Get Well Hitch

I saw this tribute and get well video to Christopher Hitchens over at The Thinking Atheist. I was sorry to hear that he is being treated for esophageal cancer.

Get well soon Hitch, the world needs your eloquence.


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  1. I don't always agree with Hitchens–at least politically–but do agree he's a witty and entertaining writer, at least as far as 'Merican journalists go (he obtained US citizenship reportedly as well). Hitchens' equal opportunity skepticism also deserves respect: ie it's easy enough to ridicule xtian morons (and they generally deserve it) but taking on muslim fundamentalists and jewish orthodoxy requires a bit more…spine.

    He's shown a certain courage with his battles against cancer as well and refused to give in to the fundies (including his own brother). That said, anyone who smokes regularly and swills Bombay gin for 3 decades or so will probably get cancer or some sort.

    Nice to see you writing again. AV needs some intelligent …non-believers


  2. YW.

    The AV yokel paper could use some intelligent, freethinking writer-editors such as yourself, Anna–AV Press Editor-in-chief Anna Lemma!. With scientific expertise as well.

    Currently it's controlled by various fundamentalists, including that sentimental altar boy Wartford and Sarge Dennis Dunderson, who sort of code switches between wannabe-biker and palsie of LBC and baptist butt-boy Parris. And fatboy Brian Goldie holding down the mafia-sports angle (rumors are about the AVP boys….well…we'll keep it PG rated). 🙂

    And note the numerous religious zealots (not only xtian, really) who appear in the op-ed section. Gerald Vick's sort of the town's official Falwell rabble rouser– then Audie Baptist whatever, and the Tom Lackey LDS-zombie club–the people we can thank for all the snitch-cams on streetlights around the AV. Did you just buy a six-pack–busted! The mormons are comin' too, Anna.

    With your military connections–heck, YOU could be Mayor.

    scuzi rant


  3. Well,I don't think I would be a good politician, also I live a few miles outside of Lancaster. A few weeks ago, Dave Dionne from AV Freethinkers wrote a very nice letter which actually got printed in the AV Press. He rebutted a few of the local fundies who were spouting off about atheists in the letters section.


  4. Fans of the Underground Unbeliever may have noted that Bob Yappi's nearly a daily feature of the AV Press letters page now. Yappi puts on a phony patriot act at times–as does his crony, fellow Bush-Cheney supporter, and AVP Ad salesman-in-chief Dennis Dunderson–but make no mistake, free thinkers: Yappi's an extreme fundamentalist and biblethumper, nearly a Koresh-type of psycho, not to say a piss-poor writer.

    The local fundies like Yappi and LBC and LDS appear to be a bit worried about the upcoming elections–with no good chances for the right-wing the biblethumpers might be in for some trouble.


    (miss yr witty posts, Miss Anna)


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