Channeling Joe McCarthy

I’ve been holed up all week trying to get my thesis completed, with the goal of getting the first draft done this weekend. What happened yesterday? I turned onto Hardball yesterday afternoon and Katrina Vanden Huevel was castigating an earlier interview on the show. DailyKos had already posted the video of Michelle Bachmann ranting on and on about how liberal are”anti-American” and needed to be investigated. Chris Matthews let her hang herself with her own words. And did she ever, talk about releasing your inner Joe McCarthy. Here is the video of Michelle Bachmann.

Here is Katrina’s rebuttal of Batshit Bachmann.

El Tinklenberg, her opponent, has raised nearly $500,000 in 24 hours over the internet. Here are examples of more Batshit Bachmann craziness.

Indeed, channeling Joe McCarthy. And I hope her political career ends the same way, defeated and humiliated. Help out Elwyn Tinklenberg over at ActBlue.