A Blast From the Past

In the process of removing spam from my blog, I came across some old and bitter comments from our old friend, JW Horne, in comments from this post and in this post. JW Horne setup a series of failed blogs as replies to the Keiffe & Son’s obnoxious advertising last year. Someone by the name of JW Horne showed up here claiming to be the person who did the ad. He set up and deleted a series of blogs, showed himself to be a total ass in both posts at his temporary blogs and in comments here. His words were angry and filled with empty threats.

In the process of cleaning up my blog I had planned to take down the link to the ad, but I think I’ll leave it up for sometime, perhaps move it to the bottom of the page eventually.

If it is JW Horne who is still doing the ads, from what I hear on the radio, he is no longer doing those obnoxious Christian supremacist ads. It appears the posts and the wonderful people who emailed and called Keiffe & Sons had an effect. Take a look at his current blog, Sit Down and Shut Up, there are no posts, comments, or friends listed. It’s merely just a reply to my posting about his ad. How sad, with a blog set up he doesn’t have anything to say.


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  1. I just recently received my favorite spam of all time: “Your tool can be as big as your stool.” I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! 🙂


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