Red Sky Ministries Nutcases

Check out the Red Sky Ministries. I guess the End-Times craziness is not confined to the United States alone. There is a creepy video of a man, perhaps the founder of the site on the front page. He is either one brain damaged specimen of humanity, or perhaps a badly done video. Very creepy.

Apparently these guys have now embraced Global Warming instead of denying it. I knew this would happen once they could figure out how to link this with Revelations and the Rapture. They are a bit slow on the uptake, but I knew they would eventually get there. After all, don’t these people use any natural disaster they can wrap their grimy paws around, for their own nefarious purposes? The tsunami in SE Asia, Hurricane Katrina, and any other natural disasters with a large loss of life are used by these people to try to scare others into becoming Christians.

A lot of their links don’t seem to come up, but I love the Practical Advice page. It says “coming soon…”. And it won’t be too soon for these fruitcakes. I have some advice for their Advice Page, “Learn some basic science before commenting on climate change and weather”.

Selecting Meet The Antichrist is absolutely surreal and very antisemitic at the end. Check out this:

Here’s the trick. The Star of David didn’t always belong to Israel. Originally, it was used by the Egyptians for Satan worship and still is. They call it a hexagram or a hex. Anyone with a hex is cursed.

The word hexagram means six sides, you idiots. Hex means six not curse in this usage. What a bunch of ignorant twits. You have to see the site to believe it. These people desparately need a good basic science education.

Oh, look here. There’s a free e-book to download, The Global Meltdown Domino Effect: God’s Judgment of Fire. Oh and they have a special notice for Christians only located at the back of the pdf file. I looked. Ooops. I guess I wasn’t supposed to. I thought I would see their secret plans. But no, all I saw was mangled science and a bunch of boring Bible verses. is our official web site. It contains details of the Global Meltdown Domino Effect plus practical advice on what you should do during the coming years. There is also a section called “Meet The AntiChrist” where we reveal what he is doing at the moment, how he will take over, what the mark of the beast is, plus we virtually name him.

But their advice page had no advice. How the hell are they keeping track of the Antichrist? Did they snag him, drug him, rectally probe him, and implant him with a tracking device? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m laughing so hard now it’s difficult to continue this post….


4 Replies to “Red Sky Ministries Nutcases”

  1. The blinking twat on the front page appears to still have somebody’s fist embedded up his cakehole. Maybe they are searching for the movie script they’ve got cooking up there. I am sure Mel would be keen!


  2. Yeah, that video is really disturbing. I think this is what motivated me to write a post about this crazy site. They seem to be really clueless about the current climate change debate.


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