Dismaying Shopping Experience at Walmart

We needed to get new tires today for the car and after checking prices, the hubby decided to get the new tires at Walmart. I usually don’t shop at Walmart, but the hubby does. While he was over in the Auto department waiting for the tires to be installed, I decided to walk around the store. I saw that they had moved the magazines and books to the front of the store.

I walked up the the book display and saw a large Father’s Day display consisting of the book, No Atheists in Foxholes by Chaplain Patrick McLaughlin. As an atheist veteran, I’m flabbergasted at the denial of reality some Christians have about the existence of atheists in the military. When I was in the Air Force, I knew plenty of people who were either atheist or agnostic. In fact it seemed that it was more common to be nonreligious than in the regular civilian world.

The December 2004 Population Bulletin – America’s Military Population, Vol. 59, No.4 which analyzes the US Armed Forces regarding race, religion, ethnicity, civilian background, education, etc. A copy of the report is located at the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.

Religious affiliation or the lack of it is addressed on page 25 of the bulletin. According to the bulletin, the percentage of service members identifing themselves as nonreligious is larger than in the civilian population, even taking into account the younger average age of service members. In the civilian population, younger people are significantly more nonreligious than older people.

We do know the civilian American population has been moving away from the traditional Christian religions and toward other religious groups or eschewing any religious affiliation.34 This latter trend is particularly pronounced among young adults, exactly the age groups most likely to enter the military. In general, the armed forces show lower religious affiliation than the civilian population, even among civilians ages 20 to 39 (see Table 5). A larger share of military than civilians reported they are Christians but are not Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox or Protestant, or do not specify a denomination.

This report shows the higher number of the nonreligious in the services, but also the higher number of non-denominational Christians in the military. A lot of non-denominational churches are heavily evangelical. The large number of non-denominational chaplains who have entered the service in the last 15 years may account for the increased friction between the nonreligious service members and the evangelical Christians that have made the news in the last few years.

Oh and this blog is one year old today. It’s been a lot of fun and I hope to continue for another year. A big thanks to all of my readers.


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  1. Great post and thanks for the resource. It is truly sad that Christians try and take this fight to the battlefield. Have our troops nothing more to worry about than if there are atheists in the foxholes with them? Honestly.


  2. I think that some Christians have an extremely weak set of beliefs. It’s like they don’t or can’t deal with the fact that others have differing opinions. I’ve never understood this. I feel that everyone has their own set of opinions and conclusions they reach and those may change as their life progresses. It doesn’t bother me what others believe. I’m only concerned if their actions interfere with my life.MAAF is a great organization for non believing veterans.


  3. Yikes! Check the $5 DVD bin at Wally’s.I got the first seasons of Robin Hood, The Cisco Kid, Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger and each (They were all 3 or 4 DVD sets) for five bucks.Of course, if’in ya didn’t grow older on this stuff you may not dig-it.Oh, say, how do you like moi’s qoute<>“There is no God in foxholes.”<>Stay on groovin’ safari,Tor


  4. Congratulations on the first anniversary of your blog!Now that I’ve found it, I’ll be sure to visit more regularly. Thanks for posting my site, Humanly Possible, on your list of favorite websites.


  5. Thanks Dave. The past year has really flown by. It doesn’t help that we added a new master bedroom suite to the house, built by the hubby and myself. I’m also completing my thesis and working full time as well. That is why sometimes a couple of days may go by without any response on this blog.


  6. Putting aside the broader intent of a statement that, ‘there are no Atheists in Foxholes’.If you were to specifically look at foxhole inhabitants on the battlefield, I will assume the claim is ironically correct. There are probably no Atheists in foxholes because they are full to over-flowing with shit-scared Christians!As the only people with a legitimate claim to park their asses in foxholes, are Atheists, I would argue anyone in a foxhole is by default, a closet Atheist.Is death final or just the beginning? “Well prove it son, you see that tank coming towards us, take this pen knife and……….”


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