CNN Changing Christian Opinion about Military’s Discrimination Against Atheists

MediaCurves has a video posted where they survey 200 Christians and 100 non-Christians about the story on CNN about Spec Hall’s lawsuit. They show the opinions of the audience while the story is playing. They also survey the audience after the video. It’s interesting to see the Christian’s reactions during the video. They seem to really agree at the beginning that Spec Hall was discriminated against, but don’t seem to have an opinion either way when the details are revealed in the video.

Here are a few interesting survey results:

“Should US Army soldiers be required to pray with their fellow troops regardless of their religious beliefs?”

Before Viewing Video After Viewing Video
Christians Christians
Yes 24% Yes 16%
No 76% No 84%

Non-Christian Non-Christian
Yes 16% Yes 10%
No 84% No 90%

“Do you believe atheists should be in leadership positions in the military?

Before Viewing Video After Viewing Video
Christians Christians
Yes 50% Yes 59%
No 50% No 41%

Non-Christian Non-Christian
Yes 82% Yes 86%
No 18% No 14%

Wow, I never realized that Christians were that biased against atheists. It also shows that a lot of Christians are totally ignorant about atheists. But the survey also shows they are willing to be accepting of atheists if they are shown a positive story. That is a welcome sign.


2 Replies to “CNN Changing Christian Opinion about Military’s Discrimination Against Atheists”

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