Swing Low, Sweet Couple (The Real McCoy Part 3)

Here is more information on the yahoo member lesdeuxparfois, who I have posted about before. Lesdeuxparfois seems to be online account for Army Chaplain LTC William McCoy and his wife. This account has been listed over many, many adult sites. I am covering this story a piece at a time with screen shots of his online accounts. Due to an extremely busy and erratic personal life recently, I am posting the third part of this story rather late.

This story seems to be pushing a few people’s buttons. I have been contacted by email inappropriately by a senior Army officer seeking information. Here’s the kicker, the senior officer was not seeking information about Chaplain McCoy’s alleged behavior, or to have his email forwarded to the person who discovered Chaplain McCoy’s online hobbies. No, he was seeking information that would identify my reader who found Chaplain McCoy online in various sex sites publicly exposing himself. A friend of the dear chaplain perhaps? I of course declined to give any information out about my reader.

I have previously discussed Chaplain McCoy’s statements about unbelievers in an Army unit being the source of unit non productiveness and misfortune. Well, if you are going to throw stones at nonbelievers in the military, then you shouldn’t live in a glass house. A bit cliche but true. Hence the continuation of this story.

Lesdeuxparfois seems to have a fondness for online camera action. Lets check out his groups. Here are more screenshots. I wonder if someone has video of his online sexcapades?

Wow, they really get around. If you google “lesdeuxparfois” you get all sorts of hits on sex sites for a couple ages 57 and 50 years old.

Be all you can be. Huuuyaaahhhh. HehHehHeh.


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  1. Wow–we can hardly compete with laser gyroscopes.

    Wherefore, wherefore be Miss Anna's anti-holiday posts? A hearty PissMass or the BS of Chaunlukkah, etc.

    And are we sure if the bearded dude s McCoy or not? Looks …a bit like T-Rex Parris. With some mystery gal….or is it a gal at all??? Look at those muscled legs. …Hmmmm. Is it possibly…an…AV Press writer.. in a dress??? Miss Wilhemina Wartford, you nasty grrl.

    Merry X-mass Miss Anna L.


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