Lancaster’s Would-Be King

Lancaster is a moderately sized city located north of Los Angeles, CA. Lancaster has been recently in the news due to remarks made by its mayor, Rex Parris. Parris told a gathering of Christian ministers that he was transforming Lancaster into a “Christian community”. Parris has been in the news a lot recently, especially with how he handled having to apologize publicly about the “Christian community” comments. Of course this is conveniently in time for the April 13th city elections.

On February 9th, the Antelope Valley Press ran with a large headline, “Mayor Parris: I Sincerely Apologize”. Parris then made a complete spectacle of himself by having a press conference and inviting all of the local religious leaders (but of course no nonreligious persons or groups were invited) and the press. According to the AV Press:

Mayor R. Rex Parris issued an unequivocal apology to groups of any faith and all faiths who he said might have felt excluded by his remarks 12 days earlier to Christian ministers about “growing a Christian community.”

“It was a week and a half ago that I spoke to the Christian ministerial association and said that I wanted to grow a Christian community”, he said during a city hall news conference. “But in talking to my friends of 30 years, it was clear that a lot of people felt excluded.”

I don’t know the mayor and his “friends” personally, but if he were friends with a lot of non-Christians for a lot of years, wouldn’t he be a little more sensitive and try not to push Christian supremacy and privilege so much?

The Antelope Valley Human Rights task Force voted unanimously Monday night to send strong letters of condemnation to Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris and Councilwoman Sherry Marquez over their recent comments about the Christian and Muslim religions.

According to the same article, Rex Parris did not attend this meeting, perhaps because the people who attended were not so willing to climb so far up his ass?

There was a very interesting article in the March 15th AV Press, “Not-so-secret contractor exits sky-spy project”. According to the paper, L-3 Communications was developing the sensors for the Sky Sentinel project. This project would have an unmanned aircraft flying over Lancaster, observing everything in sight. L-3 Communications routinely conduct business with secret contracts. While this may be required for secret US government 3 letter agencies, it’s hardly appropriate for a California city to do so in violation of California law.

L-3 abruptly pulled out of Lancaster’s Sky Sentinel project, probably because their lawyer advised them to do so to avoid being in violation of California state law. And this raises the questions, “Why does Lancaster need sophisticated, highly classified sensors for routine police business? Who does Rex Parris want to watch?

The saga continues here.


2 Replies to “Lancaster’s Would-Be King”

  1. The AV's own PT Barnum, T-Rex has little interest in the real teachings of the New Testament, except as they serve to advance his political and business interests: Baptists, Inc.

    Parris wasn't a xtian until it became profitable, like sometime during the 90s (before that time, he did better with…cartels, along with his crony Vissco and other AV developer mafiosi).

    The Runtners, the real AV theocrats– probably ordered Rex (and his partner in crime Carol) to join the baptist fold, or else. The Preacher-in-Chief Chappell also probably issuing commands, inspired by the Book of Revelation, fundie code-book. Blood Red Heifer, y'all!



  2. Hi J, glad to have you as a reader of the blog. Yes, I agree Rex is probably not much of a true-blue believer. His ads for re-election come across like someone who is trying to speak the language of fundamentalist Christianity, but there is something not quite authentic about them.


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