Lancaster Candidates on the Prayer Initiative

The Antelope Valley Press March 29th edition discussed the mayoral candidate’s views on the Prayer Measure that will be decided on the April 13 election. Here are the candidate’s views:

Q: How do you plan to vote on the “Prayer Initiative” (officially known as Measure I) allowing clergy to chose whether or not to mention Jesus Christ in their invocations before council meetings?

GENE GAYNOR: I have no problem since the measure allows for any clergy to offer themselves for the initial prayer.

But what are the odds that a god other that Abraham’s god would be allowed? After all, this is the town where sheriff’s deputies openly supported people who harassed a Pagan store that tried to open several years ago.

ARNOLD RODIO: I strongly support a person’s right to pray as they see fit. However, the City attorney has stated in a City council meeting that the current policy is illegal. I believe that this could have been resolved without the political posturing.

Parris’s opponent doesn’t seem to say much here.

R. REX PARRIS: As most people know by now, I not only plan on voting yes, I have campaigned for passage of this initiative and consider it critical that our community overwhelmingly show that we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The question as phrased above, is inaccurate. The initiative actually protects prayer to any deity, including Jesus Christ, as dictated by the prayer giver’s faith. The threat delivered to the city by the Americal Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) specifically sought to exclude any mention of Jesus Christ in prayer, hence the actual wording of the initiative.

And again, what are the odds that other gods would be allowed? This is the mayor who only asks evangelical Christian ministers to pray at city council meetings. And put the tab for the Christian state of the city address on the city’s tab. When this was found out, he quickly paid for it himself.

DAVID TALBOT: No city ballot initiative can overturn the Constitution of the United States, so it doesn’t matter how anyone votes, only that we will be sued with no insurance to cover the cost for sure if it passes and likely anyway if it doesn’t.

I certainly agree with this candidate.

LYLE TALBOT: “I” don’t attend religious services, so I’ll leave it to those who do.

I suppose he could be one of us, but wouldn’t he have to sit though some Jesus meetings himself?


5 Replies to “Lancaster Candidates on the Prayer Initiative”

  1. The biblethumping zombies of the AV win again. So much for the First Amendment. I'm not a big fan of the ACLU, but hopefully someone will be taking the Measure 1 to court (and maybe RexCo as well).

    Nice to locate your site (Contingencies–AV agnostics, Inc). I'm not a big fan of Hitchens either, but perhaps we should put a call into Hitch, or one of his pals….




  2. Yeah, I hope the ACLU sues. Because you know that Measure I is all about the Jesus, not any other deity. Some one who lives in Lancaster ought to offer to pray to some obscure deity at one of the city meetings. It would be hilarious to see the reasons they would use to deny the request. Then the ACLU could show that the city is using an unconstitutional religious test for speakers at the city meetings.


  3. Maybe greek deities? Norse? Egyptian.

    In the name of Osiris, merciful judge of the Underworld, he who makes vegetation to …sprout, who doth bestow upon us rains and fertile floods, we hereby convene this meetin' of the Landcancer CC. We are now in session.



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