According to CUFI, 666=God

There is a series of articles on John Hagee and CUFI over at Talk2Action. I’ve covered the Hitler wannabe, Hagee previously. Now Talk2Action has a post about the fake converted terrorist, Walid Shoebat. Apparently, Shoebat is talking big about being some sort of former terrorist. If this is really true, then why is he not being prosecuted for murders he claims he committed. But it seems that he is scamming the Christians over at CUFI. And the latest is absolutely hilarious. Here are a few excerpt detailing the little scamp’s mischief:

Shoebat also fancies himself as a bit of a Biblical scholar and palaeographer, and in a video clip that I have just been made aware of he expounds his theory that the “Number of the Beast” mentioned in the Book of Revelation is in fact a reference to…Allah.

The argument is that the author of Revelation was shown the Mark of the Beast in “video” form from God – obviously following Hal Lindsey’s idea that the visions in Revelation, rather than being symbolic, in fact are John’s interpretations of images from the future he couldn’t understand (“locusts” being helicopters, and so on). With the Mark of the Beast, John saw some strange squiggles, which he incorporated into the text. For centuries, readers thought these squiggles were the Greek letters for either “666” or “616”, but finally Shoebat has cracked the mystery: the squiggles are in fact Arabic, and they spell out “In the Name of Allah”!

Here is a video of him making the same claims (if you can stand listening to the idiocy):

I thought “Allah” was simply Arabic for “God”. Don’t Arabic Christians say “Allah” for their god? Does this mean that since Allah=666, and since Allah=God, then God=666? So God is the Anti-Christ and Muslim? And I thought the anti-Christ was supposed to be Jewish. Can’t CUFI get it’s story straight? Does God annihilate himself like matter and antimatter? Since the universe acts like there is not a supreme being in it, this must obviously be true. Heh Heh Heh. A god that is its own anti-god(Christ)?


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  1. I actually watched <>The Kingdom of Heaven<> last night (<>not<> one of Ridley Scott’s best efforts), but I missed the “666” badges Saladin’s army was supposed to be wearing.Then again, if his soldiers were wearing the “number of the Beast,” wouldn’t that make Saladin the Anti-Christ? Is it possible the world came to an end in the 12th century and we haven’t noticed?The mind reels…


  2. Hi David. Personally, I think that Shoebat is a fraud taking advantage of the unquestioning sheep that are members of these Republican churches. I don’t think he believes a word of what he is saying. Apparently, his relatives are of the same opinion as they claim his terrorist background is all fake. Apparently, so does Homeland Security and the FBI since no one has arrested him. One wonders why the flock doesn’t get a clue.


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