What Really Did Happen to Pat Tillman?

CBS aired a story on Sunday about remaining questions on the death of Pat Tillman in Afganistan. The story and the video are on the CBS news site.

“In the end, we feel he was hit in the chest. And it, you know, he had on his body armor, but, you know, it’s very powerful when you’re hit like that. And it stunned him and he went down. And then they shot him in the head three times,” she says.

It makes you think, especially since he was shot in the head AFTER he fell down, 3 times. Evidence like his uniform was burned, the autopsy report was not signed by the examiner until much later, and witness statements were changed. Since each investigation of Pat Tillman’s death reveals differing “facts”, the real truth may never be known.


One Reply to “What Really Did Happen to Pat Tillman?”

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