FBI Report on Hate Groups in the Military

In July of 2008, the FBI released a report entitled (U) White Supremacist Recruitment of Military Personnel Since 9/11 describing the activities of hate group members in the United States military services. This post is a continuation of this previous post.

Some choice bits from Page 7:

• Two Army privates in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, received six year prison sentences for attempting to sell stolen government property in mid-2007 to an undercover FBI agent they believed was involved with the white supremacist movement. The property included ballistic vests with plates, a combat helmet, and the controlled substances morphine sulfate and Diazepam.

• In May 2003 the US Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) advised the FBI of six active duty soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas, with possible AN affiliations. One of the six, who has unconfirmed service in Iraq, sought to recruit members from within the Army and served as the AN’s point-of-contact in Kansas.

• In mid-2000 and leading into the early 2001 assessment period, Army CID and FBI sources of unspecified credibility reported on the recruiting of individuals stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, by an AN Tennessee leader who also sought information about troop deployments, unit sizes, and military missions. The subject also expressed interest in setting up a training camp for instruction in assault, infantry, camouflage, reconnaissance, and building bunkers. Although the FBI assessed the subject successfully recruited soldiers from Ft. Campbell into the AN, his arrest on felony firearms charges in December 2000 and sentencing to two years probation in April 2003 effectively disrupted his leadership and training activities.

From Page 8:

• According to reliable information, an incarcerated former member of Volksfront and the Confederate Hammerskins attempted to submit an article to the NA’s Resistance magazine in December 2006. In the unpublished article, the author, who claims having received counterterrorism training in the Navy, urges Aryans to pursue “a long war of attrition” against the “Zionist” US Government similar to the strategies of insurgents in Iraq and Northern Ireland. This would include “sporadic bombing campaigns” against the public and “executing prominent officials.”

• According to reliable and corroborated source reporting, in 2006 the leader of the Celtic Knights—a now defunct Hammerskin splinter group in central Texas—planned to obtain firearms and explosives from an active duty Army soldier based at Fort Hood, Texas, and to use the soldier in attacks against methamphetamine labs in the Austin area. The soldier, who served in Iraq during 2006 and 2007, concurrently held membership in the NA and probationary membership in the Celtic Knights. The soldier is going through proceedings for military discharge.

• In November 2005 a federal court convicted a former Army intelligence analyst on a weapons violation for having assisted a convicted felon in purchasing a firearm. Military police at Fort Bragg discovered white supremacist materials and several weapons hidden behind ceiling tiles in the subject’s quarters. The subject was formerly associated with the NA but founded a Spokane-based skinhead group after leaving the Army—a group for which the subject reportedly advocated pursuing tactical training in firearms, knives, close-quarters fighting, and “house sweeps” for general readiness and possible use in robbing drug houses.

Looks like these members are doing much more than only advocating for their racism and white supremacism, as was discussed in the previous post.

The above figure shows where military trained supremacists end up in some of these hate groups. It looks like skinheads and neo-Nazis end up with the most military trained members. Scary.