Snowstorm Here in Antelope Valley

It’s sure nice to be back home after two weeks of visiting family in Louisiana. We headed out on Friday, the 19th of December, for a 3 day drive from Southern California to Southwest Louisiana. We were just getting over a rare snowstorm here in the Antelope Valley.

We received up to a foot of snow in the area on Dec 17th. Here is a video on YouTube of some nearby kids having fun in the snow. Rare here in the high desert.

The drive was long but uneventful.We arrived on the 22nd after an overnight stay at my mother’s in Houston. She has a tree down on her backyard due to Hurricane Ike. The city has yet to deal with it. It was good seeing my Mom again. She flew out to visit us in November.

The next day we arrived in Louisiana, where we would stay at my Mother-in-Law’s house for two weeks. It was good to be back in Lousiana to visit family and friends again. Time went by much too quickly. I saw several interesting scenes while on vacation and will write about them.


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