Waiting Anxiously for the Rapture

My favorite scene in Six Feet Under. The earthquake should get the Kiwis any minute now. I will update this post periodically over the next day.

(23:05) Looks like nothing is happening in New Zealand.Wasn’t this where the whole rapture supposed to start? At 6:00PM local time? Here is a handy site to check for earthquakes. I have a few apps on my ipod, but so far not a peep. I feel so sorry for the deluded fools who got sucked in by this rich conman, Harold Camping. Who by the way has approximately $72 million dollars in the bank. A great site for info. Harold Camping’s face bookpage.

(23:40) What about the astronauts on the space station? I don’t think any earthquake is going to get them.
(12:10) l’m going to bed now it’s late. No Rapture yet. Damn, I guess we’re stuck with the Christians now.

(13:03 Saturday the 21st) No rapture yet. Perhaps its only the godly US republican Christians who are going to heaven. We have two hours to go until the East Coast gets hit. So far no unusual earthquake activity yet.

(14:54) Hey a live  streaming rapture party .

(16:05) I was talking to my sister in Louisiana, no rapture there. They were having a party and no sign of earthquakes.

Lucky Friday the 13th

I have always ignored the Friday the 13th superstition. In fact I received some very good news today. A skin biopsy was not melanoma. Whew, what a relief.