John McCain and the C-Word

Not safe for work, but absolutely hysterical.

I guess he wasn’t expecting someone to bring this up at a town meeting. HehHehHeh.


Red Sky Ministries Nutcases

Check out the Red Sky Ministries. I guess the End-Times craziness is not confined to the United States alone. There is a creepy video of a man, perhaps the founder of the site on the front page. He is either one brain damaged specimen of humanity, or perhaps a badly done video. Very creepy.

Apparently these guys have now embraced Global Warming instead of denying it. I knew this would happen once they could figure out how to link this with Revelations and the Rapture. They are a bit slow on the uptake, but I knew they would eventually get there. After all, don’t these people use any natural disaster they can wrap their grimy paws around, for their own nefarious purposes? The tsunami in SE Asia, Hurricane Katrina, and any other natural disasters with a large loss of life are used by these people to try to scare others into becoming Christians.

A lot of their links don’t seem to come up, but I love the Practical Advice page. It says “coming soon…”. And it won’t be too soon for these fruitcakes. I have some advice for their Advice Page, “Learn some basic science before commenting on climate change and weather”.

Selecting Meet The Antichrist is absolutely surreal and very antisemitic at the end. Check out this:

Here’s the trick. The Star of David didn’t always belong to Israel. Originally, it was used by the Egyptians for Satan worship and still is. They call it a hexagram or a hex. Anyone with a hex is cursed.

The word hexagram means six sides, you idiots. Hex means six not curse in this usage. What a bunch of ignorant twits. You have to see the site to believe it. These people desparately need a good basic science education.

Oh, look here. There’s a free e-book to download, The Global Meltdown Domino Effect: God’s Judgment of Fire. Oh and they have a special notice for Christians only located at the back of the pdf file. I looked. Ooops. I guess I wasn’t supposed to. I thought I would see their secret plans. But no, all I saw was mangled science and a bunch of boring Bible verses. is our official web site. It contains details of the Global Meltdown Domino Effect plus practical advice on what you should do during the coming years. There is also a section called “Meet The AntiChrist” where we reveal what he is doing at the moment, how he will take over, what the mark of the beast is, plus we virtually name him.

But their advice page had no advice. How the hell are they keeping track of the Antichrist? Did they snag him, drug him, rectally probe him, and implant him with a tracking device? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m laughing so hard now it’s difficult to continue this post….

Pervert Alert: Horrifying Molestion Case or Swinger Panic?

This is quite possibly the worst molestation case that I’ve read about in sometime.

The third trial of an alleged member of a swingers club accused of forcing children into sex shows was postponed Monday amid allegations that the foster father to the young victims molested other children.

Prosecutors said the California child sex charges against John Cantrell, who has custody of three siblings who allegedly performed inside the club, has nothing to do with their case in Texas.

Cantrell, 64, was charged last week with sexually assaulting two of his foster children in 1990. His wife has denied the allegations.

Margie Cantrell first told authorities in 2005 about what the children — now ages 12, 10, and 7 — revealed to her about having being forced into sex at the former daycare.

These poor children. First made to be the “stars” for these perverts, then the foster father who is now taking care of them is being charged with molestation from a couple of foster children he took care of 18 years ago. I hope for the kids that their current foster father is innocent of the charges. What a nightmare.


Brockulsen in the comments in this post on Dark Christianity has a link to this story about the case.

Many have wondered how the club let people know about these events. Investigators say though a website was never found specifically for the club they think that it was probably solicited through individual messages on swingers websites or social networking sites, many of which have specific East Texas communities like Mineola.

“It’s either word of mouth or through the internet somehow. Specifically to this case. We don’t know how they got there but we know a lot of people got there,” said Murphy.

On just one website, we found 7,000 swingers within a 100 miles of Mineola, although they are adults it shows the interest is there, and now authorities are asking for help.

“I think there are individuals out there who know what went on in that building. I think there are grown adults who know, just like those children testified about, what went on in that building. For law enforcement to bring those people to justice we need the help of the general public. We need people to look down and standup and do the right thing. Let us know who was there because everybody involved needs to be brought to justice,” said murphy.

This is almost starting to sound like some of the cases of “Satanic Panic” in the 1980’s. 7000 people? 7000 swingers who were also into kiddie porn and no one has evidence of the thousands who supposedly visited the club?

Jeremy Hall Update

Jews on First has a very good overview of the lawsuit that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is filing on behalf of Jeremy Hall. Hall as you may remember from previous posts on this blog, is a soldier who is suing the Department of Defense for the religious discrimination that he has received from superior officers and enlisted soldiers, as well as from the bureaucracy of the Army as well.

This case has been on going for nearly a year, and the government has asked for more time until sometime in July to prepare their case. Currently, the MRFF has received over 8000 complaints from soldiers, airmen, and sailors who have experienced harassment from conservative, fundamentalist evangelists. 96% of these complaints are from Christians, whom the evangelists consider “not Christian enough”. There is a podcast of a Mikey Weinstein and Jeremy Hall interview here.

An excerpt from the report and the interview:

Maj. Welborn’s tirade notwithstanding, the Constitution’s First Amendment forbids the establishment of an official religion. In practice, however, according to Hall, fundamentalist evangelical Christianity pervaded his combat experience in Iraq. Before seeing any combat, his unit was lined up and a chaplain handed each soldier a New Testament. When a bullet hit the shield on the turret in which he was riding, leaving him “as scared as I’ve ever been,” the convoy stopped, “and the first thing I was asked was ‘Hey, Hall. Do you believe in Jesus now?’ And not ‘hey are you okay?’ Or ‘what happened?’ or anything like that, just immediately my eternal soul was in question; my religious beliefs were automatically brought into question as a test or as a means to gauge me, all the time.“ After this particular episode Hall replied, “’No but I believe in ballistic glass.’ And I knocked on the shield which had just saved me.”

Wow, these Jesus pushers are like telemarketers, they really don’t know when to stop. And to know when they have crossed the boundaries of respectful behavior. Perhaps the Department of Defense can have an opt out list for members. They can call it the Proselytization Opt Out List (POOL). This can work just like with telemarketers. Violators can have their pay docked each time they violate the list by trying to convert those on the list. And anyone can be on the list, even Christians who are tired of their fellow Christian’s bullshit.

Looks Like John Freshwater is Finally Out the Door

Cafe Philos has a very good discussion of the case of a science teacher in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. There are a lot of links in his post. Very good reading. John Freshwater is the science teacher who has had various complaints by both parents and students for many years.

His behavior this year has finally landed him in extremely hot water. In addition to continually proselytizing his students with right-wing fundamentalist Christianity, he is accused of burning a cross into a student with an electrical device which is not designed for this purpose. See the photograph at the left for a picture of the scar left but he burn.

If this was my child he burned, I would have raised hell the moment I found out about it. The parents of the burned child have been much more lenient than I would have ever been.

It looks like Freshwater has some extremely scary supporters, I can see why the parents wanted to remain anonymous.

Yet, despite Mr. Freshwater’s behavior, quite a few people in Mount Vernon support him. Apparently among his most ardent supporters are the members of a local Christian group that calls itself “Minutemen United“, and who envision themselves as existing “…to wage war against a culture of God-haters”.

Wow, it looks like a mini religious war starting up in Mt. Vernon. It seems like John Freshwater views all those who don’t have the exact same religious views as “god-haters”. What a dick.

His colleagues over at the high school, for instance, claim his teaching of evolution is so flawed they are forced to re-teach the subject to his students when they get into high school. It has also come out that Mr. Freshwater has been told on at least several occasions to change his behavior, but has refused to do so. Only now, years after the complaints first started coming in, has anything been done about them.

It looks like he really sucks at teaching science.

By the time the School Board met to discuss the matter, many more allegations had surfaced. Consequently, the Board met in executive session to decide to have an independent organization investigate the allegations, and Superintendent Steve Short announced, “The allegations against Mr. Freshwater are very serious. This is not about his personal Bible on his desktop. It is about the totality of his conduct.”

Freshwater seems to be trying unsuccessfully to make this about his personal Bible at work, when the real issue is the religious teaching during science class and his burning of a student. The School Board hired an independent firm to investigate Freshwater’s conduct as a teacher. The report is here. And it looks like John Freshwater is as bad a liar as he is a science teacher.

Some excerpts from John Freshwater:

Mr. Freshwater said the State sets the benchmark standards and the school has adopted them. He said that all three eighth grade science teachers follow the same curriculum but exercise flexibility in how they present the curriculum. He said that he teaches evolution.

He denied that his teachings have varied from the District’s curriculum in any way due to his religious beliefs or that he has ever told students that although he is forced to teach from the text books the teachings are wrong or not proven according to the Bible.

Some excerpts from how others see his teaching (there is really so much more, read the report):

Dr. Weston stated that she has had to deal with internal and external complaints about his failure to follow the curriculum for much of her 11 years at Mount Vernon. It has come to her attention many times. She has reported these events to administrators and there have been some attempts to make changes and other instances where they seem to have been disregarded, particularly by one former assistant principal. She said that Mr. Freshwater cannot separate creationism/intelligent design from teaching to the science standards. She stated Mr. Freshwater has a lot of influence with his students that causes her concern.

The High School Principal said that Mr. Freshwater has caused issues for her high school teachers in having to reeducate students from his teachings. The specific issues include a number of areas — his failure to follow the curriculum regarding teaching creationism/intelligent design rather than evolution and his teaching of the Periodic Table, as examples. The High School Principal specifically asked that her daughter not be assigned to Mr. Freshwater for her 8th grade science due to her concern about his teaching not being consistent with the curriculum.

It looks like the other teachers were aware of how bad a science teacher he was, but did nothing to stop him. As long as their children did not have to be taught by him, it seems like they were willing to let things slide. It took being sued by the parents of an injured student for them to do anything at all.

Adoptic Blogging Communities

I’ve been invited to try out the beta Adoptic blogging communities with the javascript on the left side of my blog. I’m in the academic community. I’ll see how it works out, though I’m really not that worried about promoting my blog. I use my blog as a way to blow off a little steam.

Adoptic is similar to other blogging communities where post snippets are displayed in the Adoptic widget displayed. These snippets change over time as the web page is displayed. Going to Adoptic and logging in lets you quickly browse the communities and friends posts.

Passive-Aggressive Conversion Attempt?

Last November our housing subdivision held a Thanksgiving potluck lunch. One of our neighbors decided to take it upon himself to deliver a very sectarian Christian prayer/invocation. Never mind that several of us are not Christian and made it a point to not participate. Our host made a sarcastic crack to the prayer guy in support of us.

Later, after we had eaten, one of our neighbors and her husband kept following me around and talking about her church. I usually don’t like to deliberately alienate people so I gave a few noncommittal answers. Eventually, I managed to turn the conversation to other topics, thus letting her figure out (or not) that I really was not interested in her church.

A couple of weeks later, we started receiving a church bulletin from her church. I didn’t really put it all together until today when I received one of these things in the mail again. I asked myself “When did we start receiving these church bulletins?” It’s been since last December. Is it a coincidence or did someone put us on their mailing list?

Some intriguing titles here in the church bulletin:

  • In Some Ways We Live in a Scary World (Looks like fear mongering always works well as an evangelism tool.)
  • What’s So Great About Following Jesus? (Apparently nothing except an unproven afterlife.)
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Falls To His Death (Better be a Christian, or you go to the scary, bad, hot place.)
  • Divine GPS (So you want to know where heaven is? Who knew that a GPS could tell you. Does it also show you where hell is?)

There is a reference to a website on the church bulletin,something called House To House. Looking at their website, I see an article “What is a Religious Cult?” Hmmm, it looks like the pot is calling the kettle black. As far as I’m concerned all religions are cults, it’s just that some are far more controlling than others. They also have an “Ask a Bible Question” page. Perhaps I’ll submit some interesting questions later this week and post any responses.

If we did get put on their mailing list, why? Do they think that I’ll read it and suddenly drop to my knees and start screaming “Jesus, I believe in you”? Or some such crap? And why would a piece of paper make me do this? Do they expect people to easily fall for such drivel? And why could they not respect my position and viewpoint?

I guess some people cannot take no for an answer and prefer to keep on like telemarketers. If you have to market or sell your religion like some sort of cheap product, it makes me wonder why. If it were so obviously true, then there would be no marketing or faith needed. After all, no one has to sell me on the idea that the sun will rise tomorrow.

Holy Antisemitism Batman!

John McCain’s favorite preacher seems to have quite the hate-on for Jews. Bruce Wilson over at Talk2Action has been covering this story for the last several months. In addition to some transcripts of Hagee’s speeches,there is also plenty of incriminating video.

Last year, at Texas megachurch Pastor John Hagee’s July 16-18 2007 “Christians United For Israel” conference in Washington D.C., US Senator Joseph Lieberman made a warmly received appearance and delivered a speech likening Pastor Hagee, Christians United For Israel’s founder, to Moses. “He is an Ish Elochim,” said the Senator, “A man of God.” Lieberman went on, “and, like Moses, he is the leader of a mighty multitude.” But in March 2003, on three consecutive Sundays at his San Antonio-based Cornerstone Church, Pastor John Hagee gave a series of three sermons heavily loaded with anti-Jewish memes, stereotypes, slurs and conspiracy theories, one of which was almost identical to what was perhaps Adolf Hitler’s favorite conspiracy theory, which alleged that an international Jewish banking cabal, led by the The Jewish Rothschild banking family, controls the fates of entire nation, even the progression of world events and history, through the manipulation of global money markets.

Wow, just wow. And why doesn’t the main stream media cover any of this? And what’s with Joe Lieberman ignoring Hagee’s antisemitic remarks? Well, I say if it walks like a Nazi and quacks like a Nazi, then it must be a Nazi and a Nazi enabler.

John Hagee has also, to wide public notice, declared that God sent Hitler, to chase Europe’s Jew towards Palestine with Nazi persecution and with the Holocaust. Hagee, additionally has stated that Jews are not “spiritually alive.”

Check out the first two videos, just frightening. How the hell can his group, Christians United For Israel, get any Jewish support at all? Check out the multitude of links at the end of the article. There were too many articles for me to have time to read them all.

Here are the two videos:

Absolutely fucking scary.

It looks like the Jewish community is starting to get wind of exactly how bad Hagee’s antisemitism is.

Will Lieberman and Pipes continue backing Hagee regardless of what other anti-Jewish commentaries might be discovered? Will CUFI continue to escalate its push for the Bush Administration to deal militarily with Iran? These questions might be answered when CUFI members flock to Washington next month.

The folks over at JStreet are asking Joe Lieberman not to go to the CUFI convention on July 22nd. Perhaps the word is getting out, or perhaps not.

Stay tuned folks, same Bat channel, same Bat time.

Fake Fundy Chaplains

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is currently investigating an outfit called Marshall Minutes Military Ministries. The Milwaukee MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) is being targeted by Marshal in order to “harvest young vulnerable recruits”. According to Chris Rhodda:

Marshall Minutes is run by Michael G. Marshall of the Armed Forces Baptist Missions (AFBM), an organization on “A Worldwide Quest for the Souls of Men and Women in Uniform and their families.” AFBM’s primary means of evangelizing the military is “church planting,” establishing churches near military bases and then opening “Military Service Centers” to help these churches “reach young, single military men and women with the Gospel of Christ.” Marshall Minutes’ particular “field white for the harvest” is the Milwaukee Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), where new recruits are tested and processed before being sent to basic training, and the ministry plans to “plant” a church near the Great Lakes Naval Base in late 2008 or early 2009.

Yikes. Sounds like a cult to me. “Harvest” sounds soooo creepy.

But it’s not the misleading names of these organizations that makes them significant enough for me to be writing this piece about them. Unofficial organizations with official sounding names are a dime a dozen. Many have logos that incorporate images such as the Great Seal of the United States, and some use “.us” rather than “.com” or “.org” URLs for their websites to further the impression that they are government entities. What’s different about the USOSC, and formerly the USSC, is that their members wear military uniforms and rank. This is not only deceptive. IT’S ILLEGAL!

More Christians, lying for Jesus. When are they going to learn that the ends don’t justify the means? Clicking on the link for Marshall Ministries reveals that the website has been emptied of content. Looks like the cockroaches are scattering when the light shines on them.

Title 10 of the U.S. Code strictly prohibits any person who isn’t a member of the armed forces from wearing “the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform, of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps” or “a uniform any part of which is similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.”

According to Title 18 of the U.S. Code, (Crimes and Criminal Procedures): “Whoever, in any place within the jurisdiction of the United States or in the Canal Zone, without authority, wears the uniform or a distinctive part thereof or anything similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of any of the armed forces of the United States, Public Health Service or any auxiliary of such, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

And even scarier, members of this ministry are putting on military uniforms and giving themselves superior officer rank that they did not even earn. This is not only illegal, IT’S A FEDERAL CRIME.

What part of this do they not understand? It looks like another case of right-wing religious kooks pretending they have qualifications they did not earn. Just like fake college degrees in the Homeland Security Dept. It’s bad enough that some of the non-denominational or Pentecostal chaplains have very little or no college education. Now we have wannabe chaplains who don’t even want to get accreditation and sponsorship of a religious organization with little or no educational requirements.

Who the hell is even checking up on these people? What is wrong with the current military leadership these days? So anyone calling themselves Christian can do anything they want to young recruits these days? Is this the start of right-wing Christians just putting on military officer uniforms and waltzing in and taking command? WTF?

Michael Marshall, listed in Maj. Alan Shaw’s endorsement letter as a Lieutenant Colonel in the USSC, doesn’t provide his highest real military rank in his biography, but he was an enlisted man in the Navy from 1972 to 1976. By wearing the USSC uniform, which was essentially the U.S. Army uniform, and the rank insignia of a Lieutenant Colonel, Marshall was doing nothing short of impersonating an Army officer. Even the MEPS Inspector General didn’t recognize the illegality of these Army chaplain look-alikes. According to Maj. Shaw’s letter of endorsement, the IG actually commended them in a report.

I worked very hard for my rank as an officer in the US Air Force. I graduated with a degree in Applied math and passed Officer Training School. I made all of my promotions and held the rank of Captain when I left the service. I worked my ass off and earned a regular commission as a First Lieutenant instead of having to wait until the rank of Major. I’m extremely pissed that these assholes think that all they have to do is simply put on the uniform, walk in and get treated like an officer.

Thus, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is now officially demanding that those responsible within the penumbra of the Department of Defense, and there are many, including Inspectors General, for the aiding, abetting, and endorsing of USOSC proselytizers, feloniously impersonating active duty U.S. military officers and senior NCOs must be subjected immediately to trial by courts martial. Additionally, MRFF is now likewise demanding that all United States Attorneys whose jurisdictions cover localities where USOSC personnel are illegally wearing their proselytizing-enabling, intentionally confusing military ‘uniforms’ in blatant violation of Title 10 of the U.S. Code immediately refer these violations to the FBI for aggressive and swift investigation.”

Way to go Mikey, get these assholes. Everyone, please read and forward links to this very informative article or these articles. These pricks need to be held accountable. If anyone has any photographs or video of these guys in uniform, please email the photos to me or send a link to video or photographs.

This is not much better than the Nazi Chaplains from last year.