Scary Interview With Naomi Wolf

Really makes you think. But until Naomi identifies those she thinks have staged a coup and provides proof, then this goes into tinfoil hat territory. So far,this is just a standard conspiracy theory.

Also, here is some supporting video for the comments by California Rep. Brad Shermer.


3 Replies to “Scary Interview With Naomi Wolf”

  1. Certainly agree with many of the broader points she makes, re: the loss of citizen rights thru the Patriot Act, etc.As for the Army Brigade, this would be a prudent and expected military contingency plan, given the current circumstances on Wall St. I can also understand the political imperitive and motivations to press the urgency of the situation home, to members of congress, no matter how unsophisticated.Comparisons to the dysfuntional and bankrupt Weimar Republic, are not there to be made and diminished her credibility, for me. And the same with Bush, refusing to concede defeat & retaining power by force. The anecdotes & evidence she presented were incredibly weak at proving this monumental conspiracy. Too take just one, brutal cops at the RNC targeting the left and removing video evidence, yeah and? Sure its unacceptable behaviour and should be investigated, but evidence of a coup…If Obama wins there will be a great opportunity to wind back the clock, on her broader valid concerns, of executive power vs citizen rights. But I would expect Obama to keep that Army Brigade, trained & ready to restore order, if the investment shit hits the reality fan.


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