I started this blog in the summer of 2007 with the purpose of providing me a safe place to vent. Before that I had inhabited the net on various newsgroups and online forums. Some of those closed down over the years and I decided to venture out on my own and start a blog. This blog existed for many years on Blogger. As browsers and blogs increased their capabilities, I decided after a couple of years of non activity on my blog that I would start up again on WordPress.

This blog is a place I can discuss issues that interests me such as politics, religion, church-state separation, atheism, etc. I enjoy hard-hitting conversations and can give as good as I get. I tend to keep email addresses confidential except for those that advocate violence. I do not allow death threats or threats of violence on this blog. For those that start, I will place your email or comment in an area where everyone can see it and comment on it. I will also place any forensics such as email headers and IP address for public viewing in those cases. I believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant.

So welcome everyone.