Reasonable Doubts Podcast

I’ve found a very good podcast called Reasonable Doubts. Episode 17 has a very good overview of the problems with church-state separation problems in the US military forces. I’m adding the podcast to my list of podcasts onthe left side of this blog. This episode covers many of the stories of the antics of fundamentalist Christian in the US military forces that I’ve covered in this blog in the past year.

I cover these stories because I’m worried about the influence of these Rapturist Christians in the military. I don’t want these zealots taking over a military with ready access to nuclear weapons. When I entered the US Air Force as a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant, I was stationed at Cheyenne Mountain in Missile Warning. This was in the early 1980’s. I heard stories about these types of Christians trying to insert themselves in the Missile squadrons.

I heard that there were officers in the missile silos stating that they would do what they thought their god wanted over what their orders stated. When this was found out by the command structure, these officers were yanked out of the silos. Afterwards there were training classes for commanders. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I was assigned to Missile Warning. I had No Pref as my religious status and on my dog tags. I liked the designation as it showed that my religious preference was None. There would be no worries about me putting my personal religious beliefs over my orders.

I think that this failure of the fundamentalist Christians to start at the bottom with junior officers is the reason why they are focusing so heavily on the senior leadership. It seems they seem to be more successful with the leadership. And some of the current leadership in the Air Force may be some of the surviving fundamentalist junior officers from the 1970’s.


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