By Armageddon’s Early Light

JewsOnFirst has a very scary update on John Hagee and his latest preaching. The page has a video about John Hagee’s end-times preaching, as well as other links to videos that JewsOnFirst have made earlier. It appears that Hagee is preaching the same crap that Hal Lindsey did in the 70’s and 80’s. They preach that the US will fight Iran and Russia and this will start the Apocalypse. This is the same crap that drove me away from Christianity when I was a teen. When these guys preach this shit, you can see them practically drool at the thought of billions of deaths. Just do a search on “Hal Lindsey Iran Russia” and check out the craziness.

Chip Berlet at Talk2Action has a good summary of the beliefs of these types of churches and their history and how the evangelistic born-agains became involved in politics.

Now we have a VP candidate, Sarah Palin, who attends churches where these ideas are taught, and is on video saying these types of things. Especially scary, is the eagerness she shows for going to war with Russia. Check out the video below.

Dogemporer over at Talk2Action has some very interesting links showing how these churches are regarding the nomination of Sarah Palin as VP. They regard her as a new Deborah to lead the US into the final war of Armageddon.

I also reported the other day on how J. Lee Grady–a Joel’s Army promoter who is editor of the site “Fire In My Bones” and who has hailed fellow Joel’s Army promoter Todd Bentley as a modern-day prophet–literally compared Sarah Palin to the Biblical prophetess Deborah.

This is a prime example of how many of the promoters of “Joel’s Army” theology tend to drop code-words and overt “scripture twisting” as dog-whistles to their parishoners–and the “Deborah dogwhistle” is a particularly nasty one indeed, as we’ll get into.

For those unaware, Megiddo is of course the traditional site upon which the Final Battle will be fought–Armageddon. At least some groups do directly equate the two.

Check out this link. Looks like the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are salivating at the prospect of the “End of Days”.


King David prophesied in Ps. 68:11-12, “The Lord gives the word (command); the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host; Kings of armies flee, they flee; and she who remains at home will divide the spoil!” The book of Judges declares Deborah as the 5th and last judge of Israel who resided under a tree, where she spent her days and nights alone with God, and received the strategic war plan to defeat Israel’s enemies while being outnumbered. As a wife, judge, prophetess and strong military leader, Deborah saved her nation from bondage and tyranny, and sang of being a mother in Israel and dividing the spoil of her conquered enemy, Sisera (Judges 5). Her commander of the troops, Barak, and the scribe of Issachar (who knew and read the times of Israel) refused to engage in war without her. Why? Because of the anointings that rested upon her. The DEBORAH ANOINTING will be released upon women’s ministries and housewives, birthing new ministries releasing higher seats of power, authority and the prophetic. High-ranking commanders of God’s Army will not engage in battle without them. The vast majority of front liners and trench diggers are women, and the scars of battle are evident. However, this anointing will birth a new song in the hearts of many women who proclaim the Word of the Lord.

Some creepy shit documented here. Someone by the id of Ixion wants John McCain to die.

May the LORD cause McCain/Palin to win the White House in 2008, and then smite the godless McCain in favor of Palin. Amen.

It looks like some right-wing preachers are praying that the McCain/Palin ticket win, but that John McCain should die so that Palin would be president. What craziness. This desperately needs to be covered by the news, but it seems so crazy. The American public is very unaware of how politically connected these churches are. The Republican party has leashed themselves to this tiger, and are now powerless to stop it.

To me at least, it seems that Palin is aware of all of this going on. Look at the Freudian slip she makes in the video below.

Palin/McCain administration? What universe is Sarah Palin living in? If I were John McCain, I would hire a food taster and never be alone with this woman. And if I were John McCain, I would start wearing a bulletproof vest after winning the election. These reality-challenged people comprise 15% of the American public, there would be no shortage of volunteers ready to “do their duty for Christ.”

This woman should never be allowed in a position of command over any nuclear forces. I dearly hope the McCain/Palin ticket looses the election, otherwise we’ll have our Christian Taliban strapping on their nuclear suicide vests in a desperate attempt to bring about Armageddon.


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