Is It A Baptist Church or a Driving School?

One of the more unusual sights I encountered on my vacation was the Parkview Baptist Church in Sulphur, Louisiana. The image is located at their website. I can tell this is the same place because the sign and building appear the same as the church I drove past several times and the prefix for their phone number is 527 which is one of the prefixes of the Sulphur area. Are they a church or are they a driving school? Do they get tax exemptions for the profits generated by the driving school? They can be contacted here.

Sulphur is an old mining town, previously mining for sulphur and salt. Now Sulphur is home to many petrochemical plants.

So to get more information I decided to take a look on the web. Holy craptastic religious driving school! It’s a state-wide business or is it? The map on their web site is a little ambiguous or perhaps ambitious. Are the red dots locations they have driving schools at, or is it merely wishful thinking? A casual search on Google reveals there is a Parkview Baptist Church in the marked cities, but no mention of a driving school at any except the Sulphur location.

Check it out:

And what’s really hilarious about the poorly designed and mostly empty website is this page.I clicked on the Parkview Baptist School link and it’s empty. Are they trying to hide the church link? I drove past the building several times during my stay and observed a church as well as a church school. I thought that Christians, especially Baptists, just love to talk about “The Lord” every opportunity they can get. Well, perhaps “The Lord” will keep their aspiring drivers safe, or perhaps not. Just bizarre, as is the large “Thank You Jesus” sign located on Highway 90 on the west side of town.


13 Replies to “Is It A Baptist Church or a Driving School?”

  1. Parkview is a driving school, a baptist church, and a regular school as well (though, it’s sort of laughable in the sulphur area. Most of the people who go to Parkview got expelled from school, want to graduate “early” (which means, you pay tuition and you pass). The way it works actually, is that you pick up books and assignments once a week or so and do them on your own time – I’ve never known a parkview graduate to go to college or anything). I guess, growing upin the area, I never really thought it was weird, but it is rather odd. I went to their driving school simply because it was faster than an 8 week program even though you sit in class for 12 hours a day for two weekends.


  2. Well I from this area. Me and my 3 children not only graduated from Parkview Christian School in Sulphur, Louisiana, but my children also went to the driving school. I thank God for the school because one of my daughter's was an elite gymnast who traveled across the united states quite frequently, and my other daughter was a film student in costa mesa california. I do like the curriculum that is used. Most people that have never been to Parkview Christian School seem to be quite ignorant of this institution that we call a private homeschool facility that help many persons in our area. Me for one, is a graduate of McNeese State University in the field of Psychology with a B.A. Degree. I have met many students who progressed to elite colleges and universities not to mention Parkview has quite a few to date professional athletes as well as other talented individuals. Students acquire work from the homeschool guides and it is up to the parent to supervise their children at home. The Abeka curriculum is Christ centered and Parkview does offer day school (homework lab, that allows a tutor to guide the student through any work he or she may have problems with. Yes, the facility has Parkview Baptist Church, Parkview Christian School, and Parkview Driving School. Sermons are preached at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and at 6:00 p.m. on Sundays. The Pastor is also the Principal of the School, and his wife is the Director of the Driving School. The Pastor offers his services to the Church free of charge and has been that way from day one of his ministry. Another important issue for me is that my three children were led to Christ by the Pastor, Bro, Randall Chesson. So, there is not a day that goes by I do not thank God for all he has done for me and my children, especially considering the fact that I am a single Mother. The school also from time to time, offers scholarships of different types for students. I hope I have answered your questions. It is an institution that is highly regarded and greatly blessed!


  3. How bout you get out our vehicle you lazy fat b***** and check it you dumb ass instead of driving by you fucking twit its a church,school, and driving school how FUCKING DUMB ARE YOU!


  4. My daughter just recently graduated from Parkview. Here is my story. Not only is the diploma not recognized by La., but the school is on a top 20 fraud listing for being a “diploma mill” not only can she not get into college in La, she can't get into college in Tx either. I just got off the phone with the the La state board of education and there have been numerous complaints against this school and now they will hopefully open an investigation into this school. My daughter is devistated by this news. We did not go there because she got expelled or that she had behavior issues. She had health issues that prevented her from being able to attend regular school. I wil do everything in my power to shut this school down because they are defrauding hundereds of people every year saying they are accredited and that the diploma is recognized. It isn't worth the paper its written on.


  5. I also went to that school the program was offered through Allen correctional center went there got my book did my work:: got my diploma went to enroll n lsue wasn't accepted the diploma was fake I'm very pissed dont go to this school


  6. My daughter has gone to Parkview since she was in the 2nd grade. My had been in the Calcasieu parish school board system. The school board system failed my child and their have been many children that they have let down. CPSB offerd me no alternatives, so I sought out my own. Parkview has instilled self confidence, a sense of worth, and moral fiber for my child. Granted at times I worry about some of the chidren she may be hanging out with, however that would be no different if she was at a public school. the lessons are geared towaqrd her and what she needs, and with so few kids there she gets the time she needs to get things right with her teachers. With out Parkview many of our children would just dropout and never have a chance, but Parkview has given them a second chance that cpsb never would, and Parkview does that without labeling these children as they would be at other schools in the system. I know quite a few kids that graduated there, and are sucessful and productive adults in our society today.



  7. I lived in Sulphur for a while as well. Parkview is a church, driving school, school and home school. I had dropped out of school previously and got back into school through Parkview's homeschool. I do have my diploma with them as well. I have never had a problem with it. I was accepted into college in Arkansas and none of my employers have declined it either. This school takes a lot of students that were expelled to continue their education. And the home school aspect helps adults or children who cannot attend public or private schooling a chance to receive a diploma rather than a HS GED equivalent, which let's face it GED's aren't viewed as equivalents in most peoples eyes. Why others have problems with their diplomas, I don't know. But I've never had a problem with mine, maybe it's really some other reason they do not wish to discuss with you rather than the diploma?


  8. I attended Parkview and I graduated in may of 2008. both of my brthers attended and my youngest will graduate in december. We were a foster family for hard to handle teenagers so we had lots f support at home. bro chesson answered all of my questions and all work was checked. You don't pay a tuition and get a diploma. it was difficult because I worked my way through high school. In public school teachers were more worried about dress codes and back packs to bother trying to teach us so I found someone willing to help me learn. I went to college no problem with my DIPLOMA and hold a certification in the medical field. My brother has never had a job decline his diploma nor have I yes there are high school drop outs there but at least they are trying to fix their mistakes. Many students had families that traveled a lot or medical issues that prevented them from attending a public school. Yes you pick up books and do the assignments on your own time its called HOMESCHOOLING!!!!!!! and the amount of families turning from calcasieu parish public school and finding alternatives pretty much speaks for itself…….




  10. I attended and graduated from Parkview in the mid 1980's and I was not expelled from public school. Back then it was accredited by the state of Louisiana. I believe that it did lose accreditation sometime in the late 1980's and for a number of years was not accredited, like all home schools and many other private schools. I don't know which year it happened, but as of the last couple is now recognized by the state of Louisiana. The first person to comment on your post, said he does not know of any person who graduated from this school who graduated from college. Since that post some have commented to prove otherwise and some have said they can't get into college. I don't know their individual issues, but I know of some who graduated Parview before me and some after me that got accepted and graduated from college and law school. I am a graduate of Parkview Christian School, I did attend a major state university and graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree. In addition I have been very successful in my career for many years and I have returned to school part time to work on my Master of Science degree.


  11. Parkview is recognized by all pot heads and drop outs around Louisiana. Don't waste your time there. All you do is pay for your education. I have had friends in the past that tricked their parents into going to this school. Most of them passed several grades in a single year to graduate. All they had to do was wake up one day each month and copy all the answers from the back of their school books and turn it in for a good grade. If i was a kid wanting an easy way out of high school, i would go to Parkview Baptist. So kids, Parkview is a great school to go to, home school or attend classes, if you want to just be able to tell your grandkids you graduated. Parents and guardians, Parkview is a horrible idea if you want a quality education for your child. But if you just want a babysitter and a great place for your kids to meet their new weed hook up and partners in crime, than Parkview Baptist is the way to go.


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