Letter To The Ford Dealership

Here is the letter I sent to Kieffe & Sons about their offensive advertisement on the radio.

To Whom it may Concern,

I’ve heard your advertisement on the radio over the last couple of months. I’m absolutely astounded that you feel the need to slam those who do not share the same religious conclusions that your management has. You have every right to air your opinion (thanks to our wonderful constitution) and I have every right to shop elsewhere (actually I have done so since your ad has aired).

It’s sad to see the utter ignorance of your management towards both the nonreligious citizens of this country and its fine constitution. When you tell the nonreligious that they need to “sit down and shut up”, you show that you believe the constitution only applies to yourself and those who believe like you. I guess the constitution does not apply to the rest of us, who are expected to exist as second class citizens without free speech. I swore as an Air Force officer to protect and defend the constitution of this country, and will protect your constitutional rights with my life, but it’s sad that your ignorance prevents you from reciprocating. I wonder about people who need to tear down others to prop up their own weak faith.

You said in your ad that “I don’t care who I offend.” and “those of you, who are not of the 14% nonreligious, are welcome to come on down and get a great deal on a Ford”. You have every right to say what you want, but free speech can have consequences. I will never shop at your dealership and will encourage others to shop elsewhere. I’m exercising my free speech rights as well. You could have easily made an ad that especially welcomed your fellow church goers without disparaging the nonreligious citizens.

Anna Lemma

I don’t expect much from them since they stated “I don’t care who I offend” in their advertisement. That is part of the reason that I went directly to the Ford Corporation first. I’ll post any response I receive from the dealership.


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