Here I Come, Tinseltown: I’ve been Interviewed for DFA

This whole tempest at this blog (teapot?) over the Ford ad has resulted in yours truly being interviewed for Dogma Free America. Rich Orman interviewed me this afternoon about the offensive ad aired by the local Ford dealership, Keiffe & Sons.

Hopefully, I sound okay. I’ve never been interviewed by phone before. I’ve been in a couple of videos done by the Air Force and had a writeup in an Air Force newsletter before. During the interview, I had a thought about trying to get a recording of the Ford ad. Perhaps I’ll call the radio station and ask what time the ad will air and then record the ad.

It will be two or three weeks before the interview airs. I’ll post a link on the blog when it does.


5 Replies to “Here I Come, Tinseltown: I’ve been Interviewed for DFA”

  1. Well,we’ll see what happens. I have a request to the radio station to see if I can get a copy of the ad. I plan to send an email to the dealership tomorrow, but don’t expect any response from them.


  2. I think that the interview sounded great. I am following up with Ford. I have sent a couple of queries to their media relations people asking for a comment. I have also sent queries to the dealership itself, but have heard nothing back as of yet (not surprising since it is Sunday and I sent my queries on Saturday). I hope to be able to get a response from Ford when I finally publish the interview. An ad like this is so offensive that I also might try to get one of the national groups onboard if Ford gives me a mealy-mouthed response (my guess is that I get absolutely no response at all, both from Ford and from the dealership, but time will tell).It will be a couple of weeks before the interview is published, in what will be Dogma Free America episode 54. I just recorded the intervew for Episode 53, with Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who won our award for story of the year last year.Rich OrmanDogma Free America


  3. Hi RichI sent an email to the radio station about getting a copy of the ad or else a time for when the ad airs, so that I could record it. They replied that they could not give out that information. I followed up with a quick email asking if the ad was till being aired and if so, why could they not give me a general air time for the ad. I’m drafting an email directly to the dealership, although I think that they will be pleased that I’m not happy with their ad. I also think that they will ignore my email.


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