There Probably Isn’t

The Atheist Bus campaign in London by the Atheist Campaign, Richard Dawkins, and the British Humanist Association seems to really tick off the Rev. Evan Cockshaw. He created a website, There Probably Is, supposedly to explore both sides of the issue. The site is filled with pretty lame stories (emotional appeals) by fellow Christians trying to explain why they are Christians. There are no dissenting opionions offered on the Reverend’s site. So much for dissenting views.

PZ Myers wrote a scathing post about Rev. Cockshaw’s site, thereby causing the Rev to make an appearence in the comments. What a whiny crybaby. Apparently, Cockshaw filled the search flags for his site with tags for atheists and agnostics. Then he became pissed when atheists found his website and decided to play. You’d think that Cockshaw would have expected this, especially if he was censoring inputs to his site.

Then the Rev attemps to censor PZ by trying to get Seed magazine to pull PZ’s post. Seed told Cockshaw to take a hike. HehHehHeh.

And you just know it had to happen, now there is a site, There Probably Isn’t. Way to go! And there are pages and pages of stories to read. Looks like there will be plenty of reading for the holidays.


2 Replies to “There Probably Isn’t”

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  2. The Rev appears to have a sideline…
    What a cheesy website! There's even a home address on his FB page – 61 Bingham Drive, Staines.
    Or has he seen the atheist light and given up his church? 8)


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