One Step out of the Textbook

I just don’t understand the Texas Board of Education. They want to remove the name of Neil Armstrong as one of the first astronauts on the moon from Texas textbooks. After all of the crazy antics they have pulled trying to remove evolution in the curriculum, one would think that the ridicule that has been directed their way would at least generate some self reflection amongst the board members. But no, the crazier the better.

“What I think is happening here is there’s too much politics and not enough kids. There’s too much ideology and not enough education,” said Kathy Miller of the Texas Freedom Network.

On day one of hearings in Austin, disagreements flare over the importance that should be given to civil rights leaders including Cesar Chavez and Thurgood Marshall.

On the other side some members are looking at adding mentions of people like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh to the curriculum.

“I want these board members to talk to professors at Texas colleges and universities and ask them, what my daughters need to know when they graduate from high school,” said Miller.

Well now we know who the Texas BOE regards as heroes. Neil Armstrong just isn’t up to Texas BOE standards. After all, Armstrong wasn’t arrested with illegal Viagra in the Dominican Republic, a country known for its child sex tourism. Neil Armstrong only walked on the moon, no big deal.


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  1. Especially silly considering that historically Texas has voted for a Democrat President more than twice the number of times they voted Republican! Maybe in 50 years they'll switch back again and want Rush removed.


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