs of all military members, not only those they agree with theologically. If he is not willing to do so, then he should be discharged.

By displaying Nazi paraphernalia in such a manner and not discouraging the resulting anti-Semitic remarks, he has displayed his utter unfitness to be either a chaplain or any other type of military officer. What junior officer or enlisted person would trust this person or the chaplaincy chain of command for allowing such behavior?

It appears that Capt. Nay is not cut out to be a military chaplain. He should be discharged and perhaps he can be a minister in some church, perhaps a Christian Identity type of church. There he can find like minded individuals who can fully appreciate his racism and antisemitism.

I was contacted by Chaplain Nay. Here is our conversation. He seems to be a believer in many conspiracy theories.

Nazi Chaplains: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that I had met Mikey Weinstein at a book lecture and signing at the Center for Inquiry West last month. During the Q&A session I asked him a question about any links between the dominionists and hate groups. He acknowledged that there were some problems occurring, but really did not answer the question directly.

Well just today, there is a very disturbing article on truthout, Swastikas at Hunter Airfield and a Rabbi on the Run. He was contacted by Rabbi Jeffrey Goldman last month. This may have been the reason Mikey Weinstein was reluctant to discuss the matter at the book lecture.

Mikey Weinstein, head of the watchdog group The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said Goldman approached him last month after reading a story reported by Truthout in which Weinstein exposed a pattern of anti-Semitism displayed in Biblical teachings by chaplains at Fort Leavenworth.

In another post, I had wondered if there were any links between dominionists military chaplains and hate groups. I guess today’s article answers my question with a resounding “Yes”. Behaving this way openly, indicates that this chaplain may be deeply involved in some sort of hate group.

According to documents obtained by Truthout, an investigation by the Army Inspector General into Goldman’s claims of anti-Semitism shows that in May 2001, Captain Robert Nay, a Christian chaplain at the Fort Stewart Army base, hung Nazi uniforms and swastikas on the wall of the officers’ club at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, during a May 23, 2001 interfaith prayer breakfast Goldman was ordered to attend.

There are so, so many things wrong with this on so many levels. I almost don’t know where to start. Even though I’m not Jewish, as a former Air Force officer, I would have been extremely offended if I walked into an officer’s club and saw this type of display. And I don’t think these Nazi items were there as part of a WWII display. This type of behavior has no place on a military base, where military members and their families all live and work together. It certainly does not promote a unified military force and certainly tears apart any semblance of order at this army base.

This bigoted chaplain, Capt. Nay, certainly seems to have forgotten that he is first and foremost a military officer, not some sort of drunken, ignorant, Klan/neo-Nazi member living in a shack/trailer/compound. As a military officer, he is expected to uphold a certain standard of behavior, which I see he is sadly lacking in.

Goldman says he complained about Nay’s anti-Semitic tirades to his Fort Stewart chaplain supervisor, Major Larry Sharp. In a sworn affidavit, Goldman said Sharp told him that he “needed to get along with people who hate Jews.” Moreover, Goldman was then informed by Sharp that he would now be reporting directly to Nay. Goldman said he immediately contacted Rabbi David Lapp, head of the Jewish Chaplains Council in New York, who had sponsored Goldman’s chaplain service in the military.

Holy Shit! WTF? He has to work for the asshole who is making bigoted remarks and actions? I hope he sues and wins big time. This is unbelievable, absolutely un-fucking-believable.

“I would have willingly gone to Afghanistan,” Goldman said. “I just didn’t want to be subjected to anti-Semitism at Fort Stewart. The whole reason I volunteered to become a chaplain is because I was eager to help Jewish kids who chose the military and needed spiritual guidance while being far away from home serving” in the Army. “Rabbi Lapp told me over and over again not to rock the boat in the military and that I should just do what the goyim(gentiles) want and keep four meters away from the people who were anti-Semitic.”

He would rather go to Afghanistan than to Ft. Stewart. That in itself tells me how bad the situation was. That he felt that the anti-Semites at Ft. Stewart were worse than the ones in Afghanistan (Muslim extremists). It also sounds like Rabbi Lapp is a rather frightened appeaser, someone who 60 years ago would have simply gotten on a train or stepped in a shower in order to “not rock the boat”.

The Army’s criminal division responded to McTeague’s letter on October 13, 2004, saying the desertion charges would stand and urging Goldman to turn himself in to US military authorities to face a court-martial. Moreover, the Army said there was no truth to any of Goldman’s claims of anti-Semitism – in contradiction with the Army’s own internal investigation.

Looks like the Army was trying to cover this up. The military really needs to get rid of these Nazi chaplains. This is what happens when the army scrapes the bottom of the barrel for recruits and ignores its own directives about not hiring hate group members.

I was contacted by Chaplain Nay. Here is our conversation. He seems to be a believer in many conspiracy theories.