Bizarre Encounter at Walmart

The last time I shopped at Walmart I was faced with a display of books denying my military experience as a military atheist. “Why would you shop there, Anna?” you ask, my dear reader. This past weekend I went shopping at Walmart because my son just had to get some jeans they were selling there. He likes them because they fit well on him. We also decided to get some school supplies while we were shopping.

Well, something weird happens almost every time I find myself shopping at this particular Walmart. Once, a couple got into a screaming match in the checkout lane, another time a guy in partial drag was in line in front of me, and the last time I was there I was faced with a complete display of “no atheist in a foxhole” books. I wouldn’t have minded the guy in drag if he had made an attempt to look like a woman, but he didn’t shave anything, he just wore a very tight, low-cut, and short dress without shaving his chest or legs. This time, while we were in the school supplies section, my son and myself were approached by a strange man with a handful of papers. We both looked at each other and thought “Approaching bible thumper”.

The man was trying to give fliers for his driving school. I said “No thanks, I’m not interested.” But he would not take no for an answer and kept trying to shove the papers in my hand. I again insisted that he leave me alone. I finally had to get rude with him. I then told a store employee who did nothing. Later as were heading towards the checkout line, the man again approached us and again insisted we take his advertisement. I told him to stop acting like an ass, I was not interested and for him to stop being so rude. He finally gave up. What an asshole. Perhaps I should bring in my media recorder/player and get some video the next time I shop at Walmart. There will probably be another WTF moment.


2 Replies to “Bizarre Encounter at Walmart”

  1. That could be a walmart anywhere. The one I used to work at had a cross dresser who’d come in much as you described, complete with badly fitting outfits, excessive body hair and piercings. Had to give the guy credit for trying but really, a scrappy wig and a terrycloth dress is not proper drag, buddy. Do you want to try on another bra?In reference to the pic, my store put sweat shirts on clearance for $10.00. The day before, they were retailing at $9.88. There’s nothing they won’t try.


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