Beck: Liar, Lunatic, or Oh Lordy

Wow! That is all I can say. Well, not really, since I’m posting about the guy. Glenn Beck has really gone off the deep end with his latest rant. He has passed the last stop on the way to Crazytown. I thought I was watching Pat Robertson on the 700 Club for a minute. But for all of his ranting, Beck seems to know very little of the Christianity he professes. In an earlier show, he made some crack about “swords into plowshares” being a “commie plot”. It very telling that he is unfamiliar with one of the most famous images from the New Testament.

He cries about how we should follow the ten commandments, lamenting that they have been removed from a park. He then follows this with the standard right-wing fundamentalist claim that no one can pray in school. Children can pray in public school as long as they are not causing a scene or disrupting class. But teachers and other government employees cannot coerce children to pray. He is breaking one of the very commandments he wants others to follow. What about the ninth commandment? The one about not bearing false witness? Oh, I see. Do what I say and not what I do. He can cherry pick his Christian commandments, but others must obey them all.

Glenn Beck follows an all too familiar format, a former drunk, now drunk on Jesus. He talks about an empty void inside everyone that must be filled with his god. He has traded an addiction to alcohol and drugs with an addiction to religion. His void was formerly filled with alcohol and drugs and is now filled with Jesus and an authoritarian church structure. He projects his own feelings of worthlessness and moral weakness on everyone else. Sorry, Mr.Beck, but I have a happy and productive life, filled with family. I don’t have an empty void waiting to be filled. I also don’t need an authoritarian structure to give my life purpose and morality.

Beck rants on and on about how “the godless” are corrupting American society and are responsible for all its social ills. Replace the “the godless” with “the Jews” and anyone can see exactly where he is going. I won’t be surprised if one day he appears wearing a brown shirt on his show.


I thought of this scene in V for Vendetta when I heard Glen Beck. Friendly Atheist also has it posted as well.


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  1. “Put your faith in the government, not in god”

    Sounds good to me, at least then when it hits the fan, we know how to find the government.


  2. I would suggest you always say “The godless/satanless.”

    OH and another thingy, don't give all we former drunks a bad name…..looky what moi did while real sober like, really.

    Really, walk into the local Catholic HQ and announce 'There is no Jesus' – you'll get smiles – BUT announce 'There is no Satan' and the reaction is markedly different.

    You have a great blog.

    Stay on groovin' safari,


  3. Thanks Tor. My father has had his own struggles with alcohol and in the the process of getting off of it he starting getting religion. For a while at least, but he seems to have outgrown that phase as he has over come many of his previous addictive behaviors.

    It seems some people need to cling to something to get them through life. When they find inner strength,it seems the need to cling becomes less. I think that Glenn Beck is a very insecure man who went from one addiction to another. He really hasn't left the addictive behavior.

    A job well done Tor. Any type of addiction is very hard to overcome. I used to smoke and every so often I still get urges for a cigarette.


  4. Beck doesn't practice anything that Jesus lived. I am a Christian but I do not believe in organized religion. I hav my own relationship with Jesus. Organized religion only wants to control you. And, anyone who takes their personal religion seriously knows that the Bible was interpreted very badly, a lot of information was left out and bad information was put in place. Not one of these people on the religous right have a clue to what Jesus was about. In fact, they do everything the opposite.
    I am a huge supporter of seperation of church and state. I do not understand why the churches are not taxed as they should be. I haven't seen one that doesn't mix religion with politics or ideaolgy. Beck needs to learn another one of God's commandments; go alone to pray. Do not advertise your religous views.
    Beck is a dry drunk who needs a freakin drink or drug. He was probably more sane when he got high. And that's not saying too much. He really needs to go in-patient. Freud would have so much fun with Beck and the whacked out right wing nutters.


  5. Mary, thanks for the comments. But I have one question: How can you have a “relationship” with something for which there is no physical evidence? I have relationships with other people and my pets. I can interact with them with an receive affection and feedback. How can you do this with some sort of supernatural entity?


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