Get Ready for the Rapture

I saw this van on my drive home from work today. The van has lately been located at the corner of Avenue H and Division Street in Lancaster, CA. I wonder what the person in the van is going to do on May 22nd. Did the person sell all of their worldly goods and quit their job?


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  1. They are going to be judged on May 22 and I am sure they think they will get to talk to God. I betcha if what they have put on the sign happens, they will be a small puddle of goo.


  2. A wingnut preacher named Harold Camping has proclaimed May 21 as the date–the hick over on Division must have heard the news.

    When Camping's proven wrong on May 22 shouldn't he be held criminally liable, for inciting a nationwide rapture-riot? Or at least 5150'd, along with those who believed him.


  3. Actually, I think they have sold off their worldly goods. If they aren't raptured on May 21, they intend to stick it out as best they can, survivalist-style, through the Tribulation until the Apocalypse, which will happen at some point in October.

    One suspects that, one by one, they'll be forced to drop out of the world view and start looking for jobs in about mid-June.


  4. I wonder what leads a person to totally follow someone like Camping. At what point does reality intrude upon their fantasy? After May 21st comes and goes without a Rapture and the world goes about its business without a Tribulation occurring, what then?


  5. readers of UU are probably familiar with the so-called “Law of the Excluded Middle”–

    Per the LOTEM, either 5/21/11 will be the onset of the Time of Trials and Tribulations, or…. it won't.

    In the highly unlikely event it is the Time of T & T–there's a big partay in Helltown, y'all.

    In the highly likely event it isn't the Time of T & T, then it's time for Camping, his followers, and their ilk to STFU permamently. Like per a “No rapture prophecies” Act—(that also would put a dent in the LDS's plans for..the non-LDS)


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