Fault Lines – Religion in the Military

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The Army company staff meeting was really creepy. When I was in the Air Force in the 1980s and 1990s nothing like this would happen at a squadron meeting. This looks like a church revival service. The chaplain probably only gave people permission to leave because the camera crew were there. She only gave permission to leave after the incredibly creepy prayer service. Why couldn’t the prayer service be optional and before or after the staff meeting?

When I attended squadron staff meetings, there was only very rarely any kind of prayer. The few times I encountered some sort of prayer, it was very short and only acknowledged some sort of vague deity. I would use the time look around to see who else was a godless heathen like myself. We would exchange knowing smirks. It was always the same people. HehHehHeh.

Look closely at the crowd in the video. Very few (brave people there) took up her offer to leave. But look closely at the crowd. Even though there are quite a few people praying, waving their arms around, it is not a majority by any means. Also there are quite a few soldiers looking not too happy about being a captive audience for this chaplain.


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