Don’t Be a Sucker

This film created at the very end of WWII gives a very simple explaination of how a fascist political party can divide a group of people by splitting them into minorities, then setting the minorities against each other until they are all weakened. Then take a look at the current extreme right and new charasmatic Christian right in this country. You will see them in a new light. I’ll give a few examples.

Rachel Tabachnick states that Mary Glazier, a friend and mentor to Sarah Palin stated the following during a conference in 2008:

“There is a tipping point, at which, at which time, because of the sin of the land, the people then have to be displaced. But while this measure of wickedness is rising, the measure of faith in the church is rising. God is preparing a people to displace the ones whose sin is rising so that then they tip over and the church goes in – one is removed and the church moves in and takes the territory. Now, that does not mean that the people are removed, because God removes them from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light. They are given an opportunity to change allegiances.”

Notice that Glacier is speaking of removing those who don’t subscribe to either her political or religious ideology. She hedges somewhat about what happens to those who are removed, perhaps on some level she realizes how horrifying this sounds. Rachel concludes with the following discussion of elimationism:

Simply stated, the movement teaches that their spiritual warfare directly impacts the natural world. Whether one believes that these prayer warriors actually achieve these results or not, the NAR has reached millions with the message that elimination of certain people, practices, and beliefs will ultimately result in the eradication of the societal problems which plague humanity. The apostles clearly and repeatedly state that their spiritual warfare is not limited to the cosmic world but is about changing the physical world. Additionally, they teach that God is providing direct and extrabiblical instructions to the apostles and prophets of the movement, something that I will discuss at greater length in the next article in this series on the NAR’s brand of “apostolic government of the church.”

Rachel gives these zealots a bit more wiggle room than I would.
I plan to update this post with more examples of calls for eliminating anyone who doesn’t go along with those who are pushing for government implementation of Dominion Theology.

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  1. Oh hello.

    Various reasons–I don't get a response from you, and sense no one's reading. Or at times, I want to change something.

    That said,I agree with you and Rachel re the dangers of Dominionism. Bachmann seems like about the worst of the GOP bunch,though Perry has the Dom. aspects and..IMHE it's not unknown among the LDS (I don't agree with some secularists, or liberals that the LDS is somehow more tolerant or liberal than the usual biblethumpers-in ways, they are worse).


  2. Sometimes I am so busy nowadays that I don't get to post and answer comments as much as I would like. Unfortunately, I have to spend some of my time this week replacing a down hard drive on my computer.


  3. Sorry to hear, AL.

    You're in the AV,right? I could install a hard-drive and clean up system if you need some assistance. You have my email right (on my blog as well).

    Let me just reiterate that I think you do some good work here. Rational citizens don't have to submit to these freaks–whether Bachmannites, the LBC, or any religious extremists.


  4. Thanks for the offer, J. I have worked on computers for over 30 years, both on software and hardware. I have already installed the new hard drive aNd it appears go original just fine. Unfortunately my backup is in a partition format which is incompatible with the new drive. This means I will spend the weekend installing Windows and Ubuntu, then pull my data files, photos, etc from the partition backup.


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  6. When my loved one was overseas and in danger, I woke up to reality; that if he died he was not going to Heaven's Gate, he was going to be dead as door nail, dust to dust. When I spoke out about it, the people I once knew told me to shut up about and spread word that I was crazy. I went to a Doctor and told her, I was scared that my boy may die in battle, and just as scarey was the fact, that I realized there was an evil cult in America.


  7. I have been reading around about NAR, Joel's Army etc. I have noticed an endless stream of ad hominem attacks against those following these movements. I have also noted that the usual suspects about how the world will end are swirled into the fray as well.
    What I don't see is one single detractor, tongue waver, finger pointer even raise the question 'Is it possible America as a nation has sinned before God and therefore deserving of judgment?'. Nope not one. Just years of gossip and slander about those who are tired of churchianity. How interesting.


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