Great Videos from the NCSE

The National Center for Science Education has a series of great little videos covering the various ways that creationists are incorrect. The best way to frame the creationist’s efforts is to show that Intelligent Design (ID) = Creationism, which is exactly what the latest video does.

There is a very simple counter argument to ID (which is simply Paley’s watchmakers argument from the 1800’s). Paley’s argument states that a watch found on a beach is clearly designed and there must be a watchmaker. The watch (designed) is compared against the beach and surrounding environment (not designed), so the watch is observed to have a design. Fortunately for Paley, the watch is known beforehand that it is designed, and there are the designer’s (watchmakers) that are clearly in evidence. Unfortunately for Paley and the ID people, there is no evidence of a designer of plants and animals. And in Paley’s argument, the environment is considered as not designed, so there is something to compare the watch against.

ID is simply moving the designed item from the watch to plants, animals, and the environment. There is nothing not designed to compare design against so how can we even define what “designed” means? If we can’t even describe this “design”, then we can’t even begin to postulate a “designer”. So we end up with a postmodernist argument of “something might have seemed to have made things, but we have no evidence of this, and we don’t have a mechanism, and can’t predict when something designed will pop into existence”. A philosophic argument that is hardly scientific, or even a well constructed philosophic argument.


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