Bizarre Booklet in the Mail

Earlier this week I received a strange little booklet in the mail called On the Edge of Time. It is a small, glossy 120 page booklet filled with incomprehensible biblical gibberish. The booklet is produced by Project: Steps to Christ, Inc. Apparently, their goal is to to send this bizarre little booklet to every household in the United States. According to their website:

PROJECT: Steps to Christ is an evangelism program designed to assist you and/or your church in taking the Three Angels’ Messages to every home in your city or ZIP code through the bulk saturation mailing of our “Mailbox Missionaries,” The Path to Peace (Steps to Christ), or On The Edge Of Time (an abridged version of The Great Controversy). These mailings provide an easy, affordable, and effective way for you to sow the gospel seed and find spiritual interests in your community.

The mailing label matches the same one from the mailings I described earlier that I get every so often. Last year our housing association had a potluck and an obnoxious neighbor got up and delivered a very obnoxious Christian sectarian prayer, assuming that everyone was an evangelical Christian like he was. I refused to bow my head and a neighbor lady kept following me around talking about her church. Shortly afterwords, I started receiving proselytizing materials from their church. Materials which quickly find their way to the circular file after I’ve had a good laugh at the craziness. I wonder what they would say if they knew their religious tracts and booklets were fodder for my amusement and for this blog. Heh Heh Heh.

According to their website, Steps in Christ has mailed more than one million copies of this booklet in California. Why? I would think that the Christian message is not exactly new news at this point in history, especially here in the United States. Another mass mailing for Christ, yeehaw.

Here is an example of the biblical gibberish in this mostly unintelligible book:

But the beast with lamb-like horns was seen “coming out of the earth”. Instead of overthrowing other powers to establish itself, the nation thus represented must arise in territory previously unoccupied and grow up gradually and peacefully…

They go on for a whole section about the beast with “lamb-like horns”. WTF? The whole book is like this. With writing like this, the only people they will reach are those who speak cult speak. Apparently, the book is about the biblical end-times, if I’m translating correctly from Rapture-speak to English. There is enough conspiracy-mongering in it to do the John Birch Society proud. Another section of the booklet proclaims that anyone who does not believe and act just like them is being manipulated by guess who? Satan, that’s who. So, the message I get from all of this is, that since I’m not just like them, I’m some sort of Satanic minion and part of Satan’s plan for world domination. Gee thanks, assholes. And they say I’m arrogant.


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  1. Ok “anna” first off no-one really cares about what you think so just shut the fuck up, i cant believe i wasted my time reading your shit post

    now about that booklet you got in the mail… what are you fucking retarded!!!??????? those people deliver that book to spread the message, if you spread the message on your shitty fuckin website that means you are one of them



  2. Wow. Wrong time of the month princess? If you felt you were wasting time reading this post, then why did you waste even more time commenting on it?

    You must be some sort of blog newbie if you are completely unable to understand posting referenced text in order to mock it.

    Get over yourself, I can post whatever the hell I want to on my own blog. If you want to control what is on a blog, then start one up yourself.


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