Passive-Aggressive Conversion Attempt?

Last November our housing subdivision held a Thanksgiving potluck lunch. One of our neighbors decided to take it upon himself to deliver a very sectarian Christian prayer/invocation. Never mind that several of us are not Christian and made it a point to not participate. Our host made a sarcastic crack to the prayer guy in support of us.

Later, after we had eaten, one of our neighbors and her husband kept following me around and talking about her church. I usually don’t like to deliberately alienate people so I gave a few noncommittal answers. Eventually, I managed to turn the conversation to other topics, thus letting her figure out (or not) that I really was not interested in her church.

A couple of weeks later, we started receiving a church bulletin from her church. I didn’t really put it all together until today when I received one of these things in the mail again. I asked myself “When did we start receiving these church bulletins?” It’s been since last December. Is it a coincidence or did someone put us on their mailing list?

Some intriguing titles here in the church bulletin:

  • In Some Ways We Live in a Scary World (Looks like fear mongering always works well as an evangelism tool.)
  • What’s So Great About Following Jesus? (Apparently nothing except an unproven afterlife.)
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Falls To His Death (Better be a Christian, or you go to the scary, bad, hot place.)
  • Divine GPS (So you want to know where heaven is? Who knew that a GPS could tell you. Does it also show you where hell is?)

There is a reference to a website on the church bulletin,something called House To House. Looking at their website, I see an article “What is a Religious Cult?” Hmmm, it looks like the pot is calling the kettle black. As far as I’m concerned all religions are cults, it’s just that some are far more controlling than others. They also have an “Ask a Bible Question” page. Perhaps I’ll submit some interesting questions later this week and post any responses.

If we did get put on their mailing list, why? Do they think that I’ll read it and suddenly drop to my knees and start screaming “Jesus, I believe in you”? Or some such crap? And why would a piece of paper make me do this? Do they expect people to easily fall for such drivel? And why could they not respect my position and viewpoint?

I guess some people cannot take no for an answer and prefer to keep on like telemarketers. If you have to market or sell your religion like some sort of cheap product, it makes me wonder why. If it were so obviously true, then there would be no marketing or faith needed. After all, no one has to sell me on the idea that the sun will rise tomorrow.


5 Replies to “Passive-Aggressive Conversion Attempt?”

  1. … or give THEM a copy of the God Delusion next Xmas. 😉Anyway, if a faith is considered cheap enough by its followers to be sold door to door, it can’t be worth following in the first place.


  2. The power of the holy spirit will convert you, it just works through leaflets 😉I can understand their rationality, but their practice is far beyond reasonable in a multicultural society. Good intentions can only go so far before it becomes intrusive and intolerant. All they do is want to save you…


  3. They really don’t seem to realize that they are acting exactly like intrusive,annoying telemarketers. Perhaps there needs to be a Proselytizing Opt Out List (POOL), just like with telemarketers.


  4. To many people it seems strange that someone would care about them, even love them, without expecting something in return. That is what Jesus did for me and you. Perhaps these people were just attempting to express His love in the best way they could think of. I'm sure they were not trying to offend you, just trying to let you know they care about you. Hopefully someone else will have better luck. God bless.


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