Alaska National Guard and Army Units Seem to be for Christians Only

Here is a very disturbing article by Chris Rhodda at Talk2Action. It looks like army units in Alaska provide only Christian counseling services for service members.

First on the list was the website of the U.S. Army, Alaska (USARAK) Command Chaplain’s Office “Ministry Team,” which serves Fort Wainwright, Fort Greely, Fort Richardson, and their tenant units, which include the Alaska National Guard, whose headquarters is located at Fort Richardson. The USARAK Command Chaplain’s Office is blatantly and exclusively Christian, not even providing information for soldiers of other religions. Even the worst of the other military installations that provide no non-Christian services or programs at least provide contact numbers or listings of off-base houses of worship for non-Christians to find services of their faith.

Wow, this is really blatant. Talk about a limited worldview, they seem to think that all service members are some sort of evangelical Christians.

In March 2007, Fort Wainwright hosted an Army “Strong Bonds” retreat, contracting an organization called Unlimited Potential, Inc. to provide “social services.” Unlimited Potential, Inc. is an evangelical baseball ministry with a military ministry whose mission is: “To assist commanders and chaplains in providing religious support to military service members and their families by sharing the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of baseball…” and “to use our God-given abilities in baseball to reach those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to also encourage and challenge those who do.

I should back up here and explain exactly what Strong Bonds, a program currently being investigated by MRFF, actually is. Plain and simple, it’s an evangelistic Christian program operating under the guise of a pre-deployment and post-deployment family wellness and marriage training program. A few years ago, Strong Bonds replaced a decade old, proven program called Building Strong and Ready Families (BSRF), which was a collaboration between the Army Nurse Corps and the chaplains. Strong Bonds cut out the Nurse Corps, creating a program run entirely by chaplains, eliminating the important physical and mental health aspects provided by public health nurses, and turning the whole thing into a program of Christian religious retreats — paid for with your tax dollars. A lot of tax dollars.

And that what it’s all about, power and money. We see what Sarah Palin’s Christian America is all about. Pentecostal Evangelical Republicans will be the only ones worthy of rights and all others will be second class citizens.


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  1. Thank God for people like you spreading the Word. Now, if we could just get justice for our son who is being retaliated against by the Generals in the Alaska Guard. They need the Good News along with some integrity and ethical behavior. We continue to pray for his justice.


  2. It’s time for Sarah Palin to get some leaders with integrity to lead the Alaska National Guard. Generals Campbell and Kacass are rogue Generals with no conscience. Send in e-mails to the Governor’s office to retire them and bring in real leaders with integrity.


  3. It seems that the Evangelicals seem very unsure of their faith. They refuse to let anyone else have their own services. What are they afraid of? Why do they not allow others the comfort of their own beliefs? The United States was founded on the idea of the freedom of conscience, both religious and political. No one can coerce another in these matters. You conservative Evangelicals,why do you not want others to decide their own belifs?


  4. It is very scary that in Alaska they seem to be setting up a virtual “separatist” force among what is supposed to be a US Military branch, what is going on up here!!?? all faiths and beliefs must have equal time and place, and not force subliminal “feel good/get well” programs to shove a particular theology down everybody else's throat time to enforce the Establishment Clause!1


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