Don’t Nonbelievers Bleed Just as Red?

Cardinal Murphy-O’Conner opens his mouth and the stupid just comes out. We’re not “totally human” according to him.

Cardinal Murphy-O’Conner’s own words:

“…there is, in fact, in my view, something not totally human if they (atheists) leave out the transcendent. If they leave out an aspect of what I believe everyone is made for, which is a search for transcendent meaning, we call it God, if you’re saying that has no place, then I feel that it’s a diminishment (sic) of what is being human…I think that if you leave that out then you are not fully human.”

And exactly what does he think we are? According to this arrogant windbag, we are less than human because we don’t blindly accept a supernatural god without evidence. Transcendence does not only mean a belief in a god. The word has many meanings, one of which means a sense of awe or wonder at the world around us, another is that flash of insight where we feel at one with our surroundings. But because our thoughts and words are different than his, and because we don’t submit to his church authority, how dare we expect to be seen as “fully human”. Yes, how dare we have the audacity to even exist and have happy productive lives.

But you know what he really wants. And yes, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

I wonder what comes next. The Catholics that think just like him join with the NAR fundies and in addition to thinking us less than human, they also confiscate our belongings and kill us? Hmmm, this is starting to sound awfully familiar.


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