The Real McCoy?

Recently, a reader of this blog forwarded me quite an interesting email. I’ve spent sometime thinking whether or not I should post this story while I was researching and writing it. It seems that a particular Army chaplain and his wife may have a secret personal life. Apparently, someone found some very, very, sexy photos of US Army Chaplain Lt Col William McCoy online and recognized him as being a chaplain for the 21st TSC in Germany. Chaplain McCoy is an Evangelical Lutheran Chaplain.

LtCol William McCoy (from his Amazon blog)

The base newsletter does not mention Chaplain McCoy after May of 2009. Perhaps he is staying out of the limelight after the little dust up with Gen. Petreaus in September of 2008. This is covered here by Chris Rodda in the Huffington Post here and here. Most of his book is fluffy feel good Christianity, until the end of the book, where he starts hard selling Jesus. The book was advertised to be helpful for all military members, not just Christians. It was endorsed for this purpose by Gen Petraeus.

Someone has a yahoo login and is a member of some interesting yahoo groups.

A screenshot of yahoo account lesdeuxparfois.

The photo appears to be Chaplain Lt Col William McCoy. This person goes by the name lesdeuxparfois on various sex and swinger sites. Check it out yourself using ydetector. His avatar images change every so often. Evangelical Lutheran Chaplain by day, and swinger by night? Personally, I don’t care who sleeps with who. But Chaplain McCoy has stated that those who don’t believe in a God bring misfortune upon their unit mates. He publicly stated the following in his book, Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel :

“Belief in God is a foundational factor. Once you do away with God as a given truth, all other things are immediately affected by that. For instance, once God does not exist you suddenly have no reference to greatness outside of yourself, and no ‘revelation’ outside of yourself. The greatest thing in life suddenly becomes something or someone else, like yourself perhaps. …”

Wow, what arrogance saying that those who don’t believe in a god are somehow not as morally developed as himself. And this is supposed to be in a book for all military members? What about the 21% of military members that don’t have a religious affiliation? Yeah, lets throw them under the bus in order to make the 79% fell better about themselves and give them scapegoats when problems occur. Well, Chaplain McCoy, perhaps you shouldn’t live in a glass house when you throw stones like the following:

“Only my goodness can help me contribute to the betterment of my unit or team. When I realize that sin is an agent, I can more quickly identify my own tendency to corrupt a group and bring havoc to what needs cohesion and team confidence. My sin can also make my agenda more important than my unit’s agenda and thus lead to unit failure.”

Isn’t cavorting around with others wives and partners considered a sin in Christianity? I just had to use the word, cavorting. Isn’t he violating his oaths as a Lutheran Chaplain and military officer (UCMJ anyone?) by stepping out on his wife? Even if she doesn’t care? And didn’t Jesus really dislike hypocrites and liars in the Bible? According to the Chaplain’s logic, his unit must really be quite a failure with this much sinning going on.

At Adult Friend Finder (watch out for malware).

Here is a quote about sinning from the Table of Contents, Chapter 7.

Fight the Real Fight. Sin is irrelevant in today’s world, but it still makes its impression on each of us.

The age old problem of sin is undertaken in a way to enable the reader to understand it without defining sin for each person. Ultimately, there is no list of sins any greater than another list. We all have issues specific issues with regard to our sin both personally and judicially before God. We should realize that sin is normal and is the reason we are entitled to God’s grace so freely. Without sin, we’d be perfect. It is part of our makeup and we must understand it to live better.

So we have to sin in order to get to heaven and to have a better life? Very interesting, a rationalization of why he needs to sin. Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of sin myself. If swinging is okay for him and his wife, it’s okay with me. But don’t get up on your high horse and tell me you are a better person because you have faith in an unproven supernatural deity. You aren’t any better than anyone else.

lesdeuxparfois explains his interests and hobbies at (Click to enlarge images).

I really like his explanation of his interests, a real lounge lizard.

What types of sexual activities turn you on?
Giving Oral Sex, Threesomes, Mutual Masturbation, Voyeurism

Have you ever had cybersex?
I’ve done it so many times that I’ve forgotten how to type with two hands.

A more detailed profile.

Letting it all hang out. Thankfully dear reader, I’ve blurred it out.

The person who sent me the information alleges that Chaplain McCoy has made unwanted advances towards young trusting women in the past. If those who have been hurt by this man are willing to come forward with evidence, then I will certainly have more to write. But for now all I can say is that Chaplain McCoy is a complete hypocrite if he is indeed lesdeuxparfois. I invite the readers of this blog to checkout lesdeuxparfois yourself.

Chaplain McCoy is endorsed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), South Carolina Synod.


The lesdeuxparfois account has now been removed. Looks I struck a nerve. That was quick. Some people have asked if this account was for real. The account info said that the account was started in 2007 and was last accessed a few days before this post was published. I have many more screenshots of the account that I will be posting in the next few days.

For those who are questioning if this is the same person, look at the images of his face. It appears to be the same person. Notice a similar watch in both the clothed images from his Amazon blog and the nude headless photo. The profile information lists similar hobbies and interests. But the most interesting information that a couple of days after I posted this, lesdeuxparfois removed his account. If someone were trying to spoof an account to harm his reputation, why take it down so soon?

Another update:
Some of Chaplain McCoy’s personal websites are being taken down. I have posted more information here.

Another update:
It seems that Chaplain McCoy has been “retired” as of the end of the year (2011). 

Reference Information:

Personal website – (removed)

Radaris personal website

Book Bio on Amazon (removed) or here (removed)

base newsletter

picture in uniform



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  1. Just an FYI about and

    The company (Various, Inc) has a LOT of web sites, from christian & muslim dating to all-out BDSM. Those sites are free of malware. It's fairly tough to navigate as a free member, and of course the information is on the vague side. I'm a VIP member (Nevermind my sinful & lascivious behavior) and might just have to look up his nom de plume sometime & report back if there's anything in the good colonel's profile regarding prayer-circle jerks or other such wholesome activities. 😉


  2. Too fucking funny. I should send this along to Mikey Weinstein at the MRFF (who's up for his 2nd straight, if you'll pardon the phrase, Nobel Peace Prize. Let's hope 2's the charm.).

    This is almost like Jeff Gannon all over again.


  3. This is only par for the course. I spent my entire USAF career working as enlisted support in the chaplaincy and can tell you that this is only the tip of the iceberg. They may talk the talk but few of them walk the walk. And if it appears that they are, they're probably hiding something. The ones that were real about this and didn't try too hard to hide their “fun side” were usually the most effective at helping people but also, unfortunately, the first ones to get kicked out.


  4. Just one more thing, Anna: You're about to get a shitload of hits. I told Mikey Weinstein at the MRFF about this and this is what he had to say when I gave him your link:

    “…..we're on it…..many thx…will advise… ….It seems to be spreading on the net….you were the first to let us know…..we are very grateful…..”

    He's going to link to both of us, to me for alerting him to it and to you for breaking the story to everyone else. Mikey's newsletter has, I'm sure, over 100,000 subscribers.


  5. Thanks jurassicpork. I actually talked with Mikey a couple of weeks ago about this story. He was in the middle of preparing an interview for CNN and didn't have too much time to talk. Since I'm not 100 percent sure this is the same guy since I am not personally one of the people he has messed with, I put the question mark on the title.

    People may ask me about why I am posting this since I don't care about whether or not he is a swinger. But he has stated that nonbelievers are to blame if misfortune falls upon their unit. This is despicable. This person's membership in internet sex groups was reavealed because of his behavior in real life led people to start looking for memberships in internet sex groups.


  6. Interesting article! One technical detail, the way you wrote Lt Col is how the Air Force writes the rank in short form. The way of referring to an Army Lieutenant Colonel is LTC.

    It's really a small detail, but getting the fine things right can be important sometimes. It seems like a nothing difference but it's actually handy for narrowing down which service a person is in, plus getting the abbreviation correct can help you avoid having military personnel discount you for such little yet important details.

    Fun fact, the Marines use LtCol.


  7. Interesting…but where's the Rev's wifey's pics?

    I have no doubt there are swinging military chaplains, but…spoofs of this sort are not unknown either.

    Little-known historical factoid: Madison opposed military chaplains of all sorts–christian/catholic, jewish, muslim, etc (he and his supporters were overruled).


  8. Hi DatBigGuy.Perhaps you can do a search on some of the phrases he has in his lesdeusparfois profile. Now that the account has been removed. People will probably have to find new accounts he will set up.


  9. Hi J. I left wifey out of the article because she is not the one making public statements about how non-believers are the cause of all believer's problems.


  10. I wonder why I can't see full text in your RSS feed, do you allow full articles?
    Let us rejoice if this post actually makes it by the forum admins. There's really no harm here. I'm just drunk 🙂
    There once was a time when I blogged about this stuff like crazy. Not many people came to my blogs.
    Look at me I'm posting comments. Feels good, I hope my ramblings don't get removed by the admins 🙂

    I tried to think but nothing happened!


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