Notpology From Kieffe & Sons Ford

The local Bakersfield station quotes Rick Kieffe:

Rick Kieffe, owner of Kieffe and Sons Ford, said he doesn’t regret running the ad, which aired on radio stations in eastern Kern County and the Antelope Valley, but he does apologize for offending anyone.

Why did he issue the apology if he does not mean it? Doesn’t he have the courage of his convictions? Why be so cowardly? I guess he will do and say whatever he feels in order to make a sale.

Rick Kieffe said, “I do not regret it, it’s simply how we feel. We feel that one child shouldn’t keep the other 29 children in class from saying the pledge of allegiance. We feel it should say, In God We Trust should be on the money, and there’s these things where the majority feels one way but a smaller group tells them to sit down and shut up and that’s where the unfortunate language came into this ad. The sit down and shut up part kind of got by me.”

If he really feels this way, why apologize? Keep on saying what you believe, Rick Kieffe, you have every right to say it, just as I have every right to point out the hypocrisy and criticize the ad.

He is also missing the point. The current pledge is is now a prayer. Why single out school children who don’t want to or can’t say it? This is really all about enforcing community conformity and civic religion. These Christians don’t care if you don’t believe in Jesus, they just want you to pretend and outwardly show that you do in order to reinforce their own beliefs.

This past winter, our neighborhood had a potluck dinner like it always does. There has never been a prayer said before. One guy, who is always trying to show how pious he is decided to enforce a group, Christian, prayer. I, along with several others refused to bow my head. The host also refused to bow his head in support, and made a wisecrack to the group afterwards. Later, I overheard someone saying “Why don’t they just go along and pretend?”

Is this what Christianity’s founder wanted for his followers? That they go around enforcing compliance? Is this what Christianity is all about, all show and no substance? And those who don’t go along with it need to “shut up and sit down” so that Christians with flimsy faith can feel all comfortable in the delusion that everyone thinks and believes just like they do? If there is no one whose difference arouses questions and doubts, then those pesky questions and doubts can be safely ignored. Perhaps those Christians who scream the loudest about enforcing their religion are really the ones with the greatest doubts and the flimsiest faith.


11 Replies to “Notpology From Kieffe & Sons Ford”

  1. I want to thank you for continuing to puruse this issue and for not accepting Kieffe’s non-apology.I write a blog called Atheist Ethicist where I recently covered this case and described what a true apology would look like. It would require that Kieffe & Sons perform some action to compensate for harms done.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Apologies and Excuses<>Compensation for running an advertisement for 90 days insulting secularists would require something like a similar advertisement admitting to the past mistake and declaring (for example) that some of our most cherished views today were once held by less than 14% of the population.Also, Kieffe & Sons has an obligation to end any association with the company that developed that advertisement.These are not violations of freedom of speech. Free speech is violated when people respond to speech with violence. The right to freedom of speech is not a right to freedom from criticism – including criticism expressed in terms of who to do business with – either in terms of an advertising company or a car dealership.Again, thank you for your work on this project.


  2. He apologised that we got offended, not over what we got offended about.He’s such an… asshole! haha. Sorry, the word just fits him so perfectly.I don’t understand Christians like him. Or even just people like him. So hypocritical and judgmental and stubborn and won’t listen to anything else and “BLAHBLAHBLAH I know what is right and you dooon’t and because you believe something different than what I believe you must be evilll and a horrible person.”<>but a smaller group tells them to sit down and shut up<>I think he has “sit down and shut up” confused with “stop forcing your damn religion on me.”You speak so wisely, Anna, and I cannot help but agree with everything you said.That last paragraph was just marvelous. I never really thought about it like that but it makes a LOT of sense.


  3. I’m always suspicious when someone tried to either wrap themselves in either the flag or in loud piety. What are they hiding? It’s either corruption or insecurity.


  4. Thanks Alonzo, I read your blog periodically. I think that Rick Kieffe is a typical car salesman who will do or say almost anything for a buck. He is trying to straddle both sides of the fence,the bigots on one hand and the targeted minority on the other side. It doesn’t work and makes him look like a greedy asshole.


  5. Anna, I just heard the ad for the FIFTH time a few minutes ago.Didn’t Kieffe and Sons claim that it was pulled? :/And I got a recording of it but it’s crap and my mom says ‘Hey Karen’ in the middle of it. haha.


  6. Typical car salesmen I guess. They will do and say anything at all to make a buck. So much for following the 10 commandments like they claim to. Perhaps it takes a while to pull the ad, but I don’t think so. This type of behavior continues to reassure me that I’m making the right choice by not being a Christian. Some “superior moral development” they have going on there.


  7. My sister said the same about it taking a while to pull the ad. But I was thinking it was just as simple as calling them up and telling them to stop playing it. I wouldn’t put it past Kieffe to lie to try and calm down us rabid blog-lo-dites.I agree with you. Sometimes I’m just so incredibly happy to be an atheist. It makes me feel great. 😀


  8. Oh I’m sorry, I almost forgot. God cares about you, even if you don’t believe in Him. You will soon, as we all will face him one day and will be held accountable for our thoughts, and actions.


  9. Oh, such an example of “God’s Love” from deborah. This is what drove me from Christianity when I was a teen. The thought of being surrounded by people like this and eventually ending up like this is not what I wanted for my life.


  10. Oh, and before I forget again. Thanks Alonzo. The ad really pissed me off and all I did was post some criticism and Karen’s recording. Their words in the ad spoke for themselves. Now they are trying to flee like cockroaches from a flashlight.


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