Selling Theocracy with a Smile

Sam Harris has a new editorial in this week’s edition of Newsweek. He says almost exactly what I’ve been thinking about the nomination of Sarah Palin as the Republican VP.

If anyone could make Christian theocracy smell like apple pie, Sarah Palin could.

Exactly, and this is why the media won’t dig further into her background. Here is a VP who has a political past about as unamerican as can be. She has flirted with secessionism, book banning and trying to silence subordinates in her administrations. She comes across as an everyday hockey mom. Gosh darn it, she couldn’t be all that bad now could she?

On the surface, she seems all very wholesome and good, and perhaps she means well. Perhaps she is one of the Christians who are good people, but who let themselves be used by manipulative religious leaders. On the other hand, looking at how she has climbed the political ladder, perhaps it’s the other way around. Perhaps she is the one manipulating the religious leaders of her congregations for political gain.

I grew up in the deep South and I’m very familiar with this type of woman. They treat their friends very well, but never get on their bad side. They will do anything it takes to get what they desire, and heaven help those who get in their way. The sugar on the outside conceals a very ruthless core. I can’t know her mind, and can only speculate on her motives by her actions.


TheZoo has a very good summary of Sarah Palin’s scary church connections. It’s a long read with a lot of video documentation. I recommend this to anyone who is curious about Palin’s background.

By the time you finish this entire post, you will be horrified and terrified that Sarah Palin could ever possibly ascend to the role of Vice President of the U.S. (and very possibly President of the U.S.).

‘Nuff said.


2 Replies to “Selling Theocracy with a Smile”

  1. Great posts on Palin, thanks.My feeble silver linings…If McCain/Palin win & McCain survives one/two terms, the odds would have to be pretty low, that the country would vote Republican after 12-16 years of GOP rule, surely?If McCain/Palin lose, do the Republicans blame McCain & move harder to the right, or re-assess this trend and come back to the centre?The conservative, Australian Liberal Party have just elected a centrist as Opposition Leader, who confronts a rather religious Labor Prime Minister. There is hope.


  2. Thanks Orion77. It’s so easy since I have so much material to work with this week. I think that John McCain didn’t know what he was getting into with this selection of VP. If by some miracle they win, I think that 4 more years of Republicans in the White House would drive the nation towards the Democrats for 2-3 decades. Unless of course, McCain dies in office and Palin comes to power. Then all bets are off. I fear what may happen since it seems that too many Americans are more than willing to give up their essential freedoms in order to feel safe.


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