I’m So Embarrassed for My Birthplace

I grew up in Southwest Louisiana and I’m so embarrassed by all of the recent shenanigans being pulled by the state legislature. The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has an ongoing series about the ignorant behavior by the state government. The state government has decided to pass Senate Bill 733 into law. Now, any teacher can completely ignore science and reality and teach “alternative” theories for evolution, global warming, geology, cloning, etc. Any half-baked idea can now be taught instead of the science.

Senate Bill 733 is called the “Louisiana Science Education Act”. It should be called the “Louisiana Rectal Extraction Education Act”. This is what the bill allows teachers and students to do. Never mind what the scientists actually say, if it conflicts with someone’s religious views, then they are allowed to make up anything they want as an alternative.

According to the NCSE:

Ars Technica’s John Timmer points out (June 27, 2008), however, that “most observers are expecting the passage of the LSEA by the state to unleash a series of Dover-style cases, as various local boards attempt to discover the edges of what’s constitutionally allowable.” Timmer cites a letter from Alan Leshner, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, who told Jindal that the bill would “provoke an expensive, divisive legal fight.”

Of course it would, and since a Federal court has already ruled that “Intelligent Design” is simply creationism, and since creationism was ruled a religious teaching by the Supreme Court in 1987, there is no way for the state of Louisiana to avoid expensive lawsuits. Lawsuits they would almost certainly lose.

Local teachers are concerned that the bill could open the door to creationism. As the Lafayette Daily Advertiser put it on June 26, 2008, “The possibility of the introduction of ‘wacko’ theories of the origins of life Carencro High School science teacher Warren Sensat.” Sensat told The Advertiser, “When you open the door to bring in unapproved curriculum, you can bring in some wacko stuff.” Other teachers are less worried. Tim Tate, a science curriculum supervisor for the Lafayette Parish schools told The Advertiser “he’s not worried about teachers using inappropriate materials. He expects teachers to only focus on the state curriculum, but acknowledges that different ideas will always be brought into the classroom.”

Teachers and students who support good science should bring in fringe, off the wall information. Materials that even the fundamentalist Christians object to. This is similar to how the school fliers pushing religion were stopped. It was only after the inclusion of Camp Quest for atheist kids and activities for Pagan kids were included in the backpack program. The Christians were all in a bother over the non-Christian ads and then demanded that all of the ads be stopped. Perhaps teach the “theory” that space aliens started life on earth. That would make the Raelians and Scientologists happy, and completely piss off everyone else including the Fundamentalist Christians. But perhaps this would spur the majority of moderate Christians to then push for good science to be taught instead of allowing nonsense as an “alternative theory”.


4 Replies to “I’m So Embarrassed for My Birthplace”

  1. “It was only after the inclusion of Camp Quest for atheist kids and activities for Pagan kids were included in the backpack program.”I thought that was a great idea!!


  2. That’s really the only way to beat the fundaloons at their own game. Have teachers who support real science start teaching either abject nonsense, or creation stories from other religions. When the loons get their panties in a twist tell them either *all* theories must be entertained so the children can decide (that’s their line after all) or none of them can be. They’ll get that stupid law repealed post haste.


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