Poe’s Law for J W Horne?

As I perused J W Horne’s third blog (now removed), I’m thinking that the entire blog is probably an implementation of Poe’s Law. But I’ll go ahead and take the bait. Poe’s Law states:

Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.

Horne has created 3 differing blogs over the last couple of weeks. Each blog consists of only one post containing one paragraph only. The first blog was entitled “Kieffe & Sons Ford” and consisted of the one long rambling paragraph, in which he apparently was trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to respond to my posts over here.

When people responded to his posts, pointing out his hypocrisy, he removed the first blog as well as all of the comments responding to his posts. He also created a new, renamed blog. It looks like Kieffe & Sons Ford seemed pretty unhappy with Horne’s “defense” of the radio ad, ergo, the new name. In the comments to the Blogs o’ One Post, he gave out his buisness address and personal phone number for anyone on the Internet to see.

Now, that people have apparently been calling him and giving him a piece of their minds, he seems rather surprised people would call him. I don’t advocate people calling and harassing anyone. He has every right to express his opinion no matter how hypocritical and bigoted. The lack of common sense in posting a phone number on the Internet is really mind boggling. He has now taken down that blog and created a new one. Again, with one post, though this time he finally uses paragraphs. Here are a few excerpts with my comments:

Because some of you respondents have crossed the line, I will issue this word of warning. Any attempt to be destructive, abusive or intimidating will not be tolerated. I have already reported some of you to the proper authorities. They have informed me that two have been identified and are now on a watch list. If you think you can hide behind the proxy servers and remain invisible and completely anonymous, you are mistaken.

Ooohhh, scary. What “watch list”? Blogger has checked on a couple of IP addresses for him? Well, I for one, have only visited his site, but have left no comments as there is really nothing to reply to. As for what Blogger can do, they could be easily defeated by using FireFox with TOR onion anonymous routing, and a throwaway email account from DodgeIt.

Now all the details:
I wanted to get the attention of the 86 percent of Americans who say they believe in God. That includes Jewish Americans, Muslim Americans and Christians. I wanted to gauge their response. The ones who chose to be a part of the 14 percent spoke first. Calls were loud, vulgar and profane. After a few days, the believers started to contact the client. The positive calls and emails were far greater in number than the loud obnoxious ones. The majority woke up and responded. Included among them were the TV stations, the radio stations, other automobile dealers and people from all walks of life. I wrote the ad and produced it to get the attention of the believers. It is as simple as that.

J W Horne, you stated in the ad that 86% of Americans were Christians, who believe in God, and those are the people who are allowed to state their opinions in your perfect, Christian America. All others need to “sit down and shut up”. Well, you are incorrect in your figures. It’s closer to 73% identify as Christian, and about 10% identify as atheist or agnostic, with the remaining identifying as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, New Age, etc.

As far as pissed off callers, I simply placed your words for all to hear. You refer to a minority as if we are second class citizens and placed your phone number on your blog, and now act surprised that you received a lot of calls? Poor, oppressed baby.

It worked and the atheists helped. Thanks.

Oh and you’re welcome, though your customers may have an increase in their fundy customers, it may not be so easy to get new customers outside of your Christian buisness directory.

PS. My relationship with the dealership is as strong as ever. Be sure to be listening for more ads

Go ahead, it will be fun to do this all over again. But I think that your customers may eventually get a bit gun shy from the excitement.

Even though I posted a reply here to Horne, I suspect his blog may possibly be a Poe. Could someone in professional media really be this bad at conveying information?


It appears that JW’s latest blog has been taken down as well. It seems that he does not stand behind his words. Now just who is afraid to let their words stand on their own?


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  1. You’re quick! Good post too.I asked Horne a < HREF="http://wayofthewoo.blogspot.com/2008/06/anti-atheist-ass-is-now-complete.html" REL="nofollow">series of questions<> which he responded to but, as usual, his answers aren’t consistent with the ad he produced. There’s a cognitive dissonance between what he says and what his ad says.In one, he actually says that atheists are only offended because they choose to be offended by chosing to be atheists. Go figure.


  2. I wonder what he is smoking. But it’s been my experience of the “born again” crowd that what is said takes precedence over what is done. That is why they rarely mention anything about works or deeds. Apparently, saying something is just as good as actually doing it for some of these people.


  3. There is only one reason that you and your fellow Atheists are underground. It is the right place for you.Everyone of you want to remain anonymous. You hide behind your false names so that no one recognizes you. I suppose this provides you the advantage of conducting yourselves like RATS so you can sneak into a situation grab something to feast on and then make your escape. The skeptick ask a series of good questions and got a series of answers. I knew he wanted to sheild his motives for asking the question. Now with his posting, he has proven that he did not want the answers as an explanation, but instead, was seeking something he could use for his posts. You stated that people were calling me and causing me concern. The truth is this, it was some kid pulling a childless prank. It did not work.There were attempts by another one of your RAT pack members who tried to interfere with my business. There were several attempts to cause me difficulties. None of it worked. You see, I have an open and honest relationship with all my clients. None of you will ever be successful in destroying what I have accomplished. That is the difference between a believer and a non-believer. I am above ground and you are below it. I am where the light shines an you are in the darkness underground.As for anna.. The deeds and works that I perform are very productive and positive people respond to them in return. The only thing that you consider to be good is what best suits you. You choose to hide in the darkness. It is not my job to shine a light for you. You and all the others who are looking for something to feast on, just can’t get over the fact that your poison has no effect. I am always glad to furnish you some food. Bon appetie.


  4. JW, I was looking for an explanation. So I tried to draw something out of you that might explain why you harbored such ill-will towards atheists. I think you had the preconception that they are all bad (except for a friend or two of yours). Then you create a few blogs and received a lot of sniping. In the end, though, it died down to just 2 people out of the entire world wide web.When you expose yourself to millions of people, don’t you think that you’re going to get a few rude ones? If not, then you are naive. Like I said on your blog, it doesn’t matter whether they are atheists, jews, christians, welders, truck drivers, ipod owners, or bush pilots…once you say something that offends the community, you’re bound to get a couple of bad apples. They don’t represent the entire group.Yet you are basing your entire opinion on atheists from these bad apples. Was that the intent of your little online experiment? That you can find rude people? Here’s another experiment you might want to try: write the same car ad for Toyota, but tell Christians to “sit down and shut up”. I guarantee you’ll get a lot more responses. You’ll probably even get a few threats on your life. There are crazies everywhere.I could find nothing consistent in your answers…I don’t think you really have a good excuse other than that you really are a bigot, whether or not you admit it. What was ever wrong with saying “Oops…I goofed. I shouldn’t have said what I said. I apologize.”? You never came close to doing that. And that’s what atheists and christians alike call “an ass”.


  5. JW, one must ask, where are all your blogs ? I’ve just become aware of this case of stupidity, & all the links to your blogs lead to empty sites or “closed” notices, very disappointing as I wanted to discover the exact connection between gawdless sexual perversion & purchasing a Japanese car.Who’s “underground” now?


  6. JW, you know that you can put multiple posts on one blog and keep them all showing. Most bloggers keep all of their posts for the duration of the blog, which in most cases is certainly more than a week. Are you afraid of leaving your remarks available for people to read?<>There is only one reason that you and your fellow Atheists are underground. It is the right place for you.<>JW, your bigotry is showing. I thought that in this country our constitution does not allow discrimination based on religious viewpoints.<>Everyone of you want to remain anonymous. You hide behind your false names so that no one recognizes you.<>I’m certainly not anonymous in dealing with my family, co-workers,and neighbors. This blog is anonymous because I chose to let people get to know me before they find out that I’m atheist. Unfortunately, as you illustrate so well, bigotry is alive and well in the US.You see, JW, I’ve had someone threaten to kill me at a place I worked at during the mid 90’s. He made the remark that I should have a bullet to the back of my head, and that the Nazis did not go far enough. You, being safely in the Christian herd, have no idea what this experience is like.<>As for anna.. The deeds and works that I perform are very productive and positive people respond to them in return. <>You know nothing about me, except what I post on this blog. My charity work is just as anonymous as my blogging. It pleases me to help others and see the joy in their faces as they tell me of the anonymous gift that helped them out of a tight spot.So you really need to get over yourself. Your ad was anonymous until you chose to reveal yourself. All I did was shine the light on your ad and your words. I let my words stand for all to see. If I’m wrong or situations change, I mark my posts with updates. I don’t remove the post and remove dissenting comments from my blog.


  7. Well here we are in July.. I suppose that none of you will read this post and frankly it really doesn’t matter if you do. To all of you who have questions about why I removed the blogs. Here is your answer. First of all I have better things to do than provide you with fodder for your cannons. I have several businesses to run and more production for Kieffe and Sons ford. Obviously you don’t have anything to do except look for something to fill your time with on the internet. Secondly, I posted the blogs to gather information about YOU and all those like you. I intend to use the information in my own way and for my own benefit. I have all the information that I need so there is no need to do more. It is as simple as that. I win..you loose.


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