Trump, Nazi-Enabler

UPDATE (3/2/16):

Until today, I was using the term Nazi Enabler in a rhetorical manner, but not now. Here is a video of actual neo-nazis roughing up a black woman at a Trump rally.

The hat-wearing Trump supporter appears to be white nationalist Matthew Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist Worker Party, according to other protesters who spoke with the New York Daily News.

Matthew Heimbach was fired as a child welfare case worker in Illinois, according to Hatewatch.

“Matthew Heimbach was employed with DCS from Jan. 11 to Jan. 28, 2016, as a family case manager trainee,” Hungate said in a brief email response. “His probationary working test was terminated on Jan. 28.

When pressed, the agency spokeswoman said Heimbach “was dismissed for his behavior at work.”

“His behavior in training was disruptive of the workplace, incompatible with public service, and not protected speech. For example, what I’ve been told is that, while in training, his response to a question suggested violence against a client,” Hungate told Hatewatch.

And finally, Donald’s son is being interviewed by a white supremacist show, The Political Cesspool.

As Edwards broadcast his show live from the Trump rally on Saturday, he and his co-hosts praised the real estate developer for building support among a broad swath of white people. Edwards compared Trump’s coalition-building to the efforts of the hated Republican elites, whose, “way of growing the party is to let every minority in and pander to them and sell out the traditional base of the Republican party, which is white people.”

Edwards said he and his co-hosts have attended three different Trump rallies in recent months: One in Illinois, one in Arkansas, and the rally in Memphis. With press credentials from Trump, the white supremacists feel “every bit as legit” as members of the traditional media, he added.

I have a friend, who was supporting Donal Trump for president, until this weekend that is. Earlier he had asked why I was not supporting Trump as his earlier political positions seemed very moderate. I said that I thought he was a Nazi Enabler and a probable supporter of white supremacy based on what has actually come out of his mouth in his earlier statements. Now this weekend he is retweeting Mussolini. He actually retweeted a Gawker bot that would periodically send out fascist quotes attributed to Trump.

Twitter is Trump’s preferred social media platform for direct communication with his followers, haters, and—most importantly—the journalists who obsessively cover his carnival-like presidential campaign. It’s where Trump goes to personally insult his enemies and opponents, but it’s also where he seeks evidence of his greatness, and regularly retweets (in his idiosyncratic style, quoting entire tweets rather than using the network’s built-in retweet tool) praise for himself.

And here is is refusing to disavow the Klan and white supremacy on CNN:

What really interesting about his claim to know nothing of white supracism and the KKK, is that in earlier run for president, he explicitly called out David Duke and the Klan as something he would not support. He most certainly knows the Klan as his father was a member in the Klan before WW2.

I can’t believe he has this much support. But the Nazis rose to power with about 38% of Germans supporting them. It’s frightening to realize the GOP is about 38% of the American populace. As an Independent, I’m starting to be concerned.