A Scorching Case of Burning Bush

Looks like someone needs a tube of Vagisil.


3 Replies to “A Scorching Case of Burning Bush”

  1. Given that the “miracles” of the Old Testament –such as Moises and the Burning BUsh—are accepted by fundamentalist xtians, katolix, and ortho- jews, you've probably managed to offend nearly all the religious zealots of the AV with this , Annna. :]

    Muslims don't accept most of the OT, however–stops with like Abe/Ibrahim, whose wifey Hagar–mama of Ishamel– who was acceptable to the Imamocracy. The rest of Abe's wives?? known in technical terms as …skank. Then from like Abe to Moises? 1000 years or so in real history–covered in a few paragraphs of begetting (and..1000 years later..).

    Which is to say, the OT has little or no relation to real history until when Alex the Great hits the stage.


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