Fundamentalist Christian "Chaplain" Exposed as a Fraud

So, dear reader, which one of these officers is the real soldier and which is the fake soldier? You can’t easily tell unless you look very closely at their uniforms. The man on the right is First Sergeant Rivera of the Los Angeles MEPS, and the wannabe “Major” on the left is Tim Sherman of the In PURSUIT Ministries. He has never been in the military, much less obtained an officer rank. Holy shit! Why isn’t this asshole in jail where he belongs? It’s a federal crime to impersonate a military officer.

The above is one of the stories contained in MRFF’s March newsletter. They should call this the March Madness edition. There was an earlier story about the fake chaplains by MRFF in June 2008. I covered it here as well as asking for photographs to be sent in if anyone had them. No need for this, the assholes posted one of themselves violating Title 10 of the US Code. I’m not surprised this is in the news again. These fuckers don’t quit until they are slapped down hard.

From the article:

The Gideons weren’t the only non-federal entity using the MEPS as a forum to proselytize. Back in June, MRFF exposed another, far more problematic organization operating at these facilities — a civilian ministry with the very military sounding name of United States Operational Support Command (USOSC). USOSC evangelists were not only given access to the MEPS, but were wearing military uniforms so close in appearance to U.S. Army uniforms that the new recruits, completely unfamiliar with military uniforms and insignia, would never guess that they weren’t real military officers.

Apparently, in addition to seeing no problem at all with the proselytizing of recruits by these officer impersonators, the MEPS commanders and Inspector General, who not only sanctioned, but praised, the USOSC were completely oblivious to the fact that Title 10 of the U.S. Code strictly prohibits any person who isn’t a member of the armed forces from wearing “the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform, of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps” or “a uniform any part of which is similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.”

The original article from June about MRFF’s investigation can be found at:

As you can tell, I’m extremely pissed at all of this. In fact it took me over an hour to calm down enough to write this, so you will have to excuse the obscenities in this post. As I said earlier:

And even scarier, members of this ministry are putting on military uniforms and giving themselves superior officer rank that they did not even earn. This is not only illegal, IT’S A FEDERAL CRIME.

What part of this do they not understand? It looks like another case of right-wing religious kooks pretending they have qualifications they did not earn. Just like fake college degrees in the Homeland Security Dept. It’s bad enough that some of the non-denominational or Pentecostal chaplains have very little or no college education. Now we have wannabe chaplains who don’t even even want to get accreditation and sponsorship of a religious organization, even one with little or no educational requirements.

Who the hell is even checking up on these people? What is wrong with the current military leadership these days? So anyone calling themselves Christian can do anything they want to young recruits these days? Is this the start of right-wing Christians just putting on military officer uniforms and waltzing in and taking command? WTF?

I worked very hard for my rank as an officer in the US Air Force. I graduated with a degree in Applied Math and passed Officer Training School. I made all of my promotions and held the rank of Captain when I left the service. I worked my ass off and earned a regular commission as a First Lieutenant instead of having to wait until the rank of Major. I’m extremely pissed that these assholes think that all they have to do is simply put on the uniform, walk in and get treated like an officer.

So these wannabe posers with military uniform fetishes show up and get treated as actual military officers. What has happened to pride in the uniform? So, anyone who gets a hard-on at the thought of putting on a military uniform with officer rank can now waltz in and start commanding enlisted service members on a whim? I guess they can, if they are “Christian” enough.


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  1. I think that these people will do what they have before. They will take down or redo their websites, rename their organization, then start up all over again when no one is watching them.I don’t know why they think lying for Jesus would work. If you need to deceive someone to get them to join your organization, then the organization is not worth joining. What happens when the lie is discovered? Perhaps this is why these fundamentalist organizations only keep about 3-7% of converts overtime.


  2. One question, & one question only… Aren't they all frauds for preaching the unbelieveable, untruthful shit they preach about Geebus, to begin with? The mystery of the “Virgin Birth?” Ha!The only mystery is…. who was f–king Mary when she got knocked up? And all the rest of krixstianty builds on the Original LIE…!


  3. First and foremost, my condolences to those who, (like myself), served as an authentic “military officer.” It wouldn't be the first time that we chaplains have undergone impersonators, then, we end up suffering in the long run of things because others look down on us, believing we are all at fault for one bad seed. (I entered the US Army right out of seminary when I was 24. Holding a graduate degree, being commissioned as a First Lieutenant and working hard everyday, and serving not only God, but those who serve others can and is difficult work). Unfortunately, it isn't the first time chaplains have been impersonated. I just hope issues like these don't disrupt the real officers from receiving the real promotions.

    What I find truly amaing, is that during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, there were actually a few NCOs who took on the rank of officers to impersonate not only chaplains, but medical officers and JAG officers as well. I even learned where a lieut. colonel demoted himself “unofficially” to captain just to serve as a JAG officer. Strange what people will do.


  4. Hi Rev

    You guys need to speak out about this and try and stop these Christian chaplain posers. We non-Christians have little say in the matter. We're mostly ignored.

    I would think that Christians like yourself would be highly motivated to stop this type of behavior. This behavior makes all Christian Chaplains look bad.

    But perhaps this works for us because every time some jerk claims he is “more morally developed” than us filthy unbelievers, more people are pushed away from religion altogether.


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