Curiosity, An Excellent First Episode

I’m sitting here finally getting a chance to do some blogging while watching Curiosity, a new show on The Science Channel. This episode is hosted by Steven Hawking pondering if there is a god while surrounded by headlines where he is declared a heretic and he states that god is a fairytale. You can see the faint hint of a smile as he observes the headlines.

The entire episode is devoted to dispelling the god of the gaps argument. I was amazed that there was such a frank and open discussion about the question “Is there a god?” I highly recommend it. I love the conclusion.

I haven’t been blogging much lately or this year. I sincerely hope to change this. There have been developments on my last story about being an atheist in the ultimate foxhole (Cheyenne Mountain), evangelical Christian chaplains and America’s nuclear forces. If you think this is an explosive combination, I will be posting about an even more disturbing story. This story about a few military chaplains will be waiting for others to complete some possible legal actions before I can post anything yet.


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  1. Some overlook that Hawking's mockery of creationism is not only aimed at the biblethumping christians, but at dogmatic jews and muslims as well–anyone who takes the old myths of Genesis seriously . Alas, while perhaps a great scientist Little Steven's not quite as …courageous or witty as Dr Dawkins, IMHE. Dawkins for one has as much fun skewering the absurdities of the Old Testament (including the sky-ghost JHVH)–and muslim atrocities– as he does skewering the New T. Doubt must be…. equal-opportunity.


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