Why is This Man Still a Chaplain?

This article by Bruce Wilson has me speechless. It looks like Chaplain Linzey has been a busy boy over the last few years with some very bizarre radio and video interviews. Here are a few excerpts from an interview on April 10, 2005.

Linzey : I want Americans, I want everybody listening, to go out and buy 5 weapons and 5,000 bullets – for your own protection, for self defense. Because I believe that foreign soldiers will come to our houses, to rape our wives and teenage daughters and kill the men right in front of them – and then the women will bear children of an ethnic stock different from what they are, and that’s how you alter the course of any society; you change the ethnic stock. Egypt today is not the same ethnic stock it was during the Moses days.”

host : “There’s a article here, it says Arizona National Guard… plans more aggressive border action… down here at the end [of the article] he says `when the Minuteman thing is over, if it doesn’t work, we’re going to come out here and close down the border with machine guns.’ Now, that’s not the right attitude, is it ?

Linzey : I believe it is. This is a matter of national security, because if we don’t, what `s the outcome ? – Our wives and teenage daughters are going to be raped, our men will be shot in their homes by these aliens who are put up by the Chinese soldiers who do this. There are 5-10 thousand Chinese soldiers in Mexico right now, training Mexicans to do this very thing.

36:30 : “I’ve heard of a plot by communists to get 5 million aliens coming up from Mexico, not that they’re all Mexicans, to invade America and to each kill 5 Americans – then you have an instant Holocaust.”

Wow. How can anyone believe this shit? Obviously there’s no critical thinking going on here. How the hell can 5-10,000 Chinese soldiers be in Mexico without anyone noticing? Training people to rape? WTF? Rape classes for millions of Mexican men? And no one has noticed?

US military forces number about 2 million. It takes trillions of dollars and large facilities to support this number of people. And these people think that Mexico is training 5 million of their male citizens to come over here and rape people. What are these nutcases smoking? Also notice the inherent racism in Maj. Linzey’s statements. What is his fascination with foreign men raping female citizens? Why would that destroy the United States? Of course he is implying the rape of white women by dark skinned invaders.

And here is an excerpt from March 12, 2005.

Linzey: I was the command chaplain for the largest mobilization mission in the Continental United States for Operation Iraqi Freedom, the number one chaplain and what we did, you know, maybe some people don’t understand our roles as chaplains, but we are missionaries to the military. And I served as an advisor to commanding generals on spiritual and personal needs of soldiers, marines, airman and sailors and advisor on ethics, religion, and morals. I personally shook hands for thousands of soldiers boarding the planes to go over and coming back, and prayed over their units and spoke to them while they were in their formations, spoke to their relatives in the assembly area at Fort Bliss, where Jessica lynch came back and the news media covered her at the same facility where we were.

Read the highlighted part again. Maj. Linzey states “but we are missionaries to the military.” He is absolutely wrong. A military chaplain is not a missionary to the military. Military personnel are not his personal mission field. He cannot try to convert military members as a chaplain. His job is to support military people in the beliefs they hold. And what exactly is he trying to convert military members to? Christian Identity? Christian Patriot movement?

I have one question left “Why is this man still a chaplain in the US Army?”