Holy Crusades, Batman

GQ Magazine aired an article a few weeks ago entitled, And He Shall be Judged, about how Donald Rumsfeld manipulated George W. Bush and some of his White House staff by playing on their religious wants and desires about the Iraq War. Religious imagery and quotations were used on the slides for the intelligence briefings given to the president in the early days of the Iraq War.

Why was this done? And why would senior military and intelligence officials go along with this? Couldn’t they see what would happen if this should get out? It appears that quite a few of these senior officers and government officials sympathized with the religious sentiments expressed in the slides. That is not surprising considering the Christian Embassy scandal at the Pentagon and the reports of all types of religious meetings and proselytizing happening at the Pentagon. Senior Pentagon officers also seemed to be as credulous as former Pres. Bush when it came to being manipulated by Donald Rumsfeld.